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May 31, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

The clock strikes midnight in the UK, and it is time for a new Wizard of the Month on! Our favorite author has updated her calendar for the month of June with a Hogwarts founder who left his fingerprint on the school indelibly. Be sure to check it out!

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Avatar Image says: Hehehehehe!Avatar Image says: In HBP, "The House of Gaunt," Merope has a golden chain and a golden locket. It isn't white gold, but gold gold. :) If it was white, Harry wouldn't see it as golden in color. Silver actually makes more sense. The House colors of Slytherin are Green and Silver. At any rate, Slytherin's locket in the picture appears to be silver, and even if it is "white gold," that doesn't explain why Merope's locket is golden. Also, the locket in the Cave is gold, but it doesn't have the "mark" of Slytherin on it - the big "S". Avatar Image says: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooH, she's teasing! I LOVE YOU, JO! That's exactly the sort of "spoilers", I love so much. Of course we can assume now that the four founders really are playing a big role in DH. But it's so little information that one only has to think even more about what might or might not happen. I'm excited. Ahhhhh!!! I want the book. N o w! sökgäkgsdäflgsägkgdsAvatar Image says: Wow. Dude does not look like a friendly sort. Can you imagine the intimidation of having THAT GUY for your teacher? Nice locket.Avatar Image says: I love the art of this WOTM. one of the best of Lightmaker!Avatar Image says: Ok, so we have two of them yet. And next month the book will be out. (Wait. Next month? NEXT MONTH??????!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!) I wonder why she did not start a month early, so she could have Gryffindor in July as the last of the four founders. If I had to guess - Ravenclaw's next. Gryffindor'll have a big role anyway.Avatar Image says: So last month we have Helga with that cup, and now Salazar and his locket. Hmm...clues perhaps? :)Avatar Image says: I don't think the founders will be in order of discovery of the horcruxes, particularly since Harry saw the locket first. But as the pictures seem to be displaying one object per founder, it does seem if they are a specific set of four objects, and Voldemort might still be after the sword, either for his originally planned set of 6, or to replace the one he knows is destroyed (the diary).Avatar Image says: If the Wizard of the Months come in the order that Harry discovers the horcruxes, then it would make more sense for Godric Gryffindor to never show up because we know that the sword is safe in Dumbledore's office. If Rowena Ravenclaw is the next Wizard of the Month, then that might mean that we'll discover the horcrux that was made with her item.Avatar Image says: Yes, Emmalinde, it's me :) I think last time I only knew about the book being printed somewhere in Thüringen (for not-Germans: a German region). Now that I know that there have to be fresh copies of DH in the town of Pößneck (Thüringen), I'm going absolutely m a d!! It's so much more specific - and only about 50 kilometers from the place where I am living (Northern Bavaria). So, yes, let's invade that company. I only want to send an owl to Fred and George first. They might give us a hint about the best way to pick locks. ;) Well, I'm a little more often in the comments area again, Emmalinde. Obviously I'm back to checking the leaky news three times a day at least, because I SIMPLY CAN'T WAIT for the book. But normally my three children (4y,3y,4m) keep me too busy to come here more often than once or twice a week. That's why we haven't met for such a long time. By the way. Ever since the release of GoF I thought I'd be in the UK for the release of the "next" Harry book. But sadly my husband and me had a bad timing with our babies...Avatar Image says: SSNNAPPPEEE....we will know who you REALLY are soon...Avatar Image says: I don't understand - she has never celebrated Tom Riddle's one, why would she celebrate Salazar's ? They had the same crazy ideas about blood supremacy.Avatar Image says: I bet Gryffindor will be in July, and Ravenclaw will be in August. After seeing Hufflepuff for May, I guessed that Slytherin would be next, purely because he is the founder we probably know the most about, and I think Gryffindor and Ravenclaw will be a little more spoilerish. And, out of interest, Slytherin isn't wearing the ring...just the locket? Avatar Image says: WOOT! He was wearing the locket...hmm, interesting. Has Godric Gryffindor or Rowena Ravenclaw ever been wizard of the month before?Avatar Image says: Jo never said Dumbledore was wrong about the horcruxes. Jo said that even with incredible intelligence, DD made EMOTIONAL mistakes. We found out that Voldemort knows that the diary was destroyed. He will want to create another Horcrux to keep his 7 part soul. Now that DD is out of Hogwarts, Voldy is clear to go for Gryffindor's sword.Avatar Image says: Very cool! I would have liked to have learned something new about him from the description. We at least know from the picture that he lived into his old age and has long fingers...Avatar Image says: whoa... my doesn't he look evil!! interesting about the locket being different. Avatar Image says: what i find the most interesting is that, the next 2 months are crucial to the plot of the book. she will either put Ravenclaw, or Gryffindor each holding something. If its Ravenclaw, then it confirms that the deathly hallows are from the Authorian legend. if its gryffindor, it may be that he is holding an item that is a horocrux. maybe not a sword, or maybe it was something else. man! i cant wait till next month!Avatar Image says: Yay! The last four WOTM are the four founders!!! :]Avatar Image says: "I don't understand - she has never celebrated Tom Riddle's one, why would she celebrate Salazar's?" Sibylle, on Jo's site, birthday announcements and wizards of the month are completely different. A famous wizard/witch can be wizard of the month regardless of whether that month is their birth month. As far as "shady characters" being past wizards of the month goes, there was Yardley Platt (Serial goblin-killer) and Tarquin McTavish (Imprisoned for crimes against Muggle neighbour, who was discovered trapped inside McTavish's kettle). Avatar Image says: Eww! He's creepy looking, kinda like a really old ape. And I thought that the locket was gold.Avatar Image says: guys, remeber, just because the sword *was* safe in dumbledores office before he died those not mean it will remain safe from voldemort in book7. it should be noted that jo said dumbledore is not always right about voldemorts horcruxes, and if you read the books carefully enough, everything dumbledore says to harry about nagini possibly being a horcrux actually has huge glaring red flags if you pay attention. so it is just as likely and even more likely that voldemort wanted to make the final horcrux with the relic of gryffendor, and given the title *deathly **hallows*** it is logical that the sword will become a horcrux, seeing as nagini has too many canon contradictions in every aspect of dumbledores nagini is a horcrux theory.Avatar Image says: Notice he's wearing *the locket* and it looks strangely similar to the adult UK cover of DH! :)Avatar Image says: Woo! Woo again! I love you Salazar Slytherin...I mean JK Rowling. Woo once more for having the first comment!Avatar Image says: That's quite awesome. I suppose we're gonna get each founder over the next couple of months. Have any others apart from Helga Hufflepuff and Salazar Slytherin ever been Wizard of The Month?Avatar Image says: Yes! A clue!! He's wearing the locket!! Avatar Image says: Thanks, Leaky, for the tip to head to Jo's site without a spoiler. Avatar Image says: I can imagine now that July's WotM will be Godric Gryffindor.Avatar Image says: whoaaa he looks awesome! definitely very monkeyish, like his statue. I think Ravenclaw will be next, because it usually goes in witch/wizard order. but Ravenclaw's item might be sort of a spoiler, so I'm not sure..Avatar Image says: Ya Slytherin!Avatar Image says: OMG he is wearing the locket! I wonder what hint it means?Avatar Image says: Slytherin is also holding his hands in a dual delta configuration. Is this a link to that UK cover symbol? Avatar Image says: the locket it's very interesting and also the fact that he's the first one to be able to read minds...mmm this says a lot about his character eh?Avatar Image says: does anyone know why the locket is shown as silver though? i thought slytherin's locket was supposed to be goldAvatar Image says: Hufflepuffs got there glory last month now its our time fellow slytherins speak up cause its our month!!!!Avatar Image says: yah, I agree, isent the locket suposed to be gold?Avatar Image says: Oh good ... yet another evil looking Slytherin. And its even the founder. I guess in JKR's mind there's no such thing as a non-evil Slytherin. Given this, I wonder why the WW doesn't just arrest all students sorted into that house? Wouldn't that make life much simpler? Why all the bother of 7 books to discover the obvious?Avatar Image says: Go Salazar. :PAvatar Image says: Yeah, Salazar would be a Gemini freaky twisty!Avatar Image says: @ Jeanne: Well, we knew since CoS, that he wasn't the best looking guy around. And given that he hid a Basilisk in Hogwarts, yeah, I think he's pretty evil. That said: I do think we have a more mixed picture of Slytherins, than them simply being bad: We have Slughorn, Phineas Nigellus, Regulus (who I'm sure is RAB), Snape (who I'm sure is Dumbledore's Man) and possibly Draco, who I think JKR will redeem, since she made sure he didn't kill anybody in HBP in the end. That's a good sign for this character.Avatar Image says: the locket looks like the one on the uk adult cover which is faded gold to silver. you can see it here for refreshing. I wonder why we are getting the founders as wotm. is jo trying to give us a clue. Avatar Image says: Way to go Slytherin's...I think...Um does he look like a evil side of DD, sorry still can't say his name, "sniff" I loved him sooo...Ok I'm back this is very good very good indeed, which also means we (gryffindor's are soon and most likley the last since we have such a history...again have a ggod month Slytherin's you'll need it :-) (When the trio and the Order finishe with ya!Avatar Image says: You can't get rid of Slytherin just because they all seem self serving, evil is a much over used word and has to much religious connotation to it to use it to describe Slytherin house. It is the very nature of the house of Slytherin to remind us that we should strive for a balanced life and that we need a yard stick to measure our own actions by. If we have no examples how not to behave, will we not fall into complacency and become the thing we seek not to be. However that should be quanitifed by by singling out Slytherins from Death Eaters, I am sure that you can be one without the other and healthy ambiton is a must in any society.Avatar Image says: Yay Slytherin! That's pretty cool, that it is another founder.Avatar Image says: ummm, I'm seeing a trend in Wizards of the Month.. I bet June and July will be Ravenclaw and Gryffindor. Hey, I just thought of something, maybe this order of the founders is a clue... the order in which Harry finds the horcruxs belonging to the founders... curious, very curious.Avatar Image says: I think everyone can assume that the next two months leading up to the release of DH will bring the last two founders. I think that Jo is giving us hints by making the four founders wizards of the month, what those hints lead up to for the last book, its anyone's guess. Does anyone think that the order in which jo is placing the four founders as wizards of the month is in accordance to their importance in the last book. I mean jo did say that "ravenclaw would have their day" so maybe ravenclaw is next month and then gryffindor is in july?Avatar Image says: Slytherin is for June. It may be Ravenclaw in July. Avatar Image says: Hmmm... suppose Slytherin made a horcrux of the locket... then Voldy went and 'added' his soul to it, too... a single object serving as a horcrux for two soul fragments for two different wizards. Freaky! And Salazar doesn't look 'evil'. Just angry.Avatar Image says: I think there is a clue to a mystery there - the locket that Merope had was gold, and the locket in the cave basin was gold, while Slytherin's in the picture is bright silver! Did Lightmaker make a mistake? Or is this part of the plot? Enquiring minds want to know! Avatar Image says: Ooh this is soo exciting finally seeing Salazar....and nice locket....hmm.Avatar Image says: I saw the locket right off the bat! It has to be white gold and a clue! Fantastic clues?!?!Avatar Image says: Laura, actually June's Wizard of the Month is Salazar Slytherin and May's was Helga Hufflepuff. What gets me is this: If Jo wanted to feature the founders as wizards of the month as clues in the lead-up to the release of HP and the Deathly Hallows, why not start in April so all the founders could be featured before the release of the book? I think that the biggest clue will be in which founder is not featured before the book release. We can pretty well already know that the locket and the cup are horcruxes, so those two founders being featured is really no suprise. It will be interesting to see which one is featured in July; he/she may be holding a suspect horcrux. My guess is that it will be Gryffindor with the sword, because we know that his relic is the sword and we don't know Ravenclaw's relic. I have a feeling that whichever founder is featured in July will be the past owner of the relic that turns out to not be the "mystery horcrux" and that the actual "mystery horcrux" will be previously owned by the founder that is featured in August. Though it will be interesting to see the discussion launched by the announcement of July's Wizard of the Month.Avatar Image says: MissHagrid, I'm thinking the same thing you are. I can't see how she could (consistently) show Ravenclaw without including her as-yet-unknown relic, so my bet's on Gryffindor and the sword for July.Avatar Image says: Woo Lizzie, that is deep! May was the month of Hufflepuff with Helga and Prof. Sprout. Now it looks like June will be the month of Slytherin with Salazar and Draco. I do love the new pictures. More to ponder... (until my brain explodes with anticipation in July)Avatar Image says: I agree with you, Arithmancer. Maybe Ravenclaw, featuring her horcrux-item will come in August once we the hard-core have finished the book. I think it would give away too much to feature her before then. Avatar Image says: This is certainly not what i expected. I figured this month would be Ravenclaw, and July would be Gryffindor! and there would be no Slytherin cuz they're evil so why feature them?? alas. Jo has surprised us again!! And I'm happy really. It would be boring if we were always right! I hope that the book is the same way. I really hope she throws a ton of stuff out there that no one saw coming. Otherwise, what's the point?!Avatar Image says: MissHagrid, I think you're on to something here! Having Gryffindor in July would make sense - plus that's the month Harry was born so there could be a whole Gryffindor/destiny/in-the-stars-for-that-sign thing going on!Avatar Image says: Well, if she is showing us horcruxes with the cup in May and the locket in June, wouldn't it be interesting if July's wizard of the month is Harry prominently displaying his scar?Avatar Image says: not to toot my own horn but i so predicted this on my facebook harry potter group as soon as i saw dear helga. and now im so psyched that im right becuz july is going to be the very important month. cant wait until 7:00 on june 30thAvatar Image says: Yep. Totally guessed she'd have the hogwarts founders for the upcoming monthes. Avatar Image says: hmmm so, will the July Founder's image contain the Gryffendor/Ravenclaw horcrux, or a red herring? since, as far as we know, there is only one from the two of them. Avatar Image says: "Exact dates unknown" I guess they can't use a time turner to go back that far and check? Or have the changes in our calendar since then messed things up so bad even Wizards can't figure it out?Avatar Image says: "Exact dates unknown" kind of makes me wonder if the Founders secretly are imortals... though I'm not completely set on that theoryAvatar Image says: I like your idea, MissHagrid. It makes sense for Jo not to show us the last unknown Horcrux before the book comes out. She may continue the theme and put it there in August, but like you, I'm betting July's wizard of the month will be Gryffindor with his sword.Avatar Image says: Violet Baudelaire, actually she did. jo said basically: Dumbledore is *almost* always right. this translates to mean that dumbledore is wrong about something. nagini is the weakest link. you were thinking about a quote post OotP, not the post HBP quote when she was talking about his suspicions about the horcruxes. the emotional quote was refering to how dumbledore acted in book5. pudell, I feel we learned some interesting things about him, such as that he was a accomplished legillmins.Avatar Image says: Voldemort originally wanted the sword for a Horcrux, methinks, but he seems not to have gotten it by the time he "died" in Godric's Hollow. He certainly does know that the diary Horcrux is gone, so perhaps he wants to grab the sword now to bring his total of Horcruxes back to six (or so he thinks, if he doesn't know that the ring is also gone). But remember: Riddle thinks that seven is the most powerfully magical number. He was particularly interested in separating his soul into seven parts, one inside him, six inside the Horcruxes. So he may not want to make any more Horcruxes -- once his soul was in seven parts, he stops, even if some of those fragments subsequently get destroyed -- because seven is magic. Not logical (if you want to live forever, why not make a million Horcruxes?), but Voldemort doesn't seem very rational on this subject. Just a thought.Avatar Image says: Bandersnatch, I hear you. And, to shift to an outside-the-world perspective, I figure there has to be SOME reason why Voldemort doesn't keep making more and more Horcruxes, if only because doing so would make Harry's task impossible and therefore leave us without a satisfying plot. I've also toyed with the idea that maybe the soul is inherently, magically seven-parted, so that something really awful happens if you try to divide it any more. Not sure how plausible that is, though. Anyway, Voldemort clearly would have loved to have four Horcruxes from the four founders, and at first glance it seems so weird for Rowling to introduce the possibility of that nice symmetry only to have it squashed immediately by Dumbledore, with his assurance that the sword is still untouched by Voldly hands. But now I'm thinking that the symmetry might come to play in some other way, even if they aren't all made into Horcruxes. Four objects for four founders, and we know from Hepzibah Smith that two of them, at least, were rumored to have unknown powers. I wonder if they have some especially special power when brought together, and if bringing them together will somehow help achieve the reunification of the school that the Sorting Hat has been calling for all these years.Avatar Image says: I wonder why Salazar and one of his last heirs, Gaunt, had 'monkeyish' looks. Is there any significance to that? And I'm just remembering in one of the Sorting Hat's songs, that Griffyndor and Salazar were very close friends. What was it about Salazar that would make him the kind of person Griffyndor would love as a friend? There must be a lot we don't know about him. Salazar, Salazar Show us who you really are. Monkey, Snake, Friend of Worth And so hung up on blood of birth. I can see why wizards could consider muggles their enemies since many muggles tried to destroy magic folk. It might have been too hard a thing for many wizards to get past. So over the years many of them clung to their revenge thinking and their elitism to counteract their deep sense of being wronged. Maybe they resent the need to hide themselves from Muggles and cover up all their magic from Muggle sight. Muggles are just in the way of true Wizard freedom in this world.Avatar Image says: does anyone apart from me start to get the feeling Snape could be related to Slytherin?Avatar Image says: ChrisCHJ u read my MIND!!!!! but yeah. i think its a long shot.... no matter how incredibly cool that would be... and yeah. salazar looks kinda creepy...Avatar Image says: I always had a hard time picturing Salazar as a monkey-like guy. This image of him is perfect, just as he is described in the book

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