“Order of the Phoenix” Wizarding Wireless Ads Bonanza!


May 22, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Courtesy of the big Wizarding Wireless Headquarters (read: Warner Brothers), we now have not one,not three, but SIX, yes that’s right, six new television ads for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. These spots contain new footage, new muisc, and yes, this editor is very happy about the narrator in spot number five ;) Enjoy!

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Avatar Image says: Wow - Six at once!!! Ok, gotta go watch!Avatar Image says: None of the links work for me! :( //o-o\\ The Walrus Avatar Image says: Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What else shall I say????? Spectacular ads.......Avatar Image says: WHEN WILL THE DOOR OPEN AGAIN!>!>!>!!?!?!?!? RABLE RABLE RABLE!!!!Avatar Image says: wow, no.5's a favourite :). Loved the one with Snape too. "Obviously!". Alam Rickman woot woot! second?Avatar Image says: OMG!!!The 5th tv spot just aired on Nick!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sooooo Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: OMG THEY WERE AWESOME!!! LIKE ESCPECIALLY THE SIXTH AND THE ONE WERE LUCIUS SPEAKS!!!!!Avatar Image says: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! sweet! I'm watching all of them NOW! Avatar Image says: This looks amazing!!!Love it!!Avatar Image says: WOW! These are incredible! There's so much new footage, I don't even know where to begin!!! Although the .asx 500 trailer 4 isn't working for me. :( But AHHHHHHHHHH! XD And I can just hear Sue squeeing at Jason Isaacs, lol. :-PAvatar Image says: OMG OMG Snape being interviewed by dolores XD. And wow, lots of new stuff too, especially from GrimauldAvatar Image says: I love number one. Snape: Obviously! is just perfect. I like number five too, it is different from the others. Sue must be going crazy over that one. :) Avatar Image says: OMG TONKS NOSE!! (yay hilarious canon!)Avatar Image says: I love number 5! Snape in no. 1 LOL!Avatar Image says: I love in the first spot how Fred and George apparate right next to a surprised and angry Molly.Avatar Image says: oh crap, i'm at work! I can't check those until I get home.Avatar Image says: thas pretty cool! Good thing its evening in London!! lolAvatar Image says: Ooooh this is awesome! I love all the extra snippets. My favorites: Snape's observation with Umbridge (don't you just love to hate him?) and Lucius taunting Harry. That fifth preview has some awesome editing...with the glimpse of Harry in first year...wow. I can't wait to see angry teenage angst Harry!Avatar Image says: WOOT!!! AWESOME!!! Bloody AWESOME!!! OMG I'm so excited LOL ...it even showed Fred and George's apparations!!! YEAH!!!Avatar Image says: OMG! OMG! OMG! I especially LOVE the 1st and 5th ones! SQUEEEEEEEE! I can't wait... Avatar Image says: The one with Lucius speaking gives me incredible dork-chills.. SO. PERFECT. OMG. AH!Avatar Image says: screw it...I watched them at work. They are AWESOME!!! The first and fifth one are my favorite. I'm getting very anxiousAvatar Image says: AWESOME :OOOOOOOOOOOOAvatar Image says: WOW! Love them all. though 2,3,4 &6 wern't much, 1 and 5 were SO FREAKIN AWESOME!!!Avatar Image says: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Oh my freakin word! What is it? 51 days! You've GOT to be kidding me! Okay everybody, say it with me.... ACCIO ORDER OF THE PHEONIX! . .. ... Alrighty, I guess I'll wait! These all rule tho! Saying which one is my favorite would be kinda like say what my favorite flavour of Bernie's Jelly Beans is! Theer's just too many good ones! (for the record, it's catnip and number 1!)Avatar Image says: Ok, what do you think - if we do put all of the bits and pieces together now, do we know the whole film then? *not looking at anymore videos*Avatar Image says: Why don't they just bring out the DVD and be done with it?Avatar Image says: I think it is settled that numbers 1 and 5 are the best.Avatar Image says: It's official... I can't freakin wait for this movie!!Avatar Image says: I ACTUALLY JUST SCREAMEDAvatar Image says: oh myyyyyyy galloping gargoyles!!!!!!!!! I loved the 5th one...Lucius talks soo well!Avatar Image says: OMG...it looks Awesome! But since when do dementors pick someone up and hold them against a wall?Avatar Image says: But since when do dementors pick someone up and hold them against a wall? Since film adaptations were allowed *smirk* They're more for visual effects than anything, I bet. And for the sake of those who are only movie fans. Maybe they're OoTP's shrunken heads :D Avatar Image says: OMG! 1&5!!!! 1&5!!!! IM SO EXCITED I SCREAMED A LITTLE!Avatar Image says: HOLY SMOKES!!! number 5 had the hairs on my neck standing! so chilling!! It makes me forget I know the story!Avatar Image says: not working. :/Avatar Image says: #5 is great!! Different story, music, footage... And Harry's smirk at Snape in #1 is priceless! In a few of them, when DD claps his hands in his office and Fawkes comes flying, that must be when he escapes from Umbridge and Fudge and Dawlish. You can even see Umbridge and Fudge falling in the sixth.Avatar Image says: OMG Number 1 is absolutely fantastic especially the part where Umbridge interviews Snape!!!!! Ron is so sexy when he says "Who are you and what have you done with Hermione" *Screams* I absolutely love it!!!!Avatar Image says: WOW!!! I am so excited for this film now! They even have Tonks changing her facial features! Yes!!! And now we all understand that Snape hit (and not that hard) Ron for a better reason than he did in GOF. This is so cool! And the one with the narration about learning about his scar was amazing! I don't remember what number it is. This is so cool! Avatar Image says: OMG! I am dying here! Chills everywhere! The twins apparating! Molly's exasperation! Snape's interview! Lucius' voice-over narration! I am SO going to see this more than 5 times!!!Avatar Image says: OMG! I had seen 2 or 3 of these before. The third I think is the one from yesterday's Heroes, and another one or two I had seen on TV, but Oh MY GOD! AM I PUMPED!!!! Why isn't it July YET!!!Avatar Image says: They are all so great!! I especially love number 5 the music and Malfoy snr talking gave me chills..... I can't wait for the movie!!!!Avatar Image says: Did anyone notice the cloudy spherical thing Harry was holding? (can't remember which spot) It looks mightly like the one on the back cover of Deathly Hallows...Avatar Image says: My absolute favourite thing is Harry's expression watching Umbridge inspect Snape. I LOVE it. It belongs in a dictionary next to the definition of 'Schadenfreude.'Avatar Image says: I LOVE the first one with Snape and Umbridge. "....ooobviously." Ahhh, Snape, Snape, Snape, Snape. How I adore that greasy git. *sigh*Avatar Image says: Even though we have six ads, I don't think they are giving nearly as much away as they did with GOF, a lot of it is just a remix of what we have seen before, except what is in the first one and the fifth one. I really liked the first one - Snape and Umbridge was delicious (and I hope we hear her asking McGonagall so we get the 39 years this December - I have my reasons), Ginny and Tonks was fun (and a good sign when Yates is including little touches from the book like that which don't take up a lot of screentime), and can I just squee - Molly's back! Yay!! I also loved the fifth clip (and for different reasons to Sue, lol) because it focused right in on the heart of the film and the series itself - "haven't you always wondered what is the reason for the connection between you and the Dark Lord, don't you want to know the secret of your scar, all the answers are there, in your hand" - good stuff. The music was amazing and epic as well. Avatar Image says: 1 and 5, hands down, are the best. Ginny is the cutest thing when laughing at Tonks.Now i really, REALLY, wish they kept Goldenberg as the script writer... sniff :( ... do u think they could, u know... sacked out Klovers (or Klove, i dun remember)???? and hell, i hope Joss Whedon will be the one directing Deathly Hallows. what do you guys thinks???? Avatar Image says: SO........Awesome............. #5 is the best. It shown the deeper, sadder and more emotional part of the movie! NARRATION ROCK!! I wonder if thats all Lucius says in the movie.Avatar Image says: I love them all but #1 has to be the best for me.Avatar Image says: six! whoa :DAvatar Image says: I just squeed in my pants (thanks, Sue!) Loved #1Avatar Image says: 1 & 5 are the best :) I especially liked the part with Tonks changing faces, and the way the twins sneaked behind their mother :DAvatar Image says: Did anyone else notice that in the fifth, Malfoy is standing in front of the veil holding what looks to be the prophecy (22 sec.) with Harry in front of him. Looks like that might be right before the Order shows up. In the book, Bellatrix is crucioing Neville and Harry considers giving up the prophecy, but then the Order shows up. Looks like Harry might actually hand over the prophecy to stop them torturing Neville, and then the Order shows up, and Malfoy loses the prophecy. If Voldemort was mad at Malfoy in the books, think how angry he would have been if Malfoy had actually gotten his hands on it, and still wasn't able to keep it safe.Avatar Image says: Taking everyone's advice I decided to watch #5 since you all say it's the best... and holy SMOKES!!!!!!! aklsjdfasdklfj;lasjdf;laksdf. love the music, love what lucius has to say. Incredible.Avatar Image says: #5 is definitely the best. I've been waiting for an HP trailer to look like that, that's how the movies should look. I also love #1 because there's so much of the fun canon in it: Snape/Umbridge, Tonks, the twins apparating, their great escape, the D.A., etc. It's the fun light tv-spot vs. #5 which is dark and epic. #4 and #6 are okay, but I don't like 2 and 3 (I'm not a fan of the voice-over).Avatar Image says: the soundtrack sounds bloody amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! especially in vid 5... well done Hooper!!Avatar Image says: Oh my.... every time I've seen a new trailer it gives me so much hope for this movie to be the best out of all them. The first movie will always be in my heart because it got me reading the books, but the fifth one, I think, will just blow me away! Lisa :o)Avatar Image says: i am not sure what "squeeing" is, but i think i just did it. Avatar Image says: GOD!!! I LOVED ALL OF THEM BUT #5 IS GREAT!! Can't wait!! Is that a Thestral flying above the forest? OMGAvatar Image says: WHOOT! *dances* I love the first one!Avatar Image says: I agree #5 is what I have been hoping for. I have tingles. Yea! Can't wait...no...can't be 51 days. I need a time turner...NOW! Avatar Image says: snape snape snape!!!!! snape at last.........alan was awesome(ofcourse) ...........tonks' metamorphagi was super cool...........the first video was the best ........alan's 'obviously' was really FANTASTIC'...........ooooh i can't waait to see the 5th movie......Avatar Image says: OH WOW!!!!!! That's all I can say! They are all so great, amazing,, but like you Sue, I agree,, number 5 is my favorite.. Lucius...aka Jason Issacs.. row!! :) That one gave me serious goosebumps though. What he was saying to Harry was right out of the book, didn't you think? Wow! Ok, darnit! Here comes the tears again! :( :)I'm gonna miss it so bad! Avatar Image says: ummmmm... PHENOMINAL!!Avatar Image says: wow... this looks so awesome! i hope it's awesome (and NOT GoF "awesome" cz it wasn't!) xoxoAvatar Image says: Yeah, #1 and #5 are both fantastic, Gosh I'm so Pumped for this summer!Avatar Image says: OMG! OMG! OMG! I feel like I've been stupified! Did you see Lupin appear out of the fog, that was freaking awsome! And Tonks metamorphing her nose for Ginny!!!! OMG, this seems like the closest to the books so far. Im literally shaking, Lucius sweet talking Harry and everything! OMG, so awsome!!!!Avatar Image says: #5 was awesome. It sounds like what actually happens in the book. :) In #6, did anyone notice when Harry looks into the mirror and sees himself as being possessed by Voldemort, Voldemort is wearing the same hoodie as Harry? Thus the first appearance of gangsta!VoldemortAvatar Image says: I love the fifth one with Lucius's voiceover so much. Gave me the chills. It's got the kind of trailer mood that I've wanted for a HP movie tv spot AND it's hinting at Harry and Voldemort's past Avatar Image says: I love the fifth one with Lucius.Avatar Image says: I can't believe people forgot to mention the Ginny-laughing-Tonks-morphing scene after the preview. Makes me wonder was this scene in the preview at all? If not I might hope that the supposedly filed h/g scenes would be in the final cut. That would make this my favourite HP movie regardless of anything else :) Three cheers for Yates!!!Avatar Image says: Waaahhhh!! I can't see any of them, in any resolution or format .... are there alternative links that anyone can help me with? Same problem on Veritaserum, Mugglenet, Rotten Tomatoes .... Avatar Image says: I watched the first four last night. They were great. I'm going to watch all of them when I get home. So exciting. 48 days to go!Avatar Image says: Okay sexycongo, Ik didn't know who joss whedon was, so I searched for it at rottentomatoes.com. It seemes that he's more like a screenwriter than a director. He wrote some good flicks (toy story, speed), but he also did some crappy stuff.(like titan ae), but he hasnt really done a lot. There is just one thing that totally rules him out. I would never trust the creator and writer of buffy the vampire slayer, with something as precious as the final installment of harry potter. why not let aaron spelling at it (sarcasm at it's best)Avatar Image says: CLIP #5 IS THE BEST THING THAT HAS HAPENNED TO HARRY POTTER SINCE THIS SERIES STARTED !! For the first time, a clip/movie/trailer conveys the beauty and heart of the story in a way I never imagined these films would portray in my wildest dreams. I am simply awed. Everything is so perfect in it. Best editing and best music we got so far. It gave me chills. If this says anything about the mood of the film, I'll be dying a slow death in my seat when I see it.Avatar Image says: I've just seen them all. They are all great. I can't wait for this film. 48 days to go!!Avatar Image says: OMG!! I can't wait till July!!! I want to see the movie like now! #5 is by far my fav!! *faints from excitment then gets back up to watch ads over and over agian*Avatar Image says: "CLIP #5 IS THE BEST THING THAT HAS HAPENNED TO HARRY POTTER SINCE THIS SERIES STARTED !! For the first time, a clip/movie/trailer conveys the beauty and heart of the story in a way I never imagined these films would portray in my wildest dreams. I am simply awed. Everything is so perfect in it. Best editing and best music we got so far. It gave me chills. If this says anything about the mood of the film, I'll be dying a slow death in my seat when I see it." WORD WORD WORDY MCWORD. I so agree. Wow, everything about it was just...the music is glorious and epic and the part where Voldemort flings his arms back and the glass flies around him (gah *shivers)...the flashbacks to firstyear!Harry...Harry seeing Voldemort in himself and hitting the wall...Lucius taunting Harry in that pervasive, almost gentle way about what this whole series is truly centered on..... We need a full-length trailer at this level of caliber. Avatar Image says: "I would never trust the creator and writer of buffy the vampire slayer, with something as precious as the final installment of harry potter. why not let aaron spelling at it (sarcasm at it's best)" The way all the characters are dolled up in the last couple of movies, it almost is like Aaron Spelling is producing it. But I digress. Someone like Joss Whedon whose purview is fantasy and sci-fi work would probably not be considered for Potter. Heyman has shown a preference for different kinds of directors who are completely new to the genre. Heck, I doubt even a mainstream guy like Columbus was the first person most people thought of for the first movie. It's a bit unfortunate that Whedon gets stuck with the stigma over Buffy the Vampire Slayer as his series was fairly different from the original movie. The series was actually quite good and at times brilliantly creative...an episode where no-one talks...a MUSICAL episode which was actually fantastic. But I would urge you to watch the Firefly series and the movie Serenity...I think these really show what Whedon is about, especially in handling an ensemble cast. I don't know if he'd be the best choice for movie seven...I think he has his shortcomings like anyone. But I do know that if he did it, he'd be very invested in making it the best it can be from a story and character standpoint. I'd love to see a guy like Edgar Wright too. Very good at making movies dense with visual and oral depth. Though if Yates can sustain anywhere near the tone and emotion of Clip #5, I would give him the keys to the franchise.Avatar Image says: AHHHHHHHH! I love it all! I want the movie now. I think CLIP#1 AND #5 WAS THE BEST! I JUST CAN'T CAN'T CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THE FACE TONKS MAKES AND THE TWINS SCARING MRS. WEASLEY. THIS MOVIE WILL BE AMAZING!Avatar Image says: OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I LOVE THEM ALL BUT THE ONE WERE HARRY BANGS HIS FIST AGAINST THE MIROR IS REALLY GOOD BECAUSE YOU ACUALEY FEEL HIS PAIN!!! DAN PLAYED THE HELL OUT OF HARRY THIS MOVIE I CAN TELL!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: Wow. Whoever put together #5 should win an award. Are there awards for tv spots? There should be. The music, presumably by Mr Hooper, is beautiful.

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