New OotP Clip to Air on “Ellen” Program Friday


May 16, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

A new clip from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is set to air this Friday during the “Ellen” show, it was announced today. According to TLC reader ard who mailed to say this morning while watching the Ellen DeGeneres show, they aired a brief video of this new clip, showing Dumbledore (Michael Gambon) in the Great Hall,with a worried looking Harry (Dan Radcliffe) and Hermione (Emma Watson) sitting at the table. To see when the talk show is aired where you live, click here. Anyone who is able to capture this video, please send it in!
Thanks much ard!

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Avatar Image says: Nice, can't wait to see it online.Avatar Image says: I remember Ellen showing a number of clips in the run up to the release of GOF, looks like they will be going a similar route this time. It's just a shame that Ellen is no longer on free to air TV in Australia anymore.Avatar Image says: What part of the story is that?Avatar Image says: I love Ellen, I can't waite to see it!!! I 'll have to watch it or tape it, but it comes on at 5 here so it will be on leaky befor that i'm shur of it!!!Avatar Image says: thank god for the Time Warner DVR service! WOO! i am so thereAvatar Image says: ellen is a legend - i love that she's the one they go to with all the HP clips! i'll so be there!Avatar Image says: I love Ellen! She has one of the best talk shows out there... can't wait!Avatar Image says: LilyPotter88, prior the the release of the GOF film, there were clips of it released on the Ellen show. They were clips and NOT trailers. Of course, there is no guarantee that it will be the same this year, but I think it most likely will be.Avatar Image says: I'm from the UK...............what the hell is the Ellen show?????Avatar Image says: Aidan: Ellen is Ellen DeGeneres's talk show. She did a whole HP themed show when GOF came out. Maybe this time she'll have the Trio, or at least Dan, on during the LA premiere. I think the show originates from there. She's hilarious, and I think they'd have a great time on her show. :)Avatar Image says: Cool. I'll search through the channels and see/hope I can see the show here. Avatar Image says: Too many clips(although I do love Ellen). I feel like I will have seen the movie before it comes out! I guess I can just choose to stop watching them all, but, I have no will power!Avatar Image says: It will be nice to see it, thanks!Avatar Image says: Interesting but I can guess that Hermione is going to be watching with this terribly worried look on her face as whatever happens between DD and Harry unfolds. Hermione will probably approach Harry about it all like "I'm NOT and owl!" and it'll be Dantastic. ;PAvatar Image says: Aidan, Ellen was the also voice of Dori (the Blue Tang)in Finding Nemo.Avatar Image says: OH MY GOSH! =) I`m soooo gonna watch it! :] Her show rockkkks anyway! But Harry Potter is better! =D LOL! yay! I cannot wait for this! :DAvatar Image says: Really?!? Oh my god, I'm going to have to stop myself from watching it. I don't want to spoil it for myself, last time I spoilt it way too much. I may look at one or two screencaps of it though ... xDAvatar Image says: Oh man...I love Ellen! I got a TiVo cause of work and school and all that. I was missing my shows and thanks to TiVo I won't miss the Ellen show this Friday. It's my friend's birthday and we'll be out the whole day. But she's a big fan of Harry as well, so I doubt she'll want to miss this. I've been thinking...Ellen had a sort of Shrek week or w/e this week...maybe she'll have a Harry Potter week during the week of the movie's realease. Maybe. Hopefully. That'll be fun to watch. Avatar Image says: Hmmmm. The only reason the ever air clips like that on talk shows if one of the actors/directors is bieng interviewed. I wonder if one of the actors will be interviewd otherwise it makes no sense to have a harry potter clip unless they're talking about summer movies. Weird.Avatar Image says: OMG I wish Dan or Emma will go to the Ellen show, it is a very popular show the number #1 on its slot...I think Dan and Emma has what it takes to answer questions and been funny.Avatar Image says: I keep seeing commercials saying that the clip is on Monday's show...Avatar Image says: Yeah, I saw that commercal too today, saying that the clip will be shown Monday instead of Friday. Not sure what's going on...I guess they decided that they wouldn't have enough time tomorrow or something. Well, I'm going to watch to show the show! Hopefully, the cast will make it to the Ellen show this year since the premire will be held in CA...*cross my fingers*

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