Jingle Spells More than 2/3rds Sold Out!

Nov 09, 2007

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If you were thinking about ordering a copy of Jingle Spells, Leaky’s sixth Get a Clue fundraiser and an outstanding compilation of Harry-themed holiday music, you should get on it right now. We have less than 1,000 copies left in our limited print run, and we’re not even a month into the drive. More than two-thirds of the run is sold out, and the first batch of CDs are being sent out this weekend. (The CD shipment is arriving tomorrow. All 3,000. In my apartment. Yep.) Otherwise you’ll have to wait until December.

This means that after cost we have already raised well over $16,000 for Book Aid International, and are well on our way to selling out the entire run and raising a lot more than that. This album is composed of songs from 14 of the biggest and best wizard rock bands around. Even if you don’t like wizard rock, we’re sure you’re going to love this. It is all-new music, from 14 different bands, and buying the album is the only way you can hear the music on it. It’s a perfect gift for yourself or anyone else you know who loves Harry Potter. It’s for a good cause. It’s a holiday gift and a holiday good deed, all rolled into one.

The album is selling for $15, including shipping (there is a $3 surcharge for orders outside the U.S.), and is now available for pre-order at at this link and below. The album will only be available (and only as a physical disc) through Dec. 10.

Still not convinced you should order? Click the play buttons below for a sample of each song on the album. If you weren’t a wizard rock fan before, you will be when you’re through. And then buy a copy and tell all your friends. Seriously. You’ve only got two months, and if you don’t get your copy right away someone will snag yours!

size=”+2″ color=”#990000″>Listen to the songs!

color=”#990000″> Harry and the Potters, “Xmas Rulez, Voldemort Droolz”

color=”#990000″>Catchlove, “It’s Snowing”

color=”#990000″>The Whomping Willows, “Oh! Christmas Tree”

color=”#990000″>The Moaning Myrtles, “Wrocking Around the Bathroom Stall”

color=”#990000″>Draco and the Malfoys, “Christmas with My Mom and Dad”

color=”#990000″>The Mudbloods, “An Epic Christmas Tale, Chapter One: How the Thestrals Saved Christmas”

color=”#990000″>The Hungarian Horntails, “Dragon Christmas Rock”

color=”#990000″>The Hermione Crookshanks Experience, “The Sweater Song”

color=”#990000″>Minstry of Magic, “O Holey Night”

color=”#990000″>Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls, “Happy Christmas Day”

color=”#990000″>The Parselmouths, “Voldy Baby”

color=”#990000″>Gred and Forge, “The Twelve Days of Wizard Christmas”

color=”#990000″>Ginny and the Heartbreakers, “Hope this Christmas”

color=”#990000″>The Remus Lupins, “Christmas with the Weasleys (Or What You Will)”

We are printing a limited run of this album, and it will only be on sale through Dec. 10, so pre-order now! Your copy will be shipped out in mid-November. Orders placed after the first ship date are being sent out in another shift in midDecember. Every effort will be made to get your item to you by Christmas.


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