New OotP PS2 Video Game Footage in New Report


May 14, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

At the request of the game producers, this footage has been taken down.

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Avatar Image says: Awesome! So when is the game actually coming out? This site keeps reporting June 25th, while others say the 29th...I'm going with the 29th because anything earlier would be too soon.Avatar Image says: Today, while driving to my work,there was a report that JKR might write an 8th Harry Potter book, but only for charity. Is that true, or just heresay.Avatar Image says: I've got it pre-ordered from the store, and their "reserve your copy now" list said the 25th, so that's what I'm counting on. Man, the more footage and interviews they put out, the more excited I get about this game! I haven't been happy with any of the new HP games since Chamber, but I really think this one's going to break that streak.Avatar Image says: Can someone translate something for me? y daughter wants teh HP game she saw it in a catalogue (arrives June 28th in Oz) but it was for PS3 and we don't have a Playstation. Does it come in a format I can stick into the desktop PC? Where would I get it? An electronic games store alongside PS versions?Avatar Image says: This looks absoloutley fabulous! And oh my gosh, the music is just great, I wish they would use this for the movie. It's so good, if gives you this feeling like John Williams' score did.Avatar Image says: hi kezzabear, the game will be coming out on PC. i looked at a harvey norman catalogue and saw that the PS3 version is $98 and the PS2 version is $48. i know you don't have a playstation but just letting you know the price range :) i'm assuming the game will be released on all platforms on june 28th but i'm not 100% sure on this. love the new trailer by the way. it's totally amazing and i'm so excited. can't wait to run into the store on June 28th and grab myself a copy with the PS3!!!! :DAvatar Image says: I bought my self a x-box last year and now I can't play the new game, becuase it's not available for this platform :-(Avatar Image says: Every news bit about the game makes me anticipate the game more and more. I didnt even give it thought before. now I look forward to it as much as the film (of course not as much as the book :). I wonder if the games music is part of the new film's score?Avatar Image says: mmmmm....I especially liked the bit with the kids (teens?) eavesdropping on the stairs in Grimmauld Place - just like in the book! Fingers: Check Leaky's archives from a couple days ago - you'll find that Jo has mentioned she wants to do a "Hogwarts, A History" type-thing for charity, but it's not confirmed yet. All that's been said is Christopher Little (Jo's agent) confirming that Jo does, indeed, have the legal (copyright) rights to write a book if she wants to *rolls eyes* LOL!Avatar Image says: I am a huge fan!!!Avatar Image says: awww why did leaky go and have to take it down?? is it up on youtube??Avatar Image says: what was the reason?? wasn't it official??Avatar Image says: CAN YOU PLEAAAAASE TELL US!!!!! DOES HAVE TO DO WITH THE PLOT!! I"VE READ TH BOOK!!

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