EA Launches Official “Order of the Phoenix” Video Game Website

May 31, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Electronic Arts has now officially opened the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix video game website, here.
With Moaning Myrtle as your guide, you can see trailers and screenshots galore as well as explore Hogwarts and learn spells in the Room of Requirement, all very cool. Check it out!
Thanks R!

14 Responses to EA Launches Official “Order of the Phoenix” Video Game Website

Avatar Image says: Cool! BTW, the 'eraser' isn't clickable. Only the UK flag is. Also, at first, it wasnt showing the loading thingy but then it did. Now, I unlocked reparo and one of the walpapers, but did anyone unlock walpaper #2? Or the other 3 spells? I guessed u cant do the other 3 spells yet, but I actually 'reparo'ed 2 things and I only got 1 walpaper.Avatar Image says: i can't get it to open... it opens but nothing happens yay first commentAvatar Image says: same here...nthn is happening.Avatar Image says: same problem and now i'm just shtuckAvatar Image says: Even I feature in there too ! he he eh eAvatar Image says: Doen't work...stupid site...oh noooo..I wanna enter it.........Avatar Image says: I clicked on the erasure and then it let me in to a pretty cool little bit. Not a lot of content but the screen shots look awesome even got my little wand to do reparo. I don't normally get video games because I'm so bad at them but this one I might need.Avatar Image says: I might have spelled it wrong but it's the green thing in the corner by the letters UK. To me it looked like the thing used for erasing pencil marks.Avatar Image says: FINALLY!!! I've been waiting for this since it was announced when the game was releasing...Avatar Image says: Yes..but when I enter it the staircases appear and after that the whole screen fades to white and stops..Help,PLEASE?Avatar Image says: I can get into the site, but none of the rooms are loading. For example, the Room of requirement, Gryffindor Common Room, Herbology, etc. Is anyone else having this problem? Avatar Image says: Am I the only one who it will work for? This is spiggin' fantastic. I am SQUEEEEEEING my pants!!

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