NBC’s “The Office” References Harry Potter

May 11, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

Many readers have mailed in to let us know that this past Thursday night’s episode of NBC’s “The Office” featured a number of hilarious references to Harry Potter series. In the episode “Beach Games,” a particularly funny moment (to this “Office” fan and many others) was when picking team names for a ‘Survivor’ like challenge, Hogwarts house “Gryffindor” was chosen and the opposing team picked “Voldemort,” much to the first teams protest, followed by chants of “Voldemort! Voldemort!”
Thanks to all who mailed in!

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Avatar Image says: There was actually another episode that I saw where the character played by Steve Carell talks about when he supposedly went to prison. They ask him what the worst part about it was and he says that it was the dementors. I don't regularly watch the show, I was just zapping around and then I put NBC and that was going on. I found it pretty hilarious.Avatar Image says: It's a beautiful thing when fandoms collide. TEAM PAM!Avatar Image says: I love the office! that was so awesomeAvatar Image says: TEAM PAM! "Vol-de-mort! Vol-de-mort!"Avatar Image says: But the question is... Did they pronounce "Voldemort" correctly? ;)Avatar Image says: that was so awesome! I turned on the TV and that scene was playing. I cracked up so hard! "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named?! I wouldn't do that..." "Voldemort-Voldemort!" "Stop it!"Avatar Image says: I started laughting so hard when Dwight named his team GRYFFINDOR! I almost fell off my bed when they started chanting vol de mort. It was awesome.Avatar Image says: Wow. I love the Office, and when this happened, I was in hysterics. The funny thing about it was that when the second team chose "Voldemort" (and yes they said it right) the first team, led by Dwight, a big Star Wars/Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings fan, yelled "HE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED!" The other team just kept yelling "Voldemort!" to scare him. Ahha. And yes they have referenced dementors before :-)Avatar Image says: I personally thought the best past was when Dwight pinned his opponent to the ground in the Sumo wrestling challenge and shouted "GRYFFINDOR!!!" with his fist in the air. Classic. Loved it.Avatar Image says: Um, Best News Post EVER!!!! Further evidence that, yes, "The Office" is the best show on television.Avatar Image says: "The Office" IS the best show ever! They actually reference Harry Potter stuff a lot. I think this is the third time. The other time was when Michael was talking about going to prison and said Dementors were there. The other time was in the episode "The Fire", which if you haven't watched is hilarious! They play a game where they have to pick three books. Here is how it played out: Dwight Schrute: Question, is there fire wood on the island? Jim Halpert: I guess. Dwight Schrute: Then I would bring an ax, no books. Jim Halpert: It has to be a book Dwight. Dwight Schrute: Fine, Physician's Desk Reference- Jim Halpert: Nice, smart. Dwight Schrute: ...hollowed out, inside-waterproof matches, iodine tablets, beet seeds, protein bars, NASA blanket and, in case I get bored, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. No, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Question, did my shoes come off in the plane crash? Avatar Image says: You haven't really seen The Office until you've seen the original BBC version.Avatar Image says: I hope someone puts this on youtube soon!Avatar Image says: I was one of the ones that wrote in to Leaky about it. Saw it last night, was awesome. Laughed and smiled out loud. Great,crazy show.The even more funny part was when Andy fell in the water with his Sumo outfit on, and kept floating.LOL. was great! And yeah for Pam! She finally revealed her feelings to Jim. About time!Also I wrote in that 5 minutes into 'Ghost Whisperer' tonight, was a short International version of the OOTP trailer!First time! Was a great surprise!Avatar Image says: Best shout out EVER! You know Greg Daniels and Jennifer Celotta have to be closet Potter fans! Avatar Image says: Hahaha, Dwight was actually flinching when Jim and the others said "Voldemort." It was priceless. So glad I watched. I laughed my butt off.Avatar Image says: When do u think we will get the runtime for the film? Middle to late June?Avatar Image says: That was soo funny especially when Dwight kept saying you mean "He who must not be named" every time Jim was chanting "Volemort" it was awesome...Dwight would shiver every time that name was said...I loved itAvatar Image says: References are made to Harry Potter in television all the time. Personally I dont think this counts as news.Avatar Image says: question: has NBC Office diverged from UK Office in script? Has it continued with a new writer?? just interested to know.Avatar Image says: hpmons, it allows those of us who might not watch the show to catch it, which I am now going to have to try to do.Avatar Image says: Ah...I love it when this happens! Yay for referencing the Harry Potter series! :D Avatar Image says: That episode pretty much made my life.Avatar Image says: I saw that episode, I was laughing so hard when I heard the names they picked. And Rainn Wilson is such as great actor, I really believed Dwight was truly scared of the name.Avatar Image says: Oh my gosh I saw the episode, I love the office, and when they referenced Harry Potter I bursted out laughing! I loves the chanting of Voldemort, it was great!Avatar Image says: If you've never seen "The Office" I highly recommend it. It is easily one of the funniest shows ever. The Harry Potter reference was hilarious. Rainn Wilson is too funny, and a great actor. Avatar Image says: HAHA.They've referenced HP a few times actually.Avatar Image says: That was so funny. I love Rainn Wilson and Steve Carrall. Avatar Image says: the office is seriously the best tv show around. Also, I am so proud of Pam! She's a total Gryffindor. :)Avatar Image says: Yeh! The office do love their Potter references. And Pam is Gryffindor through and through. Yay for Pam!Avatar Image says: my two favorite things finally united as one. le sigh. i almost flipped when i watched that scene. Avatar Image says: This was one of the most funniest episode's on the office ever! I almost peed my pants when Dwight chose to be Gryfindor, and Jim chose Voldemort. I'm still laughing now. Did anybody see the convict episode, where Michael trys to scare everbody away from the idea of prison by saying that Dementors floated around everywhere in jail?? That again was another laugh and a half.

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