Phoenix Rising Conference Showcased in New Article

May 23, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC
Uncategorized has an article online covering Phoenix Rising, the Harry Potter conference that took place this past weekend in New Orleans. Fans came from around the country to experience the panels, Masquerade Ball, wizard rock and even live Quidditch games that took place beside the Mississippi River. An excellent video of this Quidditch game in action (on land of course) can be seen right here.
The article notes that, even as thrilling as these events were, none stirred the spirits of Potter fans as much as the “Snape: Friend or Foe?” panel.

Because of his ambiguity, Snape is such a polarizing character that two hours wasn’t nearly enough to discuss all the theories about him, which range from him being a double-agent favoring whichever team seemed to be winning at the time; to him harboring a secret love for Harry’s deceased mother, Lily; to him having taken more than one Unbreakable Vow (one of which would have been to protect Harry, thus entwining their lives). No wonder Snape keeps saving Harry’s life yet treats him so shabbily, panelist Hilary K. Justice theorized: “He’s scared to death of Harry, because his life is in the hands of a half-trained, well-intentioned, but reckless teenage boy … What would it be like to be Snape during ‘Goblet of Fire’? ‘Harry’s putting my world and my life in danger … just by procrastinating?’ You’d have a heart attack!”

You can see images from the weekend, including pics from our live PotterCast, here in our Image Galleries.

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Avatar Image says: Is it just me or was that so called Quidditch really really bad?Avatar Image says: how can fans having fun be bad dark? lighten up,it looked like a blast! right on guys,hope yall had fun >:D Avatar Image says: Harry/Draco FWT!!!Avatar Image says: Is that a picture of someone in a house elf costume? XD Seriously, these conventions sound like so much fun. and i'v never heard about any in England. There probably are some going on somewhere i havn't heard about. I would definately dress up as a "gothic schoolgirl" and go debate about Snape. Here I have hardly anyone i know to talk about Potter stuff with. and these events are absolutely brimming with potter fans. Talking Potter all the time, Talking *ships* (slash or otherwise hee) and talking theories; it would be like a dream come true. so yeah, I am so envious of everyone who went. *ENVIOUS*. I am green with it.Avatar Image says: I'm sorry but if you ask me the Snape debate was all old stuff. Everything they said was simply things we alreay know. It was still great though!Avatar Image says: Yes, that is someone in a house elf costume, Our house elf - flimpy Avatar Image says: I don't know how to email the leaky cauldron, but I think J.K. Rowling's site has just been updated in the news section with some news about her reading in london! Well I hope someone reads this, but I guess they will eventually figure it out.Avatar Image says: I heard The Today Show was there. I wonder when the rest of the video's will be up?Avatar Image says: Nice article. I always wanted to go to one of these conferences, I intended to go to Salem but Real Life put a dent in the finances and other's were just off on the timing and lack of $$$. Glad to hear and see the fun in the pics, looking forward to hearing the live podcast.Avatar Image says: Glad to see that MTV didn't make us look (too much) like freaks. I was at PR, and it was a great con. I look forward to HPEF's con "Portus" next year in Dallas!Avatar Image says: PR was amazing. Nice to see that MTV didn't totally mock us. :-) I had such a blast. If you haven't been to a Harry Potter con, yet -- find one to go to! It's worth the expense.Avatar Image says: Phoenix Rising was a blast! My roommate and I really bonded this weekend over a whole lot of harry potter madness, so there's just one example of how hp brings people together. :) Plus, it was amazing meeting the pottercast guys and so many other fans! Can't wait for the movie! (I could do with another year before the book!)

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