“Order of the Phoenix” HD DVD Features Update


Dec 04, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

A follow up today to a number of stories we’ve been telling you about recently detailing the many special features of the various versions of the “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” DVDs. The TechConsumer has an article online about the HD DVD editions of the soon to be released film, noting that they will feature the option for multiple users to take part in a ‘community screening.’ This feature enables multiple owners of the HD DVD to use their Ethernet enabled systems to join one and other to watch the film at the same time, sharing viewing the experience. The host of the screening will be able to control the viewing of the film, but all will be able to participate in the chat. The article also references the “Order of the Phoenix” page on the HD DVD website, which says of this special feature:

“Gather your own army of fellow wizards for a live community screening party. Invite other owners of the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix HD DVD to simultaneously watch from their own internet-accessed players and text with your remote, PC or cellphone. When you host an invitation-only viewing, you control the film by pausing and playing the feature on everyone’s machine. You can chat live with your friends as you watch.”

The “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” DVDs will be released in North America on December 11.

Thanks Chris for the news!

5 Responses to “Order of the Phoenix” HD DVD Features Update

Avatar Image says:

I really just want the damn DVD already.

Avatar Image says:

Yes Amy it does seem wrong that the US still have to wait for the dvd. As far as the “war” between “blu-ray & HD” I find myself “exasperated” ! These “companies” seem to be under the “illusion” that potterfans have endless amounts of money available to spend on products that will do nothing to improve the lives of the “less well off” !(maybe I am wrong)

Avatar Image says:

No, Flittwick, you’re not wrong. They do tend to forget that the “common man/woman” is from your basic medium income group. I, too, am exasperated with the whole “which is better” thing. Personally, I agree with Amy S and you. I want the *%^$# DVD! Enough of the “this wasn’t on my copy! Why can’t I get this? These “special features” aren’t”.....” I am from the US, and I have waited (am waiting) patiently(?) for the DVD. It’s release is next Tuesday…...

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One more week my fellow stateside friends… and I agree with all of you, let’s just get the DVD already! We have been patient enough!

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That “private screening” feature sounds very cool! Are there other HD-DVDs with that feature? Is that feature available on both the Blu-Ray & HD-DVD versions, or just HD-DVD?

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