Copies of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” Being Printed in Germany


May 26, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

There are reports today that copies of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” are now being printed, the first batch for UK publisher Bloomsbury taking place at the GGP printers in Poessneck, Germany. This is the same plant that did print some copies of Half-Blood Prince in 2005. However, in true tabloid fashion, the Mirror reports that the “new Harry Potter book is being printed in eastern Germany amid Cold War-style secrecy,” and more dramatically, that workers “are forced to work in total DARKNESS to stop them reading the book, out July 21.” While we believe the time frame is right for the novel to be printed and we have reported previously on the strict security measures being used to help prevent spoilers (which Filch no doubt would heartily approve), please take this with a grain of salt for the time being. Thanks na!

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Avatar Image says: woo hoo first postAvatar Image says: Dim light I could believe, but complete darkness is just stupid from the health and safety point of view if anyone is in the area involved.Avatar Image says: Haha working in total darkness. Man I love our tabloids for being utter ridiculous sometimes. Avatar Image says: It sounds like they might have some safety issues at hand, what with working in the dark and all... *snork*Avatar Image says: oh my god... i'll be on the way to pössneck. it's only 2-3 hours away from me!!! i'm coming!!!!Avatar Image says: On a more interesting note, I am on a plane to Germany as we speak. SAUSAGE!!! Could this possibly mean the DH are in GERMANY!!?!?!? Vie Shiblitsen!! Avatar Image says: Working in the dark... Interesting... only a matter of time before someone has their hand chopped off by a machine.Avatar Image says: They can wear those Night Vision goggles. Anyway I heard Jo put a protective spell against accidents on the book...Avatar Image says: Blimey! Even though I don't approve entirely of working in the dark (if true), I'm glad that these security measures are in place. I did hear that the German press printed DH "spoilers" a month or so back.... Avatar Image says: Okay. That the British edition will be printed in Germany is for us who live in Europe absolutely nothing new. Anyway. The Darkness aspect is from my point of view nothing else than a stupid hoax produced by a typical british tabloid newspaper. The Germans aren´t so stupid that they would work under such inhuman conditions. How sad can The Mirror get? Germany belongs to the European Union, not to one of your former Empire colonies in the 18th century.Avatar Image says: aah- this has ramped up my anticipation hugely, the books are another step closser!! I need to lie down in a dark room before I explode from all this excitementAvatar Image says: Well, Bloomsbury is clearly paying homage to the old ways. This sounds like something Helga Hufflepuff would come up with during her campaign to enslave the house-elves back in the dayAvatar Image says: Hahaha. The trade unions would go ballistic, if anything like that happened. So, no, this is definitely not true.Avatar Image says: I hope the workers have life lifeinsures, TOTAL DARKEST, LOL.Avatar Image says: Spoilers about the book just seems to be a little bit of an outragious concept! "are forced to work in total DARKNESS to prevent them from reading the book, out July 21" that is simply funny... we need to have a good laugh every now and then, don't you agree? Have you ever listened to your heart deep in your soul and then suddenly everything just made perfect sense even if it meant putting yourself last? You would just know what was to come next. Oh if life were that simple!Avatar Image says: Oh yes, let there be a German character in his thirties appearing in DH! As a German actor I would jump to the casting agents immediately to get that spot... As for working in complete darkness could only mean two things: al lot of bad printings to happen - i mean - printing is a thing where visuals matter! how thinck can the tabloids get... or: they're doing the braille edition thereAvatar Image says: Total darkness. Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Sorry. But that was just too funny.Avatar Image says: Three little words: Peruvian Darkness Powder Muwhahahahahahahaha! Oh please - I saw this story and died laughing, lol.Avatar Image says: Working in total darkness makes perfect sense if they are printing the braille version for the blind. Who needs light?Avatar Image says: Oh, you have to deeply love the tabloids for creating wonderful ideas such as this.Avatar Image says: Working in the dark would be silly. Just hire german printers who don't speak english.Avatar Image says: Oh what rot. It's not physically possible to run a printing press in the dark. Stupid Mirror. (I do like the smell of printing presses, though. All that lovely new paper and ink. mmm.)Avatar Image says: Oh, for the sake of drama! If the workers were forced to work inthe dark how could they know their getting the work done correctly! OH, so funny!Avatar Image says: I've worked for printers before. You have to look at the pages to make sure they're printed right. I used to have to get up in the middle of the night and go to a printing press that printed the newspaper I worked for and do what's called a press check, to check that the color lined up with the black and that the pages all had the right margins, that nothing was blurred, etc. So, like others have said, working in the dark is just stupid. I do, however, hope they're being more careful than last time and that no one from this town starts betting on outcomes of the book. I'm still mad about that from last time and almost didn't read this post because of it. Then I decided that Leaky's post wouldn't contain any spoilers and it would be safe to read, as long as I could resist temptation to look up the story they mentioned if it did contain spoilers. Last time, it was my own fault, I looked up the story, and regretted it.Avatar Image says: It truly was sad last time that printers leaked information about Dumbledore, as I recall. Maybe they didn't realize what these books meant to people? I remember being angry when I read those stories.Avatar Image says: They obviously aren't working in the dark... dumb The Mirror just needed something to spice up their otherwise obvious and not-really-news article. It is expected that they are printing it, no duh!Avatar Image says: About printing in the dark; if you get to the point where Harry has just come face to face with Voldemort, turn the page and find the next 20 pages are blank, then you will know why.Avatar Image says: Um, darkness? Doesn't that violate the worker's right or something? Tabloid journalism! More creativity needed than in HP...Avatar Image says: Of course they can't work in the dark. Maybe they just blind them.Avatar Image says: Now there's an article worthy of the Quibbler.Avatar Image says: AHHHHHHHHHHH! I looked up Pößneck on a map and I found out THAT BOOK IS BEING PRINTED ONLY 50 KILOMETERS AWAY FROM ME!!! *freaks out completely* If I only had an ounce of criminal energy, I'd know what I'd do tonight... Avatar Image says: *lol* sure, they can do their jobs right in total darkness. Is anyone taking the Mirror seriously on stories like that? It makes sense that they's choose a printing plant in the east. People there didn't used to have English as a subject in school. They only need to hire people who simply don't know enough English, and voilà, no spoilers.Avatar Image says: Working in total darkness ... yeah. Unfortunately, that's not possible. Insurance and German law prevent it. Too bad, though. It's a funny idea ;)Avatar Image says: How nice for those Germans! *hides packing of bags* If you excuse me, have an important appointment to get to... *runs off to apply for work visa* Avatar Image says: Few minutes ago there was a brief story on the evening news, here in France about the printing ! They tried to convince us that they had the book in their hands and they showed some random words from it but it certainly was an edition of HBP. Anyway, it's great to see HP news here in France on a big network !Avatar Image says: total darkness lol Avatar Image says: Heh. I live in a little village just next to Pößneck, it's only a 5-minute drive. :) Btw. you can get more news here: The "darkness" stuff is, of course, nonsense.Avatar Image says: For your information: there are factories which actually work in total darkness, for example firms that manufacture chemical photographic paper (you know thatold thing before digital cameras became the norm). This is mostly manual labour and you must be careful with your fingers when cutting the sheets. Also organic photoconductive drums, a critical component of laser printers are also made in total darkness else they would burn out. Most of it is done by industrial robots of course, but some human labour is still involved.

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