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Apr 21, 2007

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Previously we have reported about a long rumored proposal for a Harry Potter theme park, possibly in Orlando, Florida. The Scotsman is reporting tonight some additional news about this possible project and says that “Universal Studios is seeking a deal with Rowling to build a $500m Harry Potter mini theme park in Florida.” The newspaper has an interview with a former Universal executive who had this to say about such a venture:

Peter Alexander, a former vice president of Universal Studios and founder of a theme park design consultancy, said: “People keep screeching that it’s an entirely separate park, but according to Steve Spielberg, who we talked to about it, he says it’s going to be a ‘land’ within the confines of the existing Islands of Adventure theme park. If it’s a ‘land’ it will cost at the very least $500m.”

Sources say that both Universal Studios and Rowling, who owns the rights to the Harry Potter franchise, are agreed on the principle of the mini-park, but are still hammering out the details of a settlement.

Once an agreement is reached, the attraction could be built in as little as 18 months.

The article also state that reps for Jo, Warner Brothers and Universal Studios “all declined to comment.” While this is all very exciting, this is still very much unconfirmed and we will update with more on this when we can.

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