Fans Gather at Phoenix Rising for “Harry’s Last Dance”

May 27, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

The St. Petersburg Times has an extensive piece about Phoenix Rising, the Harry Potter conference that took place last week in New Orleans. They are reporting that the event “drew about 1,000 participants to New Orleans” and throughout the weekend, people dressed in wizard attire took part in Quidditch games, wizard rock concerts and “discussed the psychology, symbolism and structure of Rowling’s novels.” According to the article, no discussion seemed to draw as many people or as much interest, as panels on Severus Snape.

The plenary session, the biggest discussion of the conference, is “Snape: Friend or Foe?” Hundreds fill the ballroom to hear a six-person panel talk about Severus Snape, Hogwarts’ mysterious professor of Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts.

Snape’s real motives in the fate of Dumbledore in Half-Blood Prince are as hotly debated as his own destiny in Deathly Hallows. The final question to the panel: Will Snape — not Harry — live or die?

The three Snape devotees all believe he will die, probably sacrificing himself to save Harry.

The Snape haters all say he will live.

One participant from the panel was quoted as saying: “J.K. Rowling is all about love. Harry Potter is white, Voldemort is black, and Snape is the eternal gray.” However, the debate over whether Harry Potter lives or dies, concludes in fewer shades of gray when the question is asked.

“Whether educated guess or wish, it’s almost always: He lives.”

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Avatar Image says: whoah.. MMM BOP!Avatar Image says: *sniffles* I'm probably still going to visit leaky after book 7, even when there's not much to speculate (well, I think JKR will leave stuff for speculation still). But man, I seriously think we all need a big pajama party to commemorate this thing, don't you? Like a gigantic party. Are there gonna be any more conferences on the east coast this year? I'd have loved to go to a masquerade ball and dress up as a character! I was already Hermione for halloween twice, but I really haven't done anything all-out besides go to the GoF premiere. It'd be nice to actually have a grand meeting of HP fans. I know there's one in Philly, but I don't think I can make it. *sigh*Avatar Image says: "Slash writers also focus on TV series (House is a favorite)..." Haha, yes! House/Wilson is infamous! Anyway, this was a good article. Much better than the other one a couple of days ago.Avatar Image says: Voldemort is black?!?Avatar Image says: That is my local paper and I flip out when I saw how long the article was. I only wished I could have gone.Avatar Image says: LOL, Ralph. Yes, check p. 437 of HPB, JK Rowling clearly states that Riddle's ancestors hailed from Kenya.Avatar Image says: I want to go to Terminus! Wish I'd been in New Orleans. Then I wouldn't be checking Leaky every 4 hours or so for the PotterCast! (And I would have had a wonderful time!) What a cool article. Sounds like the writer is a fan - Avatar Image says: Harry has always been known as, 'The Boy Who Lived', I believe he will also be known as, 'The Man Who Lived'. I also believe in Snake, I think in the 24 hours after James and Lily died and Harry was taken to his Aunts, that Dumbledore was removing his thoughts. I believe it was Baby Harry thoughts that told Dumbledore he could trust Snake. Avatar Image says: heres my therory on Snape-He wants to become the next Dark Lord, so he's using Harry to kill Voldemort. Killing Dumbledore made harry take revenge, giving Snape the opportunity he wanted. PS-why is good "white"? why is evil "black"? Avatar Image says: Snake? yeah, definitely. Avatar Image says: "The three Snape devotees all believe he will die, probably sacrificing himself to save Harry. The Snape haters all say he will live." That makes sense. If Snape is "good", he still has done many unforgivable deeds, killing DD the worst. (No matter if it was planned or not.) Sacrificing himself would be the only way he could be fully redeemed. If Snape is evil, it would be a punishment for him to live in the knowledge everything he had been working for was destroyed. Would serve him right.Avatar Image says: I too was firmly convinced that Snape must die in the final book, in order to achieve redemption. However, J K Rowling wrote on her website (I think it was shortly before she completed book 7) that she was leaving plenty of loose ends for fans to speculate about. What better way than to have Snape perform a series of contradictory acts and then simply dissapear without trace.Avatar Image says: Snape is dead, dead, dead. is chapter in HBP was called 'Spinner's End' for goodness sake. He, Bellatrix, Pettigrew and Voldemort are all sure-fire goners.Avatar Image says: Fionnuala got me thinking ... "Spinners End"? What a tangled web we weave ... when we practice to deceive ... Severus is certainly spinning quite a web. Could this be why Ron is terrified of spiders? Avatar Image says: House slash? interesting...Avatar Image says: By 'Black' amd sure it just means dark and evil. I'm a Snape-is-good fan I just don't belive DD could be as naive as Harry puts him in the end of HBP. DD not stupid he would have to have a good reason to trust snape and am sure JK wouldent put the 'He dident mean for Lilly and James to die' reason as the cause for the trust. Does Snape have grey eyes? Avatar Image says: I'm not a Snape hater and I still think he's going to live. I refuse to see how death in sacrifice can be the only way to redemption. Perhaps he just will never be fully redeemed and we'll have to live with that, and so many people in real life alrwdy do. I certainly think that would fit in with JKR's refreshingly new stance on death and good/evil within such a traditional framework.Avatar Image says: I live in New Orleans. Since my 11 year old daughter was too young to attend (conference was for 14 and up), I decided not to attend. However, we were able to visit the vending area. We purchased all kinds of cool things!. I work a block away from where the conference was being held. It was exciting to see everyone dressed in their best wizarding world attire, strolling around the town. I wish I had taken pictures! It was like a weekend at Hogsmeade! I Hope Harry Potter returns to New Orleans.Avatar Image says: "why is good "white"? why is evil "black"?" It has to do with the primal fear of darkness (a time when early humans were most prone to attack), and over the millenia it has worked its way through the common vernacular and litterature. Some feel the litterary contrast between dark and light is a subtle form of racism, but is should be pointed out that the comparison between white as good and black as evil is not exclusive to western cultures. That's not to say such comparisons aren't ever racist, its just not in this case.Avatar Image says: "Does Snape have grey eyes?" What colour are Hagrid's eyes?Avatar Image says: "The three Snape devotees all believe he will die, probably sacrificing himself to save Harry. The Snape haters all say he will live." Well if Snape is evil I think he may still die. In Spinner's End he achieved his end in having the rich and powerful bow and scrape before him in supplication. I think during the torch passing ceremony (Lucius to Snape, the unbreakable vow) Snape made a tactical error which may mean his end. Where are these people, and where do they post? Why do they all think he'll live?? Avatar Image says: Ginevra, I just checked p. 437 in both hard copy and paperback (U.S. ed) and found no reference to Kenya. I believe the phrase "Voldemort is black" is a reference to his character (see German Adam's comment), not his skin color. Please give us more info on the reference to Kenya that you have found.Avatar Image says: I think I'd honestly be too nervous to stand up and speak in front of hundreds and thousnds of people. I've always been shy....except for when Im on here...hehehe. It sounds as if everyone had as fantastic time and I think Snape will sacrafice himself for the cause, not for Harry.Avatar Image says: Winter, just a little joke. I laughed at Ralph's comment and took the bit in my teeth and ran. Had you goin', though, huh? :D BTW, what IS black? My daughter refuses to use the term. She says no humans are black, although some of them are very dark brown. It would be interesting to research the connotations of "dark" and "light" in non-Indo-European cultures. I always found it interesting that in some African nations the color of mourning is not black but red.Avatar Image says: oh, really? They really say that "He lives"? Good for them! Here where I live most people talk as though J.K.Rowling is their friend, saying something like "He'll die. Jo said that, didn't you know?" Yerlgh!>oAvatar Image says: I had the time of my life at PR! Snape will probably die just like the panel stated.

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