Phoenix Rising Conference Showcased in New Article

May 23, 2007

Posted by: EdwardTLC

Uncategorized has an article online covering Phoenix Rising, the Harry Potter conference that took place this past weekend in New Orleans. Fans came from around the country to experience the panels, Masquerade Ball, wizard rock and even live Quidditch games that took place beside the Mississippi River. An excellent video of this Quidditch game in action (on land of course) can be seen right here.
The article notes that, even as thrilling as these events were, none stirred the spirits of Potter fans as much as the “Snape: Friend or Foe?” panel.

Because of his ambiguity, Snape is such a polarizing character that two hours wasn’t nearly enough to discuss all the theories about him, which range from him being a double-agent favoring whichever team seemed to be winning at the time; to him harboring a secret love for Harry’s deceased mother, Lily; to him having taken more than one Unbreakable Vow (one of which would have been to protect Harry, thus entwining their lives). No wonder Snape keeps saving Harry’s life yet treats him so shabbily, panelist Hilary K. Justice theorized: “He’s scared to death of Harry, because his life is in the hands of a half-trained, well-intentioned, but reckless teenage boy … What would it be like to be Snape during ‘Goblet of Fire’? ‘Harry’s putting my world and my life in danger … just by procrastinating?’ You’d have a heart attack!”

You can see images from the weekend, including pics from our live PotterCast, here in our Image Galleries.

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