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Apr 02, 2007

Posted by: Melissa Anelli


Happy Thankfully-Over-With April Fool’s! No, we’re not closing.
We were greatly amused and flattered, by the way, at a couple of things: First, how many of you wailed and gnashed teeth at the idea that we were packing it in, and second, how many of you who were fooled sent us long, heartfelt, passionate letters of thanks, support, love and appreciation for the Leaky years until now. Those really made us feel bad (for like a second). We’re also flattered at how many of you (usually the ones who have read this site since the early days) know us well enough to know immediately that it was a prank. However, our favorite email came from the frantic person who wrote, “This is NOT funny! Repeat, t-h-i-s-i-s-n-o-t FUNNY!!”

No, it really wasn’t! As you probably noticed, we very purposefully made it gloopy and sentimental and sad, because the idea wasn’t to make you laugh. It’s April Fool’s – the idea was to give you that split second of worry, that “oh-my-god-is-this-real?” heart jump, even if you realized the date a few seconds later. And since we really have been besieged with this question, and you’ve all been so worried, the opportunity was too good to pass up. So, here’s a peace offering:

We are not closing right after book seven. We will be here loud and strong at least through movie seven and more than likely even after that.

Just be glad we didn’t go with the OTHER plan, which was to tell you that a blip at the recycling plant meant that the book would be pushed back a bit. Since that probably would have led to hate mail and attempts on our lives (from Scholastic alone), we just couldn’t go through with it. It would have gotten us more abuse than last year, even though we didn’t do anything last year.

And for those who wanted something more complicated: You can write WB and J.K. Rowling and tell them that releasing a movie and the LAST BOOK pretty much within a week of each other and driving their fan webmasters to distraction like totally ruined your whole, like, April Fool’s fun, like, OK?

Thanks, guys. 🙂 Until next year… if we’re still open.

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