New OotP Stickers Featuring Inside of Grimmauld Place and More


May 31, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Even more scans of that Panini sticker book featuring Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix are online, including new looks at the interior of Grimmauld Place and more. One highlight is a new look at Harry and Molly Weasley, looking up at something, while in the background is the interior of Grimmauld Place including that very err unique umbrella stand. Also new are this photo of Luna walking with other students dressed in their robes, Hagrid, Sirius Black, Dumbledore, Umbridge having tea, resplendent in her pink robes, a funny one of Umbridge and the Wizard press, and more.
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Avatar Image says: From the images I've seen (which is quite a lot), it looks like they're doing a very good job with this film. MUCH better than the Goblet of Fire fiasco. *Leers in Michael Gambon's general direction, the violent Harry-shaking snotrag*Avatar Image says: oh, HOW exciting-Molly Weasley, I missed her so much! can't see other pictures yet, but I'm so happy right nowAvatar Image says: HAHA im the first to comment.....(lol)Avatar Image says: lol the umbrella stand was made in the shape of a troll's foot (from HP1, god how I love the continuity).Avatar Image says: holly cow, there are so many pictures! ok, must stop myself, must not look!Avatar Image says: doesn't gary oldman look to me more and more like dracula?i know he played it but.. (sorry for the english)Avatar Image says: The unbrella stand is a Troll's foot just like the book mentions. I absolutely LOVE it when they pay attention to small details :)Avatar Image says: SOO glad to have Mrs. Weasley back. And thank goodness Grimmauld Place appears to be quite canon. Not much else is in the flicks, really. :DAvatar Image says: The umbridge one is really vainAvatar Image says: Umbridge is sitting in DD's chair... Grrr.. how i love to hate her!Avatar Image says: Awsome! I love the Portus site, or whatever it's called. How are they getting all of these great pic's? I loooved the troll foot. Im going to scanning the movie for all the book details like the Troll foot and the "locket scene!" I cant wait!!!!!Avatar Image says: Woot! Troll's foot umbrella stand! They included yet another small, yet fun detail! I hope they have Tonks trip on it like in the book, cuz that would be really funny to see!XD Man, if we keep getting these, we'll have seen the entire movie before we actually GO see the movie at the theaters! XD Keep 'em coming!Avatar Image says: I don't really understand the last picture... is it when she becomes High Inquisitor or when the wizarding world accepts that Voldemort's back? Hmm...Avatar Image says: Ha! The troll's foot kills me. I can imagine Sirius' grandad taking it home as a hunting souvenir. And GO *does* look like the same as he did in Dracula when he has long hair and a beard (it adds to the general confusion of The Scarlet Letter). That may be why his hair isn't completely black.Avatar Image says: lol i'm trying to to look at them but i wonder why those guys are staring @ luna that way >.< lolAvatar Image says: someone agrees with Robbie..... grr michael gambon.... grrrr... u no shake harry... lol i love the sirius pic. duh. i ALWAYS love the sirius pics...

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