New UK Trailer for “Order of the Phoenix” Due Soon?


May 03, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

The British Board of Film Classification has updated their website with a new ruling on a trailer for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Rated PG, this trailer is listed with a run time of 1minute 2seconds. The last trailer, the international trailer for OotP was rated back on April 19 (later released on April 22) and had a rating of PG as well. If anyone sees this new trailer either in theaters or is able to capture this via television or the internet, please email to [email protected]!

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Avatar Image says: Im the first to comment!!!!!! I have been trying to do this for a long time lol!!!! : )Avatar Image says: great!!!! cannot wait! (first!!!)Avatar Image says: Wow! I think this trailer will probably be an extended TV spot. Still great news. 3 trailers in 2 weeks. Warner Bros are spoiling us.Avatar Image says: Can't wait to see it!Avatar Image says: Cool! So many trailers in such a short time!Avatar Image says: I can't take it. YES I CAN. YES, I, CAN.Avatar Image says: NEW TRAILER!!!!!!!!!! "glues eyes to the screen, waiting for it to show up"Avatar Image says: they better be careful not to release too much...that'd be its fifth trailer...Avatar Image says: does this mean that OoTP has been rated PG, then?Avatar Image says: It's raining trailers! The more the merrier, that's all I can say! :)Avatar Image says: Yippeeeee.......altho at this rate between the trailers and the pictures we'll have seen the film before its released hee hee. Earlier in the year we were news starved, even Evanna Lynch commented on it in an interview with Mugglenet, so bring it on, we'll take it all :-DAvatar Image says: So, question: the web page says that there was a trailer (presumably a teaser) 54 seconds long released back on Nov. 9. Did we see that? I don't remember any international teaser trailers. Was it the same teaser that we saw here in the US? (Snape: "You won't last two seconds if the Dark Lord invades your mind.")Avatar Image says: Hmmm. That would awesome! It would be the fourth trailer, not the fifth, I think. They definitely seem to have a different marketing approach with this film. We've already seen a lot more and heard a lot more than we ever did with GOF and POA. It will probably be a t.v. spot as someone mentioned earlier, judging by the length. I don't see any news droughts from here until July 21st. There's just too much happening. August will probably be super dry though. Avatar Image says: I hope they don't reveal anything important or else it will seriously make me want to weep a little :P Like Grawp, but they could show Grimmauld Place, or something by Tonks - or I don't know. Argh. Avatar Image says: I work at a cinema and we have a HP trailer on the front of 'Spider-Man 3', so it might be a new one. Avatar Image says: Do we honestly NEED another one? XD Bring it on, I guess. Avatar Image says: How does the UK PG translate to the American ratings system?Avatar Image says: God! How many trailers are they having for this film? And so close to each other like that?!! Maybe WB are afraid that people wouldn't be as interested in the film with all the HUGE "book7-coming-out" buzz happening around the same time?Avatar Image says: I hope they don't mess up as they did with Spiderman. The Podcasters mentioned how there were too many Spiderman trailers and they kind of wore people out. I am sure this "new" trailer will be more of the same. Oh well...I'm a tad bit more excited for the book than the movie. The movie stuff kind of holds me over until we get some great, juicy book news!:)Avatar Image says: UK PG pretty much exactly the same. They just sip tea while they're deciding. But really. 1 minute and 2 seconds? What kind of lame ass trailer is that? More of a teaser! I want 10 minutes!!! No, I want 30 minutes! No I WANT THE WHOLE FILM! *Sips tea and tries to calm down*Avatar Image says: I saw it tonight ahead of the new Spiderman movie here in London, and I have to say I wasn't particularly impressed. It seemed rather brief and not nearly as impressive as the international trailer or the second domestic US one. Not particularly an improvement!Avatar Image says: Cloe, do you live in the UK? You're sure it was different than the first US teaser, the full international trailer, and the full domestic one ? Please tell us a bit of what was shown. The new stuff..

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