Helena Bonham Carter Talks Bellatrix on Jonathan Ross Program


May 04, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Helena Bonham Carter appeared on the Friday Night with Jonathan Ross program which aired tonight in the U.K. TLC reader Sarah writes that the actress spoke briefly about her role as the Death Eater Bellatrix Lestrange in the upcoming Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix saying something along the lines that despite filming for a total of twelve weesk, she only had 5 lines, 3 of which were cut (her words). She also apparently described a bit about what it was like for the actors to wait before filming. UPDATE: You can now see a video of this, here. The program will be rebroadcast again on BBC One tomorrow night at 1:25 am.
UPDATE: TLC reader Jade mailed to say during the interview they also showed a trailer which was a “shorter version than the two new ones, but with some of the same footage,centaurs etc ” It is possible this is the new UK trailer we told you about earlier as well. Thanks Jade!

Thanks Sarah!

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Avatar Image says: Awww- no Bella lines :( 1st comment!Avatar Image says: I hope that what she said about her number of lines wasn't totally true! If it was then pleeeeease add them back WB! lol Overall she seemed great - I love that she forgot what she had spoken about lol.Avatar Image says: So much for proper characterization of Voldemort's most loyal follower. Only three lines? I hope thats an exaggeration. Ah well. They'd better be good. Hopefully her true colors will shine through nonetheless: sexy, sadistic, Snape-hating, and obnoxiously impatient and headstrong. :DAvatar Image says: I wish they'd given her a few more lines, however I'm sure OotP will still be amazing.Avatar Image says: Just came back from Spider-Man 3 and the OoTP trailer that ran before it was a different version of the UK trailer, sounds like the one shown during the Interview. New footage of centaurs and Fudge.Avatar Image says: What do you guys expect? They cut Snape and McG way down, and they're sort of main characters. Bellatrix is a minor character compared to them.Avatar Image says: That 's weird because she has the whole fight scene in the ministry and then she has her fight with harry and she only talks twice? I really hope that her scene with neville that was in the ABC special with her saying "boo guess who" made it.Avatar Image says: She is also doing an interview for Century FM (105.4 FM) I cant remember when they said it would be.Avatar Image says: new picture of HRH in Hog's Head in ootp: http://community.livejournal.com/ootpmoviepics/41265.htmlAvatar Image says: That is why she decided that her costume needed to emphasize more breast. Haha. She specifically said that with all the actors clamoring for their big moments, she decided she'd get hers by emphasizing more breast. I'm gonna love her as Bellatrix!Avatar Image says: compared to the books i dont think snape is given his share in the movies..... i dont know whether alan rickman feels the same way as helena.....Avatar Image says: I think that Bellatrix didn't have much lines in the book either. She had around ten or twelve lines but I think she mighty have three biig lines. Nevertheless, she is gonna fight so much and be sooo powerful that we will forget the speaking part of her. She seems so beautiful.Avatar Image says: I can record it to hard disk and then edit it down to the just the Helena B-C segment. What resolution do you need to get a good compromise between video quality and download speed? and what file format is best? Avatar Image says: There are many characters in these movies/books, they can not give too many lines to them. If they give many lines to a secondary character then another character will have less time. They have included most of them and they have give enough time to them so no-one can complain. If they would have cut one to give more lines to Bellatrix for example, then fans woud complain because they cut a character...Avatar Image says: Kidas, ask Leaky about the format.Avatar Image says: I have screencaps http://community.livejournal.com/helenabcarter/Avatar Image says: Thinking about it, I am not too worried that she only has two lines. Afterall she has the big battle scene to do but she doesn't need to do much talking in it. Of course more Bella would be good as I think Helena is going to do a top job at this. She is a fantastic actress. I am assuming we already know what one of her lines is as its ithe trailers, something along the lines of "the dark lord is rising". Avatar Image says: It is not always necessary to utter words to make an impact. Body language and facial expressions can do a lot for a supporting role. I trust that she will do more than flawnt her breasts to impress us. I am looking forward for her silent but striking performance. Go! Bellatrix, Go!Avatar Image says: 10 Points to the person who can tell me where to whatch this!Avatar Image says: thesnitch.co.uk has the videoAvatar Image says: only 2 lines??? what is she going to do, just snarl and look crazy the whole time?Avatar Image says: That's weird because i don't remember any of the early reviews saying anything about her lack of lines or anything like that. That would have been something i would have mentioned if i had seen it. I remember one review saying that neville tells harry about what happened so it would be weird if they didn't follow up on it in the ministry.Avatar Image says: hey melissa! im a huge fan. lol. i did like the video. it was a bit long, so to speak, but good. i specially liked helena's bit in the willy wonka movie. personally, i think that despite having two or three lines, that she will do beautifully as bellatrix. even from viewing the promo shots, i have a slight fear of her, so she seems to be giving justice to her part. about the interview tho. i never saw any trailer. they talked about some of her roles - it was funny when she forgot about sweeny todd - and they showed her spell shot, but no trailer. it was still a good post, tho. thanks for putting it up. :DAvatar Image says: I missed that on Friday. I think that despite not having many lines, she will still have a presentsense (sorry for spelling) in the film.

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