Poetic Potter Writers Wanted for New Online Contest


May 10, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

New, used and out-of-print online bookseller AbeBooks.com is holding a poetry contest to find the best ‘Potter Poet.’ A one-of-a-kind, hand crafted Harry Potter bookshelf, made from what else but… the Harry Potter books themselves, will we awarded to writer of the best overall poem as judged by AbeBooks staff.

To enter the contest, we want you to compose a poem dedicated to Harry Potter. It can be anything from a limerick to a haiku to a love poem to an elegy to a sonnet. Be creative — the finest poem about the Boy Wizard will win and we’ll also publish the best ones on AbeBooks. There is no limitation on length. You can enter up to three times separately but each entry must contain just one poem.

The contest closes July 6th and the winner will be announced on July 10th. The prize itself will be shipped to the winner before July 21st, just in time for the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Complete rules and entry information can be found here, along with information on the American book sculptor, Jim Rosenau.

14 Responses to Poetic Potter Writers Wanted for New Online Contest

Avatar Image says: This would be more interesting if the shelf included HBP and DH. Good luck to those who enter!Avatar Image says: Made out of HP books? Is anyone else horrified instead of delighted by this?Avatar Image says: oh Im in, but what a mean thing to do to potter books, they would look much nicer on my one of a kind hand made book shelf...rather then as the shelf themselvesAvatar Image says: I thought it looked slightly cool when I first saw it, but - ahh, he cut up Harry Potter books, blasphemy!Avatar Image says: Oh my GOD! Why would anybody do that to a book? To ANY book!? A better prize would be books that I could actually read. *sigh*Avatar Image says: If I got my hands on this, I'd disassemble into books and distribute among the less fortunate who cannot afford books. Hope atleast the books are intact and not cut up. What will they come up with next?!Avatar Image says: Yay! I entered! *Crosses fingers* lol :-)Avatar Image says: Yes, I went to the craftsman's site myself, and I think his work is very impressive. He very rarely uses new books, usually just old ones from library sales and such. He does cut up the books, as well as taking out parts of the pages inside so there can be a wooden frame for the shelf. Personally, though I think it's kind of an odd use for Potter books, I'm not horrified. There are so many millions of copies out there that I'm sure it didn't do a lot of harm to make it.Avatar Image says: Interesting, I'm pretty rubbish at writing poetry so I might not enter. Still looks cool though.Avatar Image says: i'm not very good in writing poetry and stuffs but my sister is brilliant.....i hope she enters the contest.......Avatar Image says: I entered! It is strange he dose that to books but it looks cool. I couldn't rip a page out of a book on purpose (especialy not Harry Potter). :pAvatar Image says: I think it's a great prize and a fantastic idea. I've seen his work before. As for people who are less fortunate and can't afford books, well, that's why libraries are free! Oh, and I totally entered.Avatar Image says: I looked at his site and some of his stuff is quite witty, like the Humpty Dumpty themed one with the egg whisk through it :D Am ambivalent about the cutting up books bit. Part of me disagrees with it; I'd be scandalised if it was a rare book. Part of me doesn't because I've seen this sort of thing before, plus he bought them from second-hand shops, so he's not depriving book charities, and in a funny way he's even supporting the book industry.

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