New EA Video Featuring Music from “Order of the Phoenix” Video Game


May 26, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

The news keeps pouring in this weekend as we have word now that EA, the makers of the Harry Potter video game have posted a new video on Youtube featuring the gorgeous music heard in the new Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix game, scored by new series composer James Hannigan. You can also see a new clip of Harry and Cho Chang speaking. Enjoy!
Thanks BJ and Matt from HarryPotterFanZone!

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Avatar Image says: that was realy cool... 1stAvatar Image says: Wow, that game looks freaking awesome!Avatar Image says: As far as a movie-based video game, I have to say this looks like it's one of the best out there. Usually, games made from movies (aka all the Pirates of the Caribbean games) aren't that amazing. However, with Harry Potter you can add so much more from the books, side-quests, games, etc.Avatar Image says: Awesome (:Avatar Image says: Loved that! Love to watch the composing of the music. And is sounds wonderful! This is all too much. Here I go again,, cry,,,don't want it to end..:(Avatar Image says: So the music wont be the same as in the movie? The music in the game sounds beautiful. This game sounds like its going to be a very great experience. I cant wait for it. I will get a Wii specially for this game and also buy a PC version to take in all its glorious details.Avatar Image says: Looks and sounds great.Avatar Image says: It's really cool.Dunno if it's true but I asked someone who owns a Nintendo Wii how's the graphics.He said he's dissapointed.His friend has PS3 and the graphics on PS3 look better than those on the Wii.Is it true? I've got a PS2 a I wanna buy a console,a Wii actually because the Wiimote is your wand and sounds better. It it true?Is PS3 better than Wii at graphics????? BTW:Loved the scene where Harry talks to Cho:D:D:DAvatar Image says: That sounded really cool. Great to hear cho's voice. That's defenitly katie.Avatar Image says: I like the glimpse of the locations we're getting here. Grimmauld Place looks very interesting.

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