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Dec 10, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

The Winnipeg Sun has a new article online today in which actors Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Emma Watson (Hermione Granger), and Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) discuss their careers, experiences, and the DVD of their latest film, “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.” The DVD, which incidentally is released Stateside tomorrow, is something Rupert Grint finds somewhat embarrassing it seems, as he says in the interview: “I don’t really sit down and rewatch all the films again, but you see a lot of clips here and there. It is really sort of strange to look back and it just sort of makes you realize how long we’ve been doing this.” Emma Watson continues on this train of thought by saying:

“It was really interesting how many different interpretations the books are open to, and how everyone had a different theory: ‘Harry’s going to die!’ Or: ‘Are Hermione and Ron going to get together?’ It was really interesting and the DVD really deals with that interest and looks in depth at the films and the themes.”

Dan Radcliffe explains that he is ”…incredibly serious and passionate about this” and goes on to comment further on acting industry as a whole by saying:

“This is an industry that can be very fickle and can be very perfidious sometimes and will turn its back on people,” Radcliffe says.

“But I hope that I can continue building up momentum and working hard just to make sure that I can actually sustain a career. My ambition is just to keep acting, essentially, and (that) means keep doing a lot of different roles. That’s all I want really.”

In an additional interview from the Sun, actress Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) speaks of her experience becoming an actress in the Harry Potter films and of her continued passion for the books as well as the films. In response to comments made by director David Yates relating her expert knowledge of details from the series while filming, she says:

“Wow! That’s very flattering for a Potter fan! That’s really cool.

“But people around here, they know their Potter stuff.

“And, if not, then J.K. Rowling is just a phone call away for them, fortunately. I do correct them sometimes. But I don’t think they’d go downhill if I left.”

Miss Lynch also makes comments about meeting Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling, who she has met a total of six times, saying the experience is: ”…always is exciting. She comes on set occasionally and I always try to steal her. She does have a magic about her and she has secrets. There is a mystery about her.”

“Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” DVDs will hit store shelves in North America on December 11.

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Avatar Image says:

Cool interviews. One thing that stuck out was the article mentioned a new set for HBP and described it as a “funky three-walled diner”. I don’t recall anything like that in the book. I wonder what scene takes place there?

Avatar Image says:

lol, evanna for the win. steal jo away!!

Avatar Image says:

Go Evanna! I love that she’s there, a hard-core Potter fan, to pipe up when they make mistakes.

Avatar Image says:

just one note, Winnipeg is in Canada, and we do get OOTP tomorrow too, which means not only Stateside, but in Canada too

Avatar Image says:

“We sit in a funky three-walled diner that is one of the sets for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”. Oh my! That sounds intriguing. I hope it’s the set for a really cool scene.

Avatar Image says:

“Three-walled” may just mean that the structure has only three walls because the camera is being placed where the fourth one would go; on camera it may look like an ordinary four-walled room. But I have no idea about the “diner” part.

Avatar Image says:

And hooray for Evanna!

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Did anyone else see Sunday add for Target with the cool 3D cover that they are getting exclusively? Target is also getting a third disk called building the magic? Is this third disk being offered from any other store? Walmart has exclusive bookmarks; Bestbuy has an exclusive death eater mask who knows what other stores are offering. I am so confused as to which one I want. Maybe it took a month longer to get the DVD because they had to package it differently for so many stores.

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i agree what is the deal with that diner, i have no idea when this could happen, does anyone have a clue

Avatar Image says:

“Rowling like Bowling” has made it to evanna – HAHAH~

Avatar Image says:

A diner in HBP… sounds intriguing… can’t wait to hear what that’s about :)

(But yes, 3-walled refers to the fact that the sets aren’t complete rooms, a wall is usually missing.)

Avatar Image says:

I love that Evanna tries to “steal” Rowling away from everyone. Hilarious imagery.

Avatar Image says:

Finally theres a new interview with Evanna! Go Luna Lovegood!

Avatar Image says:

OMG I cant wait… i am literally having a spazz attack!! I agree w/ Michellle… there are so many different bonuses depending on which store you go to and i am lost as to which one i want… o well as long as i get the movie im happy!!

I love Evanna in this interveiw… I am so glad we have a hard-core Harry Potter fan getting in on a once in a life time chance… it makes me smile to myself to know that she was just as big a fan as you or i and she got lucky enough to be a part of the experiance… amazing.


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There is a really excellent interview with Evanna Lynch posted at “Welt Online” here:


Unfortunately it is entirely in German, and I have not found a translation anywhere. I’m sure others can do a better translation than I can. I will just translate the introduction:

“Evanna Lynch is a dyed-in-the-wool [hard-core] Harry-Potter-fan. It is precisely this that makes her so demanding during the production of the sixth Harry Potter film: She stands in amazement, instead of working, makes self-interested casting recommendations, and gets into arguments with J.K. Rowling. “

Well, okay, that’s not such a promising beginning. But it really is an interesting interview and Evanna has some very sharp answers to the interviewer’s questions. I hope someone will try at least to translate part of it.

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i am in love with harry potter my fav characters are harry and ginny of course because ginny getts married to harry potter. i love the harry potter series finished all the books even the new one i am ten (10) years old and my friends are 9 and 10 and REALLY LOVE the harry potter series and the movies which we have all seen together. ROCK ON HARRY POTTER’S J.K.ROWLING. I love harry potter.

Avatar Image says:

I love how Evanna is such a dedicated book fan even after staying with the film version world for a year now. And if that Rupert interview is an actual quote then seems like Rupert talks more now. And wow, I am just amazed at Dan’s vocabulary. Not many people use the word “perfidious” in casual conversation.

Avatar Image says:

I wonder if what this interviewer thinks is a “diner”, could actually be the interior set for The Three Broomsticks.

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Awesome! I love the trio! I can’t wait to read that interview. I’m not surprised at all by the Evanna Lynch thing. She is pretty obsessed with the HP series. Maybe a little TOO obsessed. She’s even become one of the characters, it’s kind of cute, but also a little freaky.

Avatar Image says:

Maybe they are making a head start on Deathly Hallows.

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You’re right, Jasmine. If I were 10 years younger I’d probably have a major crush on Dan. How many people his age use words as fickle and perfidious? Not even people my age uses them!

Avatar Imageyogendra says: “Wow! That’s very flattering for a Potter fan! That’s really cool. “But people around here, they know their Potter stuff. “And, if not, then J.K. Rowling is just a phone call away for them, fortunately. I do correct them sometimes. But I don’t think they’d go downhill if I left.” ====== yogi ===== Florida Drug Treatment Centers-Florida Drug Treatment Centers

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