Scholastic Question Three: “Will Hogwarts Reopen?”


May 15, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

In the third of seven questions Scholastic is asking fans before the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the US publishers pose the following today: “Will Hogwarts Reopen?” You can vote for one of three choices on the Scholastic Harry Potter site, those being Yes, Yes but Harry Ron and Hermione won’t go back, and Not at all. Also, there is a bookmark of this question that you can download and print out at home, here (pdf) as well as a year three poster, here (pdf).
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Avatar Image says: I think they won't go back unless its to find a horcruxAvatar Image says: I believe the question was "Will Hogwarts reopen?', not "Will the trio return to Hogwarts?"Avatar Image says: Jo has said all along that the books would cover Harry's "seven years" at Hogwarts. In order for Harry to have "seven" years at Hogwarts, the school must reopen and Harry must attend it, at least part of the time. If Ron and Hermione make Head Boy and Girl, it stands to reason that they will go back too, if only to be Harry's contacts at the school. Yes, I think Ron will be Head Boy (like Bill and Percy before him) because if Harry is offered it, I think he will refuse it. (Please note, I do not think Ron will be like Percy.) Ron may be of age, but I think Molly has enough authority over him, that he will go back, maybe unwillingly. I just don't see him crossing his mother like that. She scares him. I do not think Harry will attend school the full year. I think he will start school in September, but will leave and return periodically during the year. JKMcGonagall KayAvatar Image says: i think they keep asking questions that are not 'yes' or 'no' answers. If harry will live or die, will count as not being 'yes' or 'no' either, Perhaps b/c he lives and it mentions his death (IF this theory is true) in the epilogue. Then Snape is not simply 'good' or 'evil' and Hogwarts, will not necessarily open, but will in the end/Avatar Image says: I think it will reopen but Harry, Ron, and Hermione won't go back (as students). There most likely will be a horcrux reason for them to return or to get Dumbledore information. Perhaps at the end of the book, if they are all still alive, Ron and Hermione will return. I don't think Harry will go back even if he does survive. He just seems like he's done with school at the end of book 6. On a side note, I don't think Ron will make head boy. Ernie McMillan (sp?) is much better suited. He was ok for a prefect because it was only between him, Harry, Neville, Seamus, and Dean but Head Boy is the best out of all houses, and I don't think he is. He wasn't exactly the best prefect. Hermione would be Head Girl without question. She will probably have to refuse. I wonder if Jo will include a scene where she is offered the position but must decline it. That would be hard for Hermione. Avatar Image says: yes its called will hogwarts re open and it will thing of what haggrid said i cant get it word for word but wasnt it something like: hogwqarts should be open even if only one person wants to come and learn so yea its gunna open and harrys not coming back rons not comming and hermiones not coming back either and they already have contacts at hogwarts...thjink abvout it ginny, nevil, and others the D.A would be harys comunication hes no going back hes going after LV so yea hogwarts is staying open and the trios not going backAvatar Image says: We have to reopen the school !Avatar Image says: That's a tough one. If Hogwarts does reopen, whon will be the new headmaster? Avatar Image says: Hogwarts will reopen, but I am not sure if the trio will go back. Jo answered a question from those cub reporters, I think, and confirmed that there would indeed be a new DA professor in Book 7. And how could there be a new professor if the school isn't open?Avatar Image says: I think Hogwarts will reopen because JKR said we would "see the end of that year."Avatar Image says: Hogwarts will re-open. I just can't see the Trio going back for their last year. They'll have to go back to the school at some point, of course, but not as students. :( I do wish someone would just ban Peeves. Where's the Bloody Baron when we need him? Avatar Image says: THAT is a key question???!!!Avatar Image says: By and large I've been disappointed with these Scholastic questions. I thought they'd give us clues as to what is important in the seventh book, but so far they've just been mundane questions, the most obvious ones to ask, or questions that have already been discussed to death. That said, I think Scholastic is justified for not trying to hard; all their publicizing is pretty done for them.Avatar Image says: I think it has to reopen, anything but would be pretty much admitting defeat to Voldermort. Plus in ways it is safer than home (safety in numbers and all that stuff) sure there’s still a chance of being attacked but there is anywhere. I think Harry, Ron and Hermione wont be going back as students, I mean after what Harry said at the end of HBP and what he has left to do would be to say the least imposable. I mean he can’t hunt horcruxes and do NEWTS at the same time (it would be madness) Avatar Image says: Well, of course Hogwarts will reopen, and of course the Trio will be there--Jo said so and that settles it. She said of Harry, "He's going to be at Hogwarts for seven years." I have a feeling that the places Harry doesn't want to go to (Privet Drive, Grimmauld Place, The Department of Mysteries, Hogwarts) will all have their importance in this final book. And by the way, Peeves, you've been reported. Avatar Image says: I think Hogwart's will reopen. I don't think that Harry will return. How is he supposed to look for Horcruxes if he's is class. But then how is he supposed to learn more magic and be more qualified if he doesn't return?Avatar Image says: I feel like...something's coming. What with news being sorta' slow, this feels like the calm before a storm. Maybe I'm imagining things. Anyways, the Hogwarts reopening question is a little dissapointing, but that could be simply because the question has been so worn out in the fandom. Avatar Image says: Not only does the commenter, Peeves, need to be banned from this site, Leaky needs to report him to the authorities. There are children and teens who view this site, too. Peeves' comments go way beyond inappropriate. Please, Leaky Staff, do something.Avatar Image says: I think it will stay open. I just went to the bookstore and got my bookmark. I’ve only found one bookstore in town that has them. Avatar Image says: I think that Hogwarts will reopen, but something will happen that will make Harry return to Hogwarts. He could return to visit Hagrid, get something that belonged to Dumbledore, etc.Avatar Image says: I find it hard to believe that Scholastic really thinks people are worried about that particular question, when there are so many other pressing questions. And as I wrote before, JKR has already pretty much answered this question.Avatar Image says: For myself, I think its a very good question. I can't imagine an HP book without Hogwarts. Besides which, not going would make Harry a dropout, hardly what we want to see happen. And if Harry, Ron and Hermione don't go back to school, what are they going to do with all of there time? Wander through forests looking for Horcruxes? After what will likely be an eventful summer there will be about nine months of story time in the book before we get to the climactic end, which is a lot of time to fill. The trio's horcrux hunting will probably be more short duration forays like when Harry and Dumbledore went to the cave. Spend time gathering information and deciphering clues and then take action (a process which will try Harry's patience, no doubt). What better place to do this then Hogwarts? Avatar Image says: yes yes yes! just harry, ron, and hermione (and possibly ginny) wont go back . . .Avatar Image says: I'm sure that Hogwarts will reopen. Dumbledore wouldn't have it any other way. Ron should not be Head Boy, but Hermione should be Head Girl. I think that Harry will return, only because the books are supposed to cover his 7 years at Hogwarts. Can't wait to read it!Avatar Image says: I know Hogwarts will reopen, but of course they won't be attending their normal classes once again, which makes me very depressed. Yes, hogwarts is definitely in the picture, but not like it used to be :-( Makes me want to bawl.Avatar Image says: "I think they won't go back unless its to find a horcrux" Posted by Hannah Pottah So do I. Or else... they might be meeting somebody there for some reason. In any case I believe their school days are over.Avatar Image says: I think that Harry and the gang (hermione, ron and ginnie)Will all return to Hogwarts after the wedding over the summer. Due to Molly playing MOM over all of them she is going to make them go back even though all of them will be of age over the summer. Harry and Ginnies relationship is long from over even though Harry doesnt think it is a good idea due to voldermort always hurting the people who are closest to harry and harry's friends. I think that Ginnie just wont let the break up happen like that. I think that the DA is going to be playing a HUGE role in the next book. Dumbledore would have wanted it to happen like that. Yay more LUNA. you guys may think im crazy but i see luna and neville hooking up in this book. I think there is alot of unfinised business at Hogwarts. Thats where all of Dumbledores secrets are going to be and Harry is going to do his best of getting in and learning all of them, if they havent already been left to Harry in Dumbledores will. I think alot of the answers to the Horcurxsare going to be with in all of Dumledores stuff... Hmm wonder if there are going to be more memories to go through? whoever it was above that asked who the new headmaster would be did you read the half blood prince? at the end professor mcgonagall was appointed headmaster so lets see who is gonna be headmaster duh that question was already answered. The only thing that got me is Snape?? is he really a good guy or is he really a bad guy. I read the section of the news where Rowling said that he was good but who knows at this point. I dont think that Harry will die. They have to keep the ending with Harry still around. Hmmm wonder if there will be a book 8. Life after Hogwarts???? Hope so!

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