Bonham Carter on Bellatrix Look in OotP: “Sunset Boulevard Thing Going On”


May 25, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Bellatrix Lestrange and the actress who portrays her are the subject of a feature in the new issue of “Entertainment Weekly” magazine. Describing her character of Bella as “a sadist,” Helena Bonham Carter details the look of the costumes that Bellatrix wears during Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. One highlight:

“For much of the film, Bellatrix wears a slinky, stitched-together black ensemble that’s seen better days-think Catwoman after a blender. “I wanted her to be sorta falling apart at the seams, literally,” says Bonham Carter. “She’s very aristocratic, very posh. But there’s a Sunset Boulevard thing going on.”

Thanks to Stephanie from Rupert we can see the scan of this article, here in our galleries. Thanks Stephanie!

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Avatar Image says: She is just so awesome! Do all actors get a say in their costumes?Avatar Image says: "I've got to thank her. In fact, I've got to thank her husband for impregnating her." LMFAO!!! And it's about time Bella got some attention :DAvatar Image says: Thats really amazing that actors have a bit of say in their costumes. That makes me wonder why Michael Gambon doesnt change up his robes every film. In the books DD always has vibrant puples and blues on with a matching cap. I was really hoping Bellatrix would have a bigger part in OotP concidering she claims to only have five lines in the entire movie. I just wanted Nevilles character to have a stronger background(his parents torture)for the movie then just a bumbeling shy boy that WB is potraying him. Avatar Image says: whoa what a pictureAvatar Image says: >sighAvatar Image says: wow what a pic....a stupid one it is so retarted....ut I camnt whait for the movie to come out....I love Harry Potter books....I love Lord Voldemort so much I hpoe that he wins.Avatar Image says: "Do all actors get a say in their costumes?" I'm pretty sure they get to have some input. Like Jason (who plays Lucius) got to have a little say in Lucius' hair and wand/staff. I believe Emma got to choose her Yule Ball outfit, or have a little say in it as well - after all, she was really pleased with it and I believe the costume designer for the last film did collaborate with her to some extent to get that 'perfect' dress for Emma/Hermione. It depends I suppose, I doubt the actors get a say in every single costume they wear, but for the big costumes, I think they can give a suggestion and it's up to the costume designers to see if they like it or not. Like Evanna (Luna)'s earrings are her own, because the costume people loved her so much more than the ones they had been ordering. It just all depends.Avatar Image says: "I've got to thank her husband for impregnating her"---- Hahahaha Classic Helena. I can't wait to see her in the movie. //o-o\\ The WalrusAvatar Image says: Ha! I just got that in the mail today! Fist thing I read on the magazine. I laughed when she says that thanks to Helen's husband she got the role! XDAvatar Image says: I agreed with everything Carter said, until the Sunset Boulevard part. For my part (assuming I've got the allusion correct), I see nothing flashy or fake about Bellatrix. To me, Bellatrix Lestrange is almost the exact opposite. She is a very sincere and evil psychopath. She judges people shallowly, by the type of blood they have, but that's not exactly Sunset Boulevard, is it?Avatar Image says: I don't really understand the Sunset Boulavard analogy thing... Anyone care to enlighten me?Avatar Image says: Hey Hermy jane, i can answer that one :) hehe! i actually know something - the leading lady in sunset blvd is a "down on her luck" actor who thinks that by getting together with a washed up screen writer that she can make a glorius and triumphant comeback and be a mega star again. won't spolit the movie if u haven't seen - but i totally get the analogy Bella was in azkaban for ages and now she has escaped she thinks she will be voldy's right hand woman (in HBP, she tries to out-do snape in spinners end - trying to see who is the most faithful death eater). she's really a dishevelled wreck, and probably a bit nutty from azkaban (like Norma in sunset)and the "fraying at the edges" applies to her tenuous grip on reality that threatens to crash if things go wrong. Bella would crack up if Voldy wnet down the tubes again - could u imagine them trying to put her BACK in azkaban?... greedy, manipulative, but crazy and with illusions of granduer - very apt anaolgyAvatar Image says: lol i got the copy too it's also the first thing i read!Avatar Image says: Norma Desmond is a ex-silent film actress, past her prime and forgotten. She wants to be remembered and part of the world again, but everyone around her is exploiting her and lying to her. She's needy and wants to be loved by everyone, she can't take no for an answer. The sad thing about the film is that she's always been alone and that's how it ends. Fantastic iconic film, which I recommend anyone to watch just for sheer brilliance. "All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up." I think though the defining line for this would be: "I *am* big. It's the *pictures* that got small." Or possibly: "They took the idols and smashed them, the Fairbankses, the Gilberts, the Valentinos! And who've we got now? Some nobodies!" (Sorry Sunset Blvd is my favourite film of all time :D :D)Avatar Image says: Ooh sounds spot on! :-)Avatar Image says: "tenuous grip on reality" that is bellatrix all over. Particularly her mercuriall shifts in personality to using a 'baby voice' and being a sadist.Avatar Image says: bad news, BBFC is reporting film as 138 minutes. That is way to short!! Avatar Image says: I have to agree with the "Sunset Boulevard" (which I love...great story about the "torture" of has-beens) analogy. I think Bellatrix did crack up in Azkaban (of those who have spent that much time in Azkaban, who hasn't cracked up a little?) Out of all the Death Eaters, I have always thought she was the one who was so eager to please Voldemort, to make sure she was at the top of his "good" list. And then to be caught, tossed in Azkaban for, what, 10+ years and have to regain his favor would just drive her to the edge, if not send her over! If I had to pick a favorite Death Eater, I think I'd pick her because she's so cracked...Avatar Image says: Shouldn't that read, "...think Catwoman after a bender"?Avatar Image says: When you click on BBFC website it says RUN TIME: NOT RELEVANT. So,no announcement about the run time of the film. Hopefully. But it says that it is 30m 16seconds? What is this?Avatar Image says: Oh my gosh - that picture and article is just amazing! And I do think she is talking about "Catwoman after a blender" because if you've seen some of the trailers, her sleeves are coming apart at the shoulders, so that comment about the "seams" is literal. And I never would have thought about Norma Desmond, but that is so spot on! Ha! If any of you have never seen "Sunset Boulevard," do yourself a favor and rent it soon. It is very dark and gothic - it begins with the funeral of a dead ape, if you can believe that. And I think what Helena Bonham Carter means is the sort of delusional existence that Norma leads - she believes she is still a great star, and she thinks she can write a wonderful screenplay (she can't). And even though she is scary and twisted, she wants everyone to love and obey her. This makes me long for "Spinner's End" in HBP - I can't wait now!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: "When you click on BBFC website it says RUN TIME: NOT RELEVANT." Where does it say that ???Avatar Image says: YAY!! Bellatrix is actually my favorite cahracter,a nd Ihave ful intentions of naming my fitst born daughter Bellatrx (just because i can) But ya, this article rocks!

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