Report on “Deathly Hallows” Being Printed in Dark False and More


May 30, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

There has been a video making the rounds of late from a French television newscast purporting to show Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows supposedly being printed in Germany, moreover this was taking place in the dark. Readers will remember this stems from the earlier report from the Mirror claiming that the last Harry Potter books are being printed by workers “forced to work in total DARKNESS.” Thanks much to Bloomsbury, we now know this ridiculous claim is FALSE as the books are not being printed in the dark.
As to the footage of the book itself, as Pruneau from Gazette-du let us know, cameras are not allowed in the factory, and the footage shown we can now confirm is NOT of Deathly Hallows, nor from any printer being used this time. It is very likely file footage of book printing, and the close up of the text they show is from “Order of the Phoenix.” If you would like to watch this news report, with English subtitles, click here.

Thanks Pruneau!

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Avatar Image says: nobody can use cameras on the printers. how is going to access the Television? :S I can't believe it.Avatar Image says: It is stated, right in that report, that cameras are not allowed. How could anyone paying attention to this report actually think that it is footage of DH being printed when they report than no cameras are allowed. It has to be old footage. Sorry, only being logical.Avatar Image says: They never say that they are actually filming the printing of DH ! They only describe what they know about the printing, with images from previous printings. This is a video from "france 2" whose tv news are one of the most watched in France, and probably the most reliable, I think what they say (I'm talking about the text not the images) is most probably true (but actually they don't say anything we did'nt already know...) Avatar Image says: I saw this report when it was broadcasted ! Nice to see some Hp news on french tv ! And of course this is not the real book, the news was just about the printing but they made it in a great way with a lot of suspense and everything !Avatar Image says: I think Laura Mallory is responsible for all of this.Avatar Image says: LOL I just had to laugh watching that! Anyone in their right mind knows its not real! At least Bloomsbury have put the daft "printing in darkness" rumours to bed! Avatar Image says: the french guy said hermyown.Avatar Image says: I think it's great they're working in the dark. That way they can't spot the typos in the first edition. Unique first editions are more valuable, despite that they're printing a quintuple-bazillion copies! Or maybe they use those cool night vision goggles? I'd like that too--that would make my accounting job more interesting! --aughra, tongue firmly planted in cheekAvatar Image says: The printing secrecy of HP7 books is not important any more. The HP7 audiobooks also come out on the very same 2007 July 21st, because blind-people non-discrimination organisations demanded equal treatment. They are easy to nick, much easier than getting hold of the books early. I expect the content of those 23 audio CD disks will be on the web in MP3 format within a few weeks. You will recognize them, because the HP audiobook readers are two well-known british actors, one of them living in NY, he does the american audiobook version. Once the audiobook is on the bittorrent in MP3 format it will be easy to make a transcript of that and then you can read the book way before July 21th!Avatar Image says: Thanks for the info on how to get the spoiler book, but I think I'll take my chances and buy the book at midnight and have the all-night-reading-marathon just the same. I love how the HP books are so polarizing that anything concerning them is news, even if it is false news. I don't doubt that security for DH is similar to previous books, but practical issues can tell you they aren't being made to run the presses in total darkness. It's a safety issue as well as practical. If you can't see what you are doing, accidents increase. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and international equivalents wouldn't stand for that. Besides, even if you knew your machine really well, what are the odds of you being able to successfully complete your job in the dark? I'm willing to bet that most employers would recognize that, and most employees wouldn't stand for it. Nods to TLC for getting the verified trugh to the fandom.Avatar Image says: I can't believe that an audio version of the book could be available prior to the printed version. That makes no sense at all. That being said, what a large amount of free publicity. No money can buy that. Nice trick.Avatar Image says: That has got to be one of the stupidest things ever. Printing in the dark, can you say hazardous? It's like something Rita Skeeter would write. Don't believe it for a second.Avatar Image says: lol "something Rita Skeeter would write" :D but it's true thoughAvatar Image says: If they don't want the employees to read the book, why don't they just print books in countries where the language the books are in isn't spoken? You can't read it if you don't know the language...Avatar Image says: This is ridiculous. I heard it on the radio today about the total darkness and I wanted to phone in and tell them to check their facts before they broadcast. The whole business is ridiculous. I hate how the media makes such a huge deal out of Harry Potter Books now, why can't they just leave us and our books in peace? The funniest part though is that Harry gets slandered in the books and out, with false rumors and ridiculous lies. I said ridiculous a lot... Avatar Image says: Thank god this isn't true. When I first read this rumour I was very upset about it. I remembered how Jo always told us in the books that judge a person by how he treats his inferiors. When I heard of this total darkness thing I thougt isn't this a clear case of mistreating your inferiors? Isn't forcing your employees to work in darkness as bad as humiliating and demeaning them? I began to fear that Jo was a hypocrite of the worst degree. Thankfully now such fears can be allayed

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