OotP Trailer Running in Front of Spider-Man 3


May 05, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

As we told you previously, and witnessed by this editor and others who have mailed tonight, the new full length trailer for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is indeed showing in theaters right before Spider-Man 3.
Editor’s Note: If you get the chance, it really is quite the sight to behold that trailer played on a huge screen such as this editor saw it today. The parts at the end of the trailer, especially with the battle squences, Lord Voldemort, and the proclamations exploding, are even more stunning seen on a large screen. For those who may not have seen this new trailer, you can find the US domestic one, here in our galleries, and the new international trailer, here.

Thanks to all fellow Spidey fans who mailed :)

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Avatar Image says: I just saw Spider-Man 3 last nightand the Harry Potter trailer wasn't in front of it! No fair!Avatar Image says: wtf? i went to sm3 last night and it wasn't there? all i saw was shrek & fantastic four! i was so mad! i was also mad at the end of the movie beeing as it SUCKED.Avatar Image says: I saw Spiderman 3 last night. It didn't have the OotP trailer, and it was a horrible movie besides. I feel cheated.Avatar Image says: I saw spiderman 3 at the midnight showing and they did show the new harry potter trailer. I must say that the audience did cheer when the trailer came out and when harry kissed cho some guy in the audience yelled "Alright, harry gets laid!"Avatar Image says: i went to see spider-man 3 with my cousin and there was no hp trailer at the start of the movie. Seems like we all were told a lie.Avatar Image says: That's really weird, a friend saw SP3 today and he said he saw the trailer. Maybe its because of where you live, I don't know.Avatar Image says: I saw Spider Man 3 a few hours ago, and the trailer was not there. It was a Carmike Cinema, though I doubt that has any bearing on the situation. Columbia Pictures was responsible for the movie, and as they are not in any way related to WB, I don't understand why the trailer would (or should) be playing. And Spider Man 3 was good. Much better than I was expecting, in fact.Avatar Image says: i just saw spiderman 3 and I saw the trailer, can't wait for Order of the Phx in IMAX 3D. :)Avatar Image says: They had it in my theater. It's REALLY cool seeing it on the huge screen. It was actually probably the best part of the show, considering that the movie itself was terrible.Avatar Image says: I was upset because the spider man movie was great but the trailer for OotP did not show with it. Oh well, i'll just have to wait for the real dealAvatar Image says: Saw Spiderman and no new HP trailer. BTW, Spidey 3 is not worth the media hype. shallow story, bad acting... Hoping for more from OotP.Avatar Image says: It was truly a sight. The exploding prophecies raining down were amazing.Avatar Image says: I saw it and I had to bite my lip to stop from squeeing too loud.Avatar Image says: I saw it last night in Boston in a Loews/AMC theater and there was no Harry Potter trailer in front of it, even though I was half hoping for it. I saw Pirates of the Caribbean, Shrek 3, and at least 2 others that I don't remember. Maybe it's only in IMAX theaters? Anyway, I agree with the person who said Spiderman 3 is better than expected. Avatar Image says: I've seen it a lot of places where it was either attatched or not. It's definitely a hit or miss for seeing it with SM3. Avatar Image says: darn, watched SM3 and they did not show THE trailer, not such a big fun of SM, had to go becase my son wanted to see it, was hoping that at least we can see HP trailer on the big screen:( there is still hope that it possible to see it before PoC3 Xfingers crossedAvatar Image says: I saw Spidey 3 last night at a Regal Cinema in Miami and it did have the trailer. It's amazing on the big screen and a lot of us cheered when it came on.Avatar Image says: I saw SM3 today and the HP trailer didn't show (bummer, :-( ), but I loved the SM3 movie. Yeah, there was a couple of things I thought they could do without, but overall, it was good. In the movie they kept talking about how people make choices that can alter their lives. I couldn't help but think of HP and Dumbledore saying nearly the same thing. It was a very emotional movie, especially the end, which I'm not going to spoil for anyone. LisaAvatar Image says: Saw Spiderman 3 at the midnight showing in Miami and I was so excited that they showed the OotP trailer. It was shown right after the PotC 3 trailer. I had to cover my ears at the end of both trailers... the audience was going crazy, the cheers were louder for the Harry though :). I agree with you Sue, it was an incredible sight to behold when seeing this trailer on such a huge screen compared to a tiny computer screen. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Avatar Image says: I just saw the SM3 movie, and I saw the trailer, after I had just watched it about fifty times on the website. It was the best part of the whole movie, cause it was AWFUL!Avatar Image says: Just got back from seeing Spiderman 3 and no trailer here either. Bummer!! And as to the movie SP3 was pretty good...with a few problems...one of which (and I can't believe I'm saying this but)...it seemed too long...a worthy sequel, but has nothing on the original.Avatar Image says: Awww...I saw Spiderman and I didn't see the trailer either? Perhaps it is the time of day I went to see it or is the movie theater just a poo brain??? Oh well. In 68 days or so I will see the entire thing in its full screen glory!! Followed by a weekend spent reading the marvelous 7th book!!! Avatar Image says: I saw it at the midnight release of spiderman, and the crwowd went crazy, especually at the kiss and the title screenAvatar Image says: It wasn't before the Spiderman I saw last night in Wallingford, CT either!!! And I was pretty durn bummed by that, let me tell you. Avatar Image says: boo! No trailer... SP3=the movie with bad, bad, bad dialouge. Avatar Image says: First time poster on the site...for the sole sake of saying that I also did not get my OotP trailer in front of Spider-Man. I got the tired Transformers teaser instead. And I saw it at one of the Alamo Drafthouse cinemas in Austin. I thought *surely* I'd see it there. It's one of those dinner/movie setups...they have Hogwarts Feasts with the film for every release. Sad, sad days indeed. Avatar Image says: Saw SM3 yesterday at Cinemark and NO Harry Potter trailer- just about every other big budget film coming out within the next few months, but NO HP! I was annoyed, but happy to see Spidey. I'll give my two cents and say that I actually really liked Spidey because it was a bit more emotional and developed the characters more. It was just like a comic-book come to life really, if you think about it- those extra lines and things work in comic books and I think that they were bringing out the spirit of the comic in that sense. I loved Stan Lee's appearance. lol Anyway, on to HP5- WHY couldn't I see it on the big screen! :(Avatar Image says: For the record...Just saw Spiderman 3 in Columbus, Ohio, and the best part was the OotP trailer. Avatar Image says: I saw Spiderman 3 in Vestal, NY and there was no Ootp trailer...which annoys me. i got some enjoyment of the film though...but still!!!Avatar Image says: We went and saw Spidey 3 Friday morning, and we didn't see the trailer either... I was really bummed! And this was at an AMC theater in Colorado. I figured it was because it was the first show on Friday and they were running it come Friday night when they would sell out the theater. HMMMMMM....Avatar Image says: its in front of it in upstate nyAvatar Image says: No trailer in front of spider man 3 in Ottawa Canada. I went to see that movie (which was really bad) just to see the trailer on the big screen... I was very dissapointed.Avatar Image says: I just got back from SM3. Not a great movie, but the trailer was FANTASTIC on the big screen. I was even clapping at some parts. I would go see the lame movie again to see that beautiful trailer.Avatar Image says: I was so mad because the projector messed up at the beginning of our showing of Spidey 3, and when it finally came on, it was half-way through the OotP trailer! I was so mad! Of course, I had seen it, but my friend with me had waited purposly to see it on the big screen. She didn't seem upset about it, but I sure was, as it was the only trailer that messed up.Avatar Image says: just got home from seeing sp3 with my son. I liked the movie. The OOTP trailer was amazing on the big screen. My son and I had goosebumps. So great!Avatar Image says: I saw Spiderman-3 the first day it came out and I didn't see the Harry Potter trailer. But who cares? Cos the next day I saw it again, and THEN I saw the trailer. (same theater chain) -- ginevra's DAUGHTERAvatar Image says: i went into the theater specifically to see the trailer... saw it ... and then left!!! nothing could compare after that preview!!! the part when the prophecies are falling ... the dual between dd and voldemort ... the thestrals!!! ya, the large screen's the way to see it!Avatar Image says: Gaarrrr. I watched Spider-man 3 with bated breath during the previews and SAW NO HARRY!!!! ::tears::Avatar Image says: Did it just come out as a preview today? Because I saw S3 last night and there wasn't a Harry Potter preview.Avatar Image says: No trailer in New York City tonight. I was all excited too. Lame.Avatar Image says: It depends on the particular screen and/or time apparently. We had tickets for the 5:30 pm Spiderman, but since we got to the theater at 4:30 (when an earlier Spidey showing was starting) I discreetly slipped into the aisle and was able to catch the trailer at the beginning of that showing. Lucky I did, because when we sat for the 5:30 Spiderman, they showed the Bourne trailer instead of Harry where the Harry trailer had been at the 4:30 time slot..so I was so glad I was a bit naughty and was trying to catch it twice. Avatar Image says: No HP trailer at the AMC here. I paid all that money and I was so disappointed. The movie was OK, though, at least. Much better than Happy Feet at least. Avatar Image says: I saw Spiderman last night and saw the OotP trailer...the crowd seemed to love it, especially the large group of young girls who cried "ooooooooooooh" when Harry kissed Cho. Sheesh.Avatar Image says: Wait, was it a new trailer, or one we've seen before?Avatar Image says: I went to see it tonight and they showed it. No one cheered, in fact a couple of people laughed. But, they also laughed at a part in Spiderman 3 that was not funny at all. In fact, it was quite a horrible, the-audience-is-in-silent-shock sort of moment with gasping and such. (For those who have seen the movie think about what happened in the jazz club). I think they were on something. And one of them kept kicking my chair. I think I would have liked the movie better had it not been for them. They took me out of the moment. But, I think I actually vibrated (in a Celestine Prophecy sort of way) when they showed the trailer. It was so exciting! The lady next to me was on the edge of her seat! Avatar Image says: No trailer b4 SP3 in Tooele, Utah tonite...that would have been cool to see on the big screen for sure...does anyone else think SP3 was way too long and way too predictable?Avatar Image says: I went to a local rave motion pictures and the HP trailer was the first of the previews. Man was it loud and awsome.I got lots of tingling from it.Avatar Image says: Hmm must not be everywhere because I didn't see it at the midnight release. I was bummed, but oh well. How was it on the big screen? :)Avatar Image says: they aren't showing the trailer at all theatres...I saw it at midnight and was very disappointed :\Avatar Image says: I saw it and the trailer wasn't there! The movie was awesome, but it was still a let-down.Avatar Image says: i SAW THE TRAILER WHEN i SAW sPIDER mAN 3. I came a little late so I saw Rush Hour s Then Harry Potter and the OotP trailers then the movie. It was so scary. after the trailer everyone in the theater was like WOW!Avatar Image says: I was sooo upset the theater I went to played the teaser trailer before Spiderman 3 :( I really wanted to see the full length on the big screen!!Avatar Image says: in thailand when i wach spidy there was no harry potter oof traliar i was very disapoted !!!!1Avatar Image says: yeah, I saw the Rush Hour 3 trailer, but not the OotP trailer (which I would have enjoyed more)!!! I hope I can see the trailer on the big screen!!Avatar Image says: I can't wait to see it! I'm going to see Spiderman after school on Friday and the trailer just makes me even MORE excited! Avatar Image says: Saw SM 3 in Columbia, MO and unfortunatly no Order of the Phoenix trailer. But I did see a trailer for a movie called Across the Universe, which was so good I cried! As for SM 3 the movie...well it kinda sucked. (and I'm still mad about it sucking)Avatar Image says: I saw that trailer when I watsch Spiderman 3, 3 days ago here in the Philippines.. I wish I never saw it, it makes me so impatiently feverish to watch the movie which is(pity) 2 MONTHS AWAY! I've got the feeling that OOTP is going to be better than GOF! I saw Umbridge fire hex to students to stop them kissing, to tidy their ties; Dumbledore disapparating(from Hogwarts?); The Dark Lord wearing a coat & tie; Fred & George deserting Hogwarts w/ fireworks; The Dark Lord, (probably the scene where he's about to kill Harry)saying "you will lose"; Luna conjuring a patronus... OH DAMN I CAN'T WAITAvatar Image says: Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one who missed seeing the trailer. I went to the midnight showing too and it wasn't there...I was so disappointed. Did get a pretty sweet Pirates 3 trailer, though. And the movie wasn't half bad.Avatar Image says: I live in the UK, I went opening day to see Spiderman 3 and the OOTP trailer was on right before it. Although i hated the way some of it was edited down, it was really cool to see it on the big screen. It also earned a small applause :) which i thought was brilliant.Avatar Image says: saw spider-man 3 and the trailer was not before it. i have to say that spider-man was a huge disappointment as well, 300 million dollars and for what?Avatar Image says: I saw Spider Man 3 last night and I also didn't see the Harry Potter trailor, and i thought they should have, seeing as Spider Man is a huge big budget movie that millions are going to see. On a side note, I thought the moviw was quite entertaining, aside from the terrible plot haha.Avatar Image says: Well, I enjoyed the SP3 movie (not that my expectations were that high to begin with). I was disappointed in two of the villains (particularly the ugly one -- man, I don't like that actor), but I loved James Franco. Much of the movie was over the top, but all in all it was a good ride. Avatar Image says: Saw Spidey in IMAX, OOTP teaser trailer, not full length version. "I confess myself, disappointed!"Avatar Image says: I saw Spider-Man yesterday and the trailer wasn't in front of it. I was very disappointed, I really wanted to see it on a big screen. I get all excited and get goosebumps just when I watch the little 3"x4" version on my computer.Avatar Image says: The trailer was AMAZING to see on a huge screen i like couldn't breath afterwords and i swear, i had a pottergasm,i was with my friend (shes also a harry potter fan, but not as much as me) and i clapped really loudly and yelled "WHOOHOO" at the end of it, i was sad that she didn't clap with me because i was the only one who clapped in the whole theater, people looked at me like i was a freak lol,well i am an Harry Potter freak! and proud of it! so yeah, i had to represent. go harry potter fans!Avatar Image says: Ok, No Offence to anyone, but can you say Worst movie of the year so far? Anyway... i didn't see the trailer on the big screen. Im in Australia, so that might have something to do with it...Avatar Image says: At the AMC theater I went to it was the teaser trailer.Avatar Image says: i saw the movie yesterday, and there was no harry potter trailer :[Avatar Image says: We didn't get the trailer. *is downcast* Manager said (yes, I asked him, cuz I am just that dorky!) that it was "too early" to be showing a trailer for a movie coming out in July. *eyeroll* Of course, he then said that when they ARE showing it, "sometime next month", I could come by any time and see it for free! Avatar Image says: Thats true!! i saw spiderman on friday and there was the trailer and by the way when everyone saw it everyone was cheering!!! ^_^ it was a great feeling!!Avatar Image says: I went to see Spider Man 3 on Friday afternoon, but we were a little late so my friend Allie and I thought we missed it. We were super bummed, but we rushed to the theater anyway. When we opened the door to the movie, guess what had just begun!? THE TRAILER. We started SCREAMING and jumping around, and our friend Siena was all embarressed...Then we started running down the aisle, looking for seats, and we're skipping and shrieking and...oh my god. It was soooo good! Everyone was staring at us like we were absolutely insane...but it was totally worth it! =]Avatar Image says: Zara- I did the same thing =( My cinema has a tendency to now show any trailers though *blows raspberry*Avatar Image says: i saw spidey 3 yesterday and they didnt play it. u might want to repost that leaky!Avatar Image says: In Brazil it's not played either.Avatar Image says: No trialer when I went to see Spidy on Friday, maybe I was just too early, and yes I am in the United States.Avatar Image says: I agree with MarkC - WORST movie of the year for Spidey3. I had high hopes for that one, so it was extra disappointing. Terrible acting/directing/WRITING, although at least with their huge budget the effects were still cool. BUT, it was worth it to see the OoTP trailer on the big screen!!! I am really sorry for those of you who didn't get the trailer and had to sit through that horrible movie. July can't come quick enough!!! Avatar Image says: No OotP trailer last night (Saturday) in front of Spidy for me. Of course, I live in a tiny podunk town, where such things are frowned upon.Avatar Image says: Just a warning to all Canadians: Don't expect to see the trailer in front of Spiderman-3, because it doesn't play.Avatar Image says: I saw Spiderman a second time today at a different theater and no HP trailer...the one that they put in its place was the 3rd Pirates movie...judging from the trailers, the HP movie is going to be far better than that one.Avatar Image says: I saw the movie last night and no hp trailer, my mom took my siblings to see it at a different theater and they didn't see it either. What gives? I was really looking foward to seeing it on the big screen :(Avatar Image says: We went to the local AMC 21 and we saw it. I was not on TLC at all this weekend so I did not know to look for it. WOW!!!!! I got chills (course I always get chills over anything HP), but this movie looks amazing. A few things from the trailer were added and not from the book which I usually frown upon, but they seemed to mesh well and added to the picture quite well. I want to give details soooo bad(I backspaced over all of the spoilers that I wrote), but I don't want to spoil it for anyone. Its a yummy appetizer!!!Avatar Image says: I saw Spider Man 3 on Friday afternoon. No Harry Potter trailer. This is the second time this has happened to me. The other time was for a GOF trailer. Denver must not be on their radar. Grrrr (At least I didn't go just to see the trailers. I did want to see the movies I paid for) I'm just disapointed.Avatar Image says: It truly was a spectacular sight on the big screen. I had seen it before, but in the theater it literally gave me goosebumps. That may sound nerdy, but hey, look what site I'm on! We're all HP geeks!Avatar Image says: i saw spiderman 3, and the but the HP trailer didn't show.Avatar Image says: I went to see Spiderman on Friday, and, unfortunately, they did show the trailer. I've been avoiding it because I don't want to watch it yet, and I had to close my eyes and turn up pottercast on my mp3 player to drown it out!Avatar Image says: I'm surprised about this, because Spider-Man 3 is a Sony/Columbia Pictures and Harry Potter is Warner Brothers. My family and I went and saw Spidey and there was no HP trailer, so this might be a theater-dependent thing.Avatar Image says: I agree that this is a theater dependent thing. I've been to three movies since the trailer release, including Spidey-3 and have yet to see it on the big screen. I always ask when I buy tickets if the newest OotP trailer is showing before the movie I'm about to see. That way, I'm not left feeling bummed or miffed about it not being there. Still waiting for that chance to see it on the big screen!Avatar Image says: likewise, i didn't get to see the trailer when i saw spiderman3 -- it is most likely a theater dependent thing. or perhaps the format. i saw spiderman in imax at the midnight showing, and usually they play a single preview that is formatted for imax alone, but they didn't even play one preview at all. so either the midnight showing lacked it, or perhaps just the imax format lacked it this time (maybe an imax preview wasn't...ready??) either way, i hope to see it tomorrow when i take my family to see spiderman!Avatar Image says: Dang, now I have to go watch Spider-Man 3! Only two reasons would make me go see a spidey-film and that's HP and Topher Grace as Venom. Heck yes, I think Topher Grace makes an awesome Venom.Avatar Image says: Same here. I saw sm3 but no ootp trailer! Oh well it was no biggie. I loved the movie!! It was awesome!Avatar Image says: Saw SM3 yesterday with OotP trailer. It was awesome to see it on the big screen!! I enjoyed SM3; thought it was thrilling/touching/funny!! Avatar Image says: I saw Spiderman 3 at the weekend (which was pretty good) where I live in the UK and the trailer wasn't shown. Oh well, it will almost definitely be shown before Pirates of the Carribean 3 which I'm going to see as well in a few weeks time.Avatar Image says: I am so upset!!! My wife and I went to see the movie, all excited about the OotP trailer (which we knew was going to be shown), and it DID'T SHOW!!! They cut it from the trailer, and went straight into Pirates. Now, the pirates trailer is awesome as well, but I was so excited about the harry potter trailer. Man, I'm even more upset now. I was sad that it wasn't showing, and now mad that they apparently CUT IT in this theater (I have a friend that's a projectionist, and I know that they do that some times for whatever reason).Avatar Image says: We saw it and I was floored. I got goosebumps and even tears in my eyes. I can't wait!Avatar Image says: I live near St. Louis, MO, USA, and no OOTP trailer for me when I went to see Spiderman 3 :(Avatar Image says: I just saw SP 3 and NO trailer. I was sooooo mad bc it would have been IMAX. MADAvatar Image says: Just so some people know some theatres are not showing it. i know that i did not see it at my theatre which is part of the CONSOLIDATED THEATRES group. but my friends did see it at the theatre across town which is owned by regal. hoped that helped people!!! so go to regal theatres if you want to see it.. i might be seeing the spidy movie again across town!!! =)Avatar Image says: i live in plano, tx and went to see spiderman 3 the other day and there was no trailer!! i was so upset.Avatar Image says: It's especially nice on IMAX.Avatar Image says: Just saw Spiderman last night in Dublin and to my pleasent surprise and to my friends who is also a huge HP nerd the OotP trailer was shown! It looked fantastic! Cannot wait!Avatar Image says: Just saw Spidey 3 at 12:30 noon at an IMAX in Orlando,Fla. They showed the teaser trailer first off. Was good, but wasn't the intl one we were hoping for. We can see it on Leaky just as good. Besides, it's coming soon anyway...yah!!! wah!!! at the same time.Avatar Image says: ***** Just so some people know some theatres are not showing it. i know that i did not see it at my theatre which is part of the CONSOLIDATED THEATRES group. but my friends did see it at the theatre across town which is owned by regal. hoped that helped people!!! so go to regal theatres if you want to see it.. i might be seeing the spidy movie again across town!!! =) ***** I saw SM3 on opening night at a Regal Entertainment Theaters but there was no OoTP. Very disappointed, but I did enjoy SM3 anyway. I don't know who decides which theaters are showing the trailer and which ones aren't.

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