Big LeakyMug Announcement At Last!


Apr 20, 2007

Posted by: Melissa Anelli | Comments


The LeakyMug is back and this time it’s with the announcement that most of you guys sorta, kinda, totally knew was coming. We’ll be doing a live LeakyMug at the Prophecy Harry Potter convention in Toronto, Canada on August 3, 2007! And this one’s a pajama party, starting at midnight on Friday night. (So, technically Saturday. Yeah, you’re confused, so are we. Don’t worry, we’ll find each other.)
We’ve recorded a special LeakyMug to talk about and celebrate this announcement, so click here to get it on iTunes, and click here for a direct download. Enjoy! Please also keep in mind that this was recorded WELL before we knew which day DH was set to be released – so it’s a tiny bit outdated. Sorry. Hah. The live show is going to be a whole mess’a post-DH talk.

Finding Hogwarts

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