“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” the Largest Pre-Ordered Book in History


May 03, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

The USA Today has a new article as part of their Summer 2007 books preview, discussing what they say is the book of the summer, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. According to the article, at book retailers Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and Borders, the last book in the Harry Potter series is “the largest pre-ordered book in history.”

“The weekend the book goes on sale, it will gross more than any Hollywood movie, and I think that’s great news,” says Steve Riggio, Barnes & Noble CEO. “Harry Potter brings forth the idea that reading a book is perhaps the greatest form of entertainment of all.”

The article also briefly mentions that many bookstores are planning elaborate release parties for the midnight release of Deathly Hallows on July 21. If you are looking to attend such a party, be sure to check out PotterParties.com for all your wizarding party needs.

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16 Responses to “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” the Largest Pre-Ordered Book in History

Avatar Image says: yahoo! i'm number 1!Avatar Image says: Wow! I know I've pre-ordered five copies and will probably order a sixth if I go to a release party - I want the UK (adult and gift)and U.S. editions and my nephew has to have a copy. ;)Avatar Image says: Whooohooo!!!! Can't wait for July!!!! Barnes & Noble release party for me!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: It is really such a surprise? I mean its the last book in this amazing, popular series! Of course everyone is ganna try and get their hands on it! :DAvatar Image says: Literature triumphs ... as it should!Avatar Image says: I too am one of the many who have pre-ordered. Both my finance and I have it on order as neither of us could bare to have the other read it first.Avatar Image says: 3 of those are mine!Avatar Image says: Ha! That's awesome.Avatar Image says: Yay Harry Potter breaking world records! Of course I new it would, it IS Harry Potter. ;-)Avatar Image says: i too am one that have pre ordered three of theseAvatar Image says: Yeah! we all knew it would be, we're not crazy! I've got my copy ordered here in Australia. Haven't heard of any parties and can't find any Harry Potter merchandise...poor us. Anyway, I'm still extreeeemely excited and look at fab Leaky everyday! Love u guys! Avatar Image says: I haven't preordered mine yet- but i will soon- so theres going to be even more people. (can't decide whether we're going to release party- and if we are then where, or to order from amazon). will end up getting two- one for me and one for my sis! Avatar Image says: I've pre-ordered mine but my Dad threw out the recipt by accident. Still, at leats the store has my contact details so not all is loss.Avatar Image says: i agree that reading a book is a far better entertainment than any movie and especially reading harry potter is THE best entertainment. this book will make more money than any other HP book and any book ever released in general. i feel sorry for other books being released aroung the time the 7th book comes out because they don't have any chance in making money at all (well it's their problem). it's not surprising that so many people have pre-ordered the book and i'm sure millions more will buy the book at midnight. i personally would never have wanted to pre-order the book, one of the fun things is waiting hours outside a bookshop and waiting for the midnight release with lots of more fans.Avatar Image says: apple apple cube australia night microsoft red glass sea all dog ocean keyboard all

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