Chris Rankin Visits Voyager School in the UK for ITV Documentary


Dec 01, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

Students of the Voyager School in the UK got a treat the other day when actor Chris Rankin (Percy Weasley) participated in a drama workshop at the school. An article online from the Peterborough Today reports on the visit which will be part of a new documentary set to be broadcast on ITV1. Mr. Rankin spent the afternoon with the students, acting out scenes from “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” giving tips on their acting technique, and answering questions on many different subjects. One student, who had the opportunity to portray the character of Harry Potter during the workshop, said of the experience: “I felt a bit stupid acting in front of him at first, but I just got over it. I felt very excited when they told us he was coming. I was in my music class at the time.”

Chris also spoke of the event, saying, in part: “It’s been really good fun.”

“It’s something I really enjoy doing because, had it not been for the drama department at my school, I would not be doing this. When I joined drama school I was really shy and quiet. But when my school put me in a production I really loved it.”

Footage from this workshop event will be part of an upcoming ITV documentary, “Children of the Revolution,” about the school and the Thomas Deacon Academy, set to be broadcast on December 20 at 7:30pm local time.

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Way to go,Chris! What a great help, to have some one like you, come and talk to their Drama Class. It’s too bad more of the Actors/Actresses, here “across the pond” don’t take more time out for students! They all seem to be “too busy”...even when they’re not “working”. You are to be admired, young man! *)

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Sounds Great ! (drama wasnt seen as a serious topic during my school days) After school aged about 18 I joined a local group of “amateurs” to find that I was rather good in the subject. Its great to see young actors kindly giving their time to assist in what can be a very worthwhile occupation. Thanks Chris.

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Confederate Lady and Flittwick- I am there with you. I too was in my high school musicals, took as much acting as I could in college, sang and danced for 15 years- there is nothing like the stage and props to Chris Rankin for instilling that in students and lending his knowledge to help them! Those skills carry over into real life as well.

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OMG I’m on the picture! :D i love my school for that! :D

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Aww that was nice of him _ I like him, he’s really nice to the fans =D His mum took some pictures of me & him together a few years ago XD

Oh, btw, they weren’t acting out Sorcerer’s Stone, they were acting out Philosopher’s Stone, seeing as they were in Britain blows raspberry

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