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May 12, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Syndicated program “Entertainment Tonight” broadcast portions of a new trailer for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix late last night that contained new footage, including a clip of Lupin (David Thewlis) speaking at the dinner table in Grimmauld Place. This footage, which also contains new shots of Harry with the Dementors, as well as clips of Sirius and Bella fighting before the Veil (similar to that HBO sneak look we saw last year) can be seen here.

A second OotP TV spot, containing footage seen previously, but with a new announcer voiceover, can be seen here as well.

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Avatar Image says: OH MY GOD!! WOW! Can't waitAvatar Image says: That is a part of the new second international trailer, the best one yet! just wait until you see the whole trailer!Avatar Image says: Does it show the veil? Because if it does I won't watch it. Tell me, please!Avatar Image says: it's not coming!!Avatar Image says: OMG! IT IS AWESOME! THE FIGHT IN THE VEIL ROOM SEEMS TO BE A-W-E-S-O-M-E. The music is AWESOME. Stan, have you seen the second international trailer? Describe it! I'm dying to see it Do you know when it is gonna be released? By the way, the clips in the trailers with Hartry punching the Mirror of Erised is because he sees Voldemort in it. i saw it in this clip! Avatar Image says: omg!! the new trailer looks great! so much more hermione! yay!!!!!!!!! when will we be able to see a high def one?!?!?Avatar Image says: Great! I can't wait for OotP because all those great footage! Thanks Leaky! :)Avatar Image says: Yes, we got to see Lupin! Cool footage.Avatar Image says: yep! i thought the ending of the U.S. trailer was massive. And probably the most epic and impressive i've seen so far! You mea that we'll see more? Like what? Do you remember? By the way, do we see Azkaban, Grawp, Centaurs and more individual shots of deatheaters? or in general, fight scenes with deatheaters? oh my gooooooooooooooooooooosh it's funny. i've freaked out.Avatar Image says: Stan, do you reamember any new dialogue from it ?? I personally don't like Lupin's line that much.. "he almost destroyed everything we hold dear" Sounds cheesy.Avatar Image says: What was it that Voldemort said in the ET clip? something along the lines of "I see myself standing here", it was too fast for me to catch. This is awsome! If they are releasing new clips on tv then that must mean they will release more online soon! Yay! Stan, about how long is the whole trailer?Avatar Image says: i LOVE when harry says " we're going to make them proud". LOVEITTODEATH!!! Avatar Image says: Looks so cool! I wish we could get a better quality version of the footage. Avatar Image says: the editing is quite bad. especially when hermione says "we need someone to teach us how to defend ourselves". so obviously been cut and stuff. i want more footage!Avatar Image says: It was so awesome to see sirius fighting!! Oh I can't wait to see the film!!!!!Avatar Image says: Zomg.. I can't wait for the Ministry scenes. I actually can't. I may have a nervous breakdown before July.Avatar Image says: all the scenes are so cool. I can´t wait to see the movie.Avatar Image says: oh... kingsley's silly hat annoys me....Avatar Image says: I like his hat. When will we see the whole trailer?Avatar Image says: Pigwigeon - Kingsley's silly hat, as you call it, is probably traditional African clothing, not fancy wizard wear.Avatar Image says: So, Stan, you mean that there is Grawp,Centaurs,more Deatheaters AND more Azkaban? Did you notice if there were waterfalls behind Azkaban? Because we saw the prison from a different angle in the trailer and it is supposed to be next to some gigantic waterfalls. We've read that there are 100 + Centaurs. I hope we'll see moooore P.S.How long is the trailer? It has to be slightly bigger than the Domestic. you remember how it begins? Thanks,Staaaaaan Avatar Image says: What I don't get is why they give kingsley an african outfit? Just because he is black doesn't mean that he needs traditional african outfit. He could be native to britian just like the rest of them. I would've understood if he was an immigrate. Anyways, I'm glad that lupin is in the movie. I was worried there for awhile since they cut him from the advance guard for whatever messed up reason they have. When are we going to see the 2nd international trailer?Avatar Image says: - "What I don't get is why they give kingsley an african outfit? Just because he is black doesn't mean that he needs traditional african outfit. He could be native to britian just like the rest of them. I would've understood if he was an immigrate." David Yates once said in an interview when talking about the movie that "the Ministry isn't very good at accepting the beauty of differences. Everything has to fit in a box, and if it doesn't fit, it must be removed. The wonderful thing this story tells kids is that it's OK to be different." I think they're trying to show that the Order consists of very different members from different races, backgrounds etc.. and they're all united for this same cause.Avatar Image says: I saw the newer trailer on Channel One a day or two ago. BUT THAT was awesome! The Patronuses and Lupin and Harry and AH! I hope they give us a big trailer using that footage. I love LupinAvatar Image says: I wonder if by the time the film comes out there'd be anything left for us that we haven't seen already!!!Avatar Image says: OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG IM GETTIN NUTSSSS OMGGGGG OMGGGGGGGAvatar Image says: Ooohh! I'm going to watch it now.Avatar Image says: So I guess it is definitively confirmed now that the movie wil be PG-13.Avatar Image says: Yay, more Lupin! And we get to see the back of the Thestrals in the second one. :D Any pics of the ET one?Avatar Image says: Any way to download either of these? Pretty please?? :DAvatar Image says: Lupin, Lupin, Lupin! David Thewlis may not be exactly what I had in mind for my favorite werewolf DADA professor, but I still love him. :) I've been waiting for a trailer/clip from this movie that would have more than just a split second of dear Moony.Avatar Image says: I promised myself not to watch any preview clips. Trailers and pics are ok, but i remember having seen basically the whole film of GOF before actualy goin to the cinema. It sorta ruined it. AVOID THESE CLIPS PEOPLE.Avatar Image says: Harry seeing Voldemort instead of himself in the mirror is a portent for the last book. Voldemort has something of himself in Harry and Harry sees this conection. That's why JKR brought in Ginny as Harry's girlfriend in book 6 - as a plotpoint to help resolve the story in book 7. He was attracted to her not because he likes her but because she has a conection to Voldemort. Wouldn't it be a surprise if she was the last horcrux?Avatar Image says: Good, very interesant, the video one is great, and the video two is poor. Went in HD?? Sorry for my inglishAvatar Image says: Fantastic! Was Harry looking into a mirrow or thru one? Great scene with Harry against the wall !!!Avatar Image says: JKR pretty much already shot down the whole "Ginny is a horcrux" theory in her interview with Leaky and Mugglenet. She confirmed that the bit of soul from the diary was completely destroyed. And she also confirmed that Ginny isn't posessed by Voldy in any way. Harry got with Ginny in book six because he fancied her and he was happy to be with her. It really is that simple. Avatar Image says: I saw the same trailer after Ghost Whisperer on Friday night.Avatar Image says: HERMIONE'S OTTER PATRONUS!!!!111Avatar Image says: Total bummer; apparently my cookie defense is blocking me from seeing this new footage!

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