New “Order of the Phoenix” Set Reports (Updated)


May 16, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Several new reports about visits to the set of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix are now online.
In this first report from IGN, the article contains new quotes from actors Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Emma Watson (Hermione Granger), and Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) on their roles in the fifth Harry Potter film as well as comments from Matt Lewis on his role as Neville Longbottom who spoke about meeting director David Yates:

“I remember when we first met him, a couple of months before we first started filming, he asked me to re-read the book and look out for some of the different things Neville did. For instance, when he is concentrating he sort of puts his tongue on his top lip and I started to note these [things] to bring the character from the book more to life on the screen. He asked me to look at some groups of people, like fan clubs and things like that, who are based around one thing because Neville is so into his herbology and he wanted me to realize what it is like to be obsessed with something, to be really into something so much that you’d be part of or set up a fan club.”

Update: Kevin from (via Aced Magazine) gives a nice preview of the actual set, here, and Page from has posted the first part of her interview with Dan, where she asked him about the absense of Quidditch from the film. Dan answered:

Dan: I wasn’t absolutely, particularly disappointed, because Quidditch is a sort of very, very painful thing to film. And so I was actually…every time I was reading a Harry Potter book and there’s a bit where either Harry gets banned from the team, or Quidditch gets cancelled or something the problem is, I was like, “YES!!!â€, and um, but I mean I hope fans won’t miss it too much, I mean… and then of course in this book, Harry is stopped from playing Quidditch so I wouldn’t…but Quidditch has fallen by the wayside in this one very definitely.

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Avatar Image says: Oh I love what Matthew Lewis had to say. It really tells me the director has a superb understanding of the characters and how the novels work. Perfection really. Avatar Image says: The IGN interview interview was good the other one was an exercise in self stimulation. Get over yourself. Avatar Image says: I SO love Matt Lewis! He's so awesome and a great actor. I laughed at Dan's Quidditch thing, too. I think Steven Horn (the article writer) needs a better proofreader because he spelt Hermione wrong both times he mentioned her. :PAvatar Image says: Matt and Dan are so smart when the talk, it was funny Dan's comment about how paitfull Quidditch is.>!Avatar Image says: OMG! David Yates is brilliant! The way he worked on Neville sounds a-m-a-z-i-n-g! He definitley works with the books well, this makes me so happy!Avatar Image says: This makes me like David Yates much more!Avatar Image says: i love matthew lewis. and that bit bout quidditch was fantastic. i mean i love quidditch but it does get kinda tedious to read. and i bet it IS horrible\y painful to film . . . i just imagined it and now my head hurts.Avatar Image says: I'm so glad Matthew Lewis is in this interview. It's nice to hear that he is taking Neville from the books and bringing him alive on screen. He does a great job already. Daniel doesnt like to film Quidditch! OMG, Im so sad that it isnt in this movie. We havent had a game in two movies now! They'd better make up for that in HBP! Daniel, buy a cushion for the firebolt because we want one more game before DH is filmed! Avatar Image says: Good reports. Can't wait to read more of them.Avatar Image says: Hmmmm....Yates actually sounds like a good director.Avatar Image says: I completely understand you, Dan. Everytime I hear Quidditch is cut from the films, I go "Yes" as well. It's the most boring stuff from the books anyway. ;-)Avatar Image says: I'm so excited that Yates is so into directing these films. I love watching them and don't expect them to be canon, but it's great to hear that he is making them as authentic as possible!Avatar Image says: That's an interesting direction for Matt Lewis - to study people who are obsessed with one thing. He should study Harry Potter fandom. *lol*Avatar Image says: Exciting words from Matt Lewis, although, reading the links, I'm not sure that Hermione is actually dragging the boys around after her in OotP. Should we be worried?Avatar Image says: Good reports. I'm really looking forward to reading more of the interviews later. I love Matt Lewis, he's one of the best of the young cast. And it's funny how Dan now reads the books actually thinking "yes!" at being banned from Quidditch! The set descriptions are good too. There's also one on which is slightly different and describes the MOM set as being based on the London Underground and taking up an entire airport hanger! And Grimmauld Place being an actual house of interconnecting rooms. I really wish I could see a virtual tour of the sets- they sound fantastic. Avatar Image says: Anne- OMG, totally agreed! Hopefully in the OOTP dvd we'll get tours of the set, and we already know we'll get see it in the game, but it would be so much cooler on the DVD.Avatar Image says: "Oh God, I think I really AM worried... " I'm not. I think all Emma is saying is that, just as in the book, Hermione is the one who decides Harry should teach them, and she is the one who sets up the meeting in the Hog's Head. Emma would emphasise that part just because it relates to her character, as actors often do. Nothing in the test screenings or other word we have said says that Hermione dominates this film, in fact I have got the opposite impression. Let's just wait to see the film before we judge it - radical thought I know, lol.Avatar Image says: I agree with Gillyweed - it was Hermione who pushed Harry into setting up the DA, maybe that's what Emma was referring to. The one line I do hope they keep in is "Just because you've got the emotional range of a teaspoon it doesn't mean we all have", which is one of my all-time-favourite Hermione lines. And I hope (but I think from reports they haven't) that they keep the ending on the platform with the members of the Order intact - I think it's the strongest ending of any of the books. Avatar Image says: That's very interesting, I never stopped to think how it must been for the actors when they read the books. So they think about how would it be to film it while they read it, that's awesome. I'm sorry, but I don't like what Emma says. Hermione is not the one who "makes everything happen". Not even Harry is like that. They are friends, and like friends they talk about what's better to do and they make decisions together. She talks like Harry and Ron are stupid or something.Avatar Image says: Actually, Hermione often doesn't consult the other two. In OotP, she reads about the escaped Death Eaters, talks to herself and then storms off to go write to Rita without even asking Harry if he wants to do an interview. Ron even says, "I hate when she does that," which certainly lends credibility to the idea that she often does things her own way, without always consulting them first. That, along with the DA stuff already mentioned, plus the fact that she makes everyone vote for Harry as leader of the DA, but then still bosses everyone around, is classic Hermione. I think Emma does a good job playing her.Avatar Image says: Hermione actually does go off on her own quite a bit. the DA, reading about their possible threats, rita skeeter. She often does do that dragging around thing. She's bossy. And i agree, if anything the impression i'm getting is this is a "harry" film, rather than a trio. As for quidditch, it is not essential to this film. However it IS in the next. In fact there is no reason why they cant transfer the weasley is our king subplot into the next one thinking about it... Avatar Image says: I was amazed Jen1 said she was getting the impression that this was a Harry film rather than the trio. Carefully following all the publicity and leaks for months past as I do, I have got exactly the opposite impression. Indeed in one interview Yates said that this was more of a trio film and less just Harry - he implied the Goblet film was very Harry oriented and so this time he was going more Trio oriented. He emphasised the team work of Harry, Ron and Hermione in this plot! So I think Jenny is mistaken about that.Avatar Image says: Dan doesn't understand the magic of the Harry Potter books. I pity him!Avatar Image says: She's looking at the reports we've had from the test screenings that came up a while ago. People were saying there was quite less ron and hermione, especially since it was their storylines that were mostly cut. As long as they give us a tight storyline so people don't have to explain things to nonhp fans... Avatar Image says: So THAT'S why Matt Lewis hangs around with Leaky and does pottercasts and such. :)Avatar Image says: David Yates sounds very insightful. I'd like to hear his advice to Michael Gambon prior to filming. I wonder if Matt Lewis spent some extra time hanging around Leaky? This is the place to be if you are totally obsessed with HP... The Floo Network - EVERYTHING needed for the well-rounded Harry Potter addict. When will we be getting Leaky's version of the OotP set report?Avatar Image says: I already read both of these on another site a day or two ago but the movie sounds like it's going to be the best one yet and I can't wait for it!Avatar Image says: Alley-Cat, I SO agree that the book ending of OotP should be used in the film! I am very sorry that it sounds like they are doing something different, though at least it also sounds fairly emotional. But it would have been so funny to see the confrontation between the Dursleys and the Order and then the powerful ending shot of Harry waving good-bye to everyone, overwhelmed by all the support.... But otherwise I really like what I've heard about Yates. Sounds like he has a lot of loyalty to the books--I LOVE that he's having cast members read! Thanks for the reassurance, Gilyweed--I too will try to wait for the movie before I actually judge it. :)Avatar Image says: I'm confused Lynn :o), which answer do you get that impression from (about Dan not understanding the magic).Avatar Image says: I loved Yates' advice to Matthew. Very interesting! About it being too Harry-centric or too trio-oriented. I think OotP has its moments. I think Ron and Hermione are definately a huge part of Harry's life (even in comparison to the new editions of the DA) but Harry is pushing away from them. And so you have the tug and pull of Harry v. Ron and Hermione. At times, it is business as usual for the three of them, but sometimes, Harry "goes it alone" and is reluctant to open up to others. As cliche' as it can get, it is definately a part of growing up. When do you decide to figure things out on your own and when you decide that you can't go it alone? Hopefully (and I think the movie has) the movie has got the balance. Avatar Image says: David Yates GETS IT! This means great things are in store for the HBP film.Avatar Image says: I agree with onmasssave. As much as Ron and Hermione are vital to Harry's journey, this book has more than just them. It's more about Harry trying to isolate himself from the world and then realizing in the end how many people are on his side and won't leave it. :)Avatar Image says: Count me in as one of the people who are worried about a return of POA!Hermione. Yuk! Yuk! Yuk!Avatar Image says: Ugh, POA!Hermione. >_Avatar Image says: How come nobody bashes Emma for misinterpreting the book but when Dan does, the haters come left and right? I guess we have higher expectations from him because he's Harry Poter right? weird... And yes, POA Hermione should be banned. I can bear the overactive eyebrows and emotional Emma but not pink power rangers Emma/Hermione.Avatar Image says: just realized that my post said "new editions" and I meant to say "new additions" whoops!

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