Reminder: “Sonorous ” Approaching Soon


May 27, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

A reminder tonight for those who may still be considering attending “Sonorous,” the one day Harry Potter gathering being held in Lancaster, California Saturday, June 9. As we told you previously, the event will include a special dinner and feature two speakers, Steve Vander Ark of our Floo partner, the HP-Lexicon, as well as author John Granger. As the time for this event is approaching soon, you can still register and now take advantage of a special discount rate for TLC readers via this link.

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Avatar Image says: I used to love John Granger for how he defends Christian values in HP, but after HBP premiere I was shocked to read on his site that he is one of the most bitter and militant dissapointed shippers. His whole essay could be posted on Emerson's Wall of Shame, everything was there - that Jo hurt him personally by not writing the only moral pairing, that his H/Hr shipping friends are lots better human beings than everyone, especially Jo and different shippers, and they're picking pieces of their ruined lifes now that Harry didn't snog Hermione, that Jo can't write to safe her life, and that she's a proved liar thus will write Snape as vampire, because she said he's not, which was also a lie (and vampire!Snape was one of Granger's theories too). But I guess he got over his obsession if he didn't leave the fandom. Last time I checked his site he was creating theories based on alchemy - leading to conclusions like Bill and Fleur's "union" will produce a kid who will create a new Philosopher Stone. Which makes me uneasy, because where I live Church fights against Tarot and alchemy. Anyway, I'm very curious what theories Mr Granger will come up with this time.Avatar Image says: ill be there lok for my table!!Avatar Image says: I have to agree ania about John Granger. While I appreciated the fact that he was standing up and saying Harry isn't evil, I'm afraid not only is he one of the more militant H/Hr shippers who have taken the fact that they got it wrong out on Jo, but he is also one of those people who can't let go of their theories when they are proved wrong - a bit of a know it all really. We all have theories we love - I've got several that aren't popular in the fandom that I hope come true - but if they don't, I may be disappointed but I will understand that Jo decided to go in a different direction - they are her books after all. I also have issues with people like Granger who constantly are putting out Harry Potter books, and making money off her intellectual property everytime a new book comes out. In fact, Jo made a veiled reference to people like that when she gave out one of her Fansite awards a couple of years ago,saying there was more insight in the editorials there (it might have been MN) than in some companion volumes that had been released, and I wondered if Granger was one of the people she was referring to.Avatar Image says: I think it's fun to listen to his "crazy" theories!! His are much better than those made by "Galadrial Waters"--and I think she is who Jo meant in her remarks, not John Granger.Avatar Image says: why is everything Harry Potter always across the country? It's frustrating. arghhhh!!!!! Oh well, at least John Melissa and Sue bring us the news every week.Avatar Image says: I don't have a dog in this hunt, but I recommend that visitors allow time for visiting some cool places close to Lancaster. In fact, if you really have the time, you may want to drive over the mountains from Los Angeles rather than taking the freeway. The Devil's Punchbowl Natural Area and The Antelope Valley Indian Museum

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