Happy Birthday BK!

Apr 30, 2007

Posted by Melissa Anelli

Well, it’s fitting that this is the day we reopen PotterParties, because this was a favorite project of his, but: Today is our lovely B.K. Delong’s birthday! We want to pause and celebrate him today as one of the original pioneers of Leaky; back in “the day,” as that day is so often referred, B.K. was one of the first people ever to take Harry Potter news as something to be vigorously reported upon by fans and as such gave Leaky its focus and mission. That shaped a huge amount of what we do now, and as we head to this final book, the end of this crazy time, it’s important, we feel, to look back on that.
These days, BK has a different sort of project – the much nobler cause of parenting – but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to appreciate him, and say….


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Avatar Image says: Happy birthday, BKAvatar Image says: Happy Birthday, BK!Avatar Image says: happy birthday BK.................Avatar Image says: Thanks for sharing your vision! Have a GREAT Birthday! And, I hope for your sake that nobody is begging you to take them to Chuck-E-Cheese or McDonald's to celebrate YOUR birthday! =)Avatar Image says: Happy birthday!!!Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday...thanks for all you do!Avatar Image says: Happy Birthdat BK!! Thanks for all you have done to shape Leaky into the wonderful site it is for all of us Potterfans!!Avatar Image says: Have an awesome day BK - and eats loads of cake with your little guy!Avatar Image says: I'm so glad you opened this! I used this site when I threw a HP Party for GoF and I was planning on doing the same for DH/OotP together. Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday, BK! Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday, BK, from one bando/HP fan to another.Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday and many many more you rock!Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday BK :) Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday,BK! :)Avatar Image says: You guys work so hard to make this fun for us. We DO appreciate it even if we don't say so everyday! Happy Birthday!Avatar Image says: happy birthday bk...... and can i just mention what the hell is hanging around harrys neck in the us cover art for book 7??? if anyone knows please get back to me its killing meAvatar Image says: Have a very very happy cakeday, B.K.! :DAvatar Image says: Happy Birthday BK !!!! Thanks for everytyhing you've give to leaky fans.Avatar Image says: Happy birthday, BK! Without you there'd be no Leaky. *kowtows*Avatar Image says: Happy birthday!! Thank you so much for creating such a reliable news site (and a home to many Potterites!)Avatar Image says: Hey! I remember back in the day! Thanks BK, for being a pioneer in the world of Harry Potter fandom! Happy Birthday!Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday, BK!Avatar Image says: I still remember you from the old Leaky, thanks for all your hard work! Have a great birthday!! ^_^Avatar Image says: Awwww! Thanks so much everyone. Here I am in Dallas at a work event having spent most of my day on the plane. This really means a lot - and, yes, PotterParties.com was and is a big favorite of mine. I hope it will be used to capture the last of the Harry Potter Book launch events through photos, videos, personal podcasts and other such ideas. One Potter Day! ;) I'm also thrilled to see so many of my UMass Marching Band Alma Mater showing up in fandom. Quite the collide of two different worlds. Now for the cheeze - Without fans, TLC would have been nothing. I just brought the news and you brought yourselves and then some.Avatar Image says: Happy birthday, BK. You started a good thing here--something to take pride in. Congrats and many more happy days (and only a few are birthdays!) to come!Avatar Image says: Happy, Happy Birthday, B.K. You deserve a wonderful year. Love, A. :)

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