New Alan Rickman Photos, Video of Interview on “Weekend Today”


Apr 29, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Actor Alan Rickman (Professor Severus Snape) appeared last night at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York for the premiere of his new film “Nobel Son.” You can now see some new photos of the actor here in our galleries.
Also, as we reported earlier, Alan was due to appear on the Weekend Today show. We now have the video for you here in our galleries. Mr. Rickman does briefly mention his role as Prof Snape, but prefers not to divulge too many details in order to maintain “the mystery of the character.” Indeed! :) Thanks Erna!

Thanks to UHP for the heads up

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Avatar Image says: Wow! Those are awesome pictures and the video really makes me want to see Snow Cake. I hope it plays in a theater near me. As usual Mr. Rickman seems like a really cool guy. It's nice to see him so busy these days. I'm looking forward to seeing Nobel Son too.Avatar Image says: Cool!Avatar Image says: He looks so different as Snape.Avatar Image says: wow, he got old!!!Avatar Image says: If I saw him on the street, I would never recognize him! What a shock! He is good looking though.Avatar Image says: He is such a phenomenal actor. Can't wait to see this film. Hey, Leaky, it's "Nobel Son".Avatar Image says: I try to picture him with his black wig on... but it's hard, he looks so different without it!!Avatar Image says: What a sexy sexy sexy man.... yeah I know he's old enough to be my grandfather...don't remind me...Avatar Image says: have a harry birthday mr rickman........lame i know......but im kind of dead.......Avatar Image says: He is getting old, but then again I am older too, so I can't expect him to never age...I still love you Mr.Rickman ....I don't look the same as I did when Die Hard came out, so why should you....Avatar Image says: I would give a lot to see Rickman as Richard III --maybe he and Branagh will give us a good film adaptation?Avatar Image says: wow... so does he dye his hair for the part of snape? and if so has he always... or did his hair just get really grey really fast?Avatar Image says: Heather;. He´s wearing a wig :)Avatar Image says: He is soo great. I don't think he looks old, I mean the guy is 61. He looks awesome! Thanks for the video Leaky I missed it!Avatar Image says: So does Rickman know the truth about Snape? He said "its for the kids to figure out", so HE doesn't say he does have the info, he is just keeping his mouth shut. Oh, I'll accept being called a kid from Rickman too, even though im 19...he is old enough to be my grandpa.Avatar Image says: Not only does he wear a wig, he wears contact lenses to play Snape too.Avatar Image says: He does look like what you all said, older, and so different from Snape. And yet, playing Snape, is like that's his best look. He looks so awesome as him, doesn't he? So much better with the wig. He is handsome, and I would pass him by on the street too and not tell , at first, it was him. Sure he likes that. Hope he loves his role as Snape though.? never heard.No one could play it better! Thank you :)Avatar Image says: Don't get me wrong he is still a sexy man, along with the other older sexy men like Harrison Ford and Sean Connery....they are all older they have all aged...and that is not a bad thing, still sexy.Avatar Image says: Hmmm great interview. But what do you think that scene is that they show during the brief Harry Potter mentioning?Avatar Image says: There's just something about him . . . he's always swoonworthy.Avatar Image says: thanks a billion leaky............ he looks so handsomeAvatar Image says: Actually, have you seen him in Sense and Sensibility with his natural hair (younger of course)? I totally fell for him in that and couldn't understand why Kate Winslett's character hankered after the Willoughby bloke.Avatar Image says: He's a very good actor, but I don't find him attractive. He's old enough to be my grand dad.Avatar Image says: Finally! I have been waiting forever to see this movie, I'm so glad it's finally coming to the US. This was a great interview. I looked for it on the NBC website on Saturday and couldn't find it. Thanks, Leaky, for posting the link!Avatar Image says: Love Alan....great actor!!!! Bestest baddie actor ever...loved him in Robin Hood when he called off Christmas hee heeAvatar Image says: Loved seeing the pictures--thanks TLC for posting them. And I keep watching in the Seattle area for Snow Cake--I saw it last year and loved it and want to see it again. Alan Rickman is one of the most talented actors around--he's good in everything that he does. I feel another watching of "Sense and Sensibility" might be in order. Or any of the AR movies that I have, really. I think for the first movie, JKR told him more about Snape's character, but just how far into the story was never clear--the same for Robbie Coltrane. It seems with both those characters the actor would have to know more to give the character the depth that we see in Snape and Hagrid.

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