Followup: Katie Leung Artwork Fetches &£960 at Charity Auction


Dec 04, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

As we first told you last week, actress Katie Leung (Cho Chang) donated a piece of artwork to be auctioned off for the Prince’s Trust Charity, which supports young people across the UK. That auction has now ended and the Scotsman is reporting Miss Leung’s artwork was sold for £960 ($1,974) at the exhibition. In total, the event raised over £100,000 ($205,000) for the charity. You can find out about the Prince’s Trust right here.

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Way to go, Katie! Just remember, no matter what others may say, that piece was excellent! And “a littl, goes a long way!” The amount doesn’t matter. It’s that you did it for The Prince’s Trust. A very worthy Charity! From “across the pond”....congratulations!

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Well done, Katie!

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You did really well, Katie! And for charity, too. You should be proud of yourself :)

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that’s excellent. i was irritated by comments in the last news about this, wherein people were commenting about the ineptitude of this artwork. i think we need to remember, especially non-artists, that liking and respecting a piece of art are totally different: no one needs to like everything, but it’s important to respect an artist, good or bad, for having the ambition and motivation to put their thoughts down on paper, so to speak. i can’t stand art of thomas kinkaid, but can’t deny the artistry behind the works. katie’s piece, i think, is brilliant. for an artist of her age, it represents a significant thought process. congratulations, katie!

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There is more thought and meaning put into this than so many expensive canvases with random splotches I have seen. Katie: Well done!

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That is some amazing work. I didn’t know she was an artist! I really like the sparse background. There are haters? I can’t imagine why. Maybe people are jealous that not only did she kiss Dan Radcliffe in front of the whole world, but also her artwork is in high demand. :)

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seriously? it’s not about being jealous. There are people that feel that she didn’t project her meaning behind the sketch that well. People always go to “they’re jealous” when someone say something disagreeable.

Good for the Trust Fund tho’

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