816 Pages for Deluxe Edition of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”


Apr 30, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Last month, we first told you of the details to the Deluxe Edition of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Scholastic has updated their website to list a page count now for this edition: 816 pages. The regular hardback edition of the US edition of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is set at 784 pages As posted previously, this special edition volume of the last Harry Potter book:

Includes exclusive insert featuring near scale reproductions of Mary GrandPré’s interior art, as well as never-before-seen full-color frontispiece art on special paper. The custom-designed slipcase is foil-stamped and contains a full-cloth case book that has been blind-stamped on front and back cover with foil stamping on the spine. The book includes full-color endpapers featuring jacket art from the Trade edition and a wraparound jacket featuring art created especially for this edition by Mary GrandPré.

You can pre-order this volume, here. Thanks Pete, and Matt!

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Avatar Image says: So Cool but NOT ENOUGH!Avatar Image says: Wow! Sounds really cool. I may just have to have one of those. I will get my regular copy and the Audiobook first, though. Kay (JKMcGonagall)Avatar Image says: Does anyone know if this will be released at midnight at most Borders stores? This could cause a serious problem for me because I reserved a Deluxe in hopes that I could still get it at midnight.... thanks!Avatar Image says: Where is PC 87?Avatar Image says: dcdubaya - good question! I myself reserved both the deluxe and regular edition, as I have for the last two books, and am unsure how to pick it up also. Contacting the Borders at which you placed your reservation should answer your question. I'd hope we'd be able to collect it at midnight just like the regular editions! Hmm...does the page number indicate that the book will contain thirty-two chapters (at most)? Hmm.Avatar Image says: I am soooo glad I reserved my copy of the deluxe version! I will save that and buy the regualar hardback!!Avatar Image says: hmm..now I'm wondering how many chapters there are in Deathly Hallows if the regular version is 784 pages...and the deluxe edition is 816, containing pages with reproductions of GrandPre's interior art..does that mean the chapter art? Avatar Image says: I've pre-ordered UK and US Deluxe editions long agoAvatar Image says: SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!! Hehe, can't wait! I am so getting that! :DAvatar Image says: I wonder when we'll get to see the deluxe edition cover art.. i can't wait!Avatar Image says: Good news for the deluxe edition. I hope we see cover art soon too. Is Snape good or evil? is the new question. I guess I never thought it was that clear cut.Avatar Image says: So, WHEN CAN WE SEE IT? This is one of the things I've been waiting for. The HBP deluxe edition had a totally new picture we hadn't yet seen, the Gaunt house memory. I wonder what it will be on this one? Will it come out this week? please? pretty please with sugar on top?Avatar Image says: I WANT TO SEE THE COVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No point just giving the page count is there now?!Avatar Image says: 32 chapters? ;)Avatar Image says: I'm so, so, excited! I got the deluxe edition of HBP, but I ordered from Amazon. if you're pre-ordering, I don't see why they wouldn't have it for you at midnight at a bookstore.Avatar Image says: I would like to know why the US editions are so much longer than the UK. It can't be just the type-setting. I may end up having to buy both!Avatar Image says: " I would like to know why the US editions are so much longer than the UK. It can't be just the type-setting. I may end up having to buy both! " It's the typesetting and the fact that the US editions have chapter art. They don't get any more of the story than we do.Avatar Image says: So, can we now try to guess number of chapters?Avatar Image says: i still reckon the 608 for the brit edition was a mistake, that's a riddikulus amount less than the us edition, what i reckon is that both bloomsbury and solastic are teasing us, and that book seven is going to be over a thousand pages with both versions. well we can hope.

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