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May 06, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

USA Weekend Magazine has their new 2007 Summer Movie preview online, and it contains a bit about our favorite eccentric jewelry wearing Ravenclaw from the upcoming Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The article focuses on Evanna Lynch who portrays Luna Lovegood, and mentions the fabulous radish earrings that Evanna wears in her role for the fifth Harry Potter film. As first mentioned on PotterCast, Evanna did make the earrings herself (seen here in this photo) for her role, impressing the professional costume department so much, they let her wear them in the film.

HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX (July 13) The new student at Hogwarts, the “odd” witch Luna Lovegood, is described in the novel as wearing radish earrings. The costume department on the film hired several jewelry designers to make the earrings, but Evanna Lynch, the young actress who plays Luna, was so into the character that she made her own. “And they were better!” says costume director Jany Temime. “More artsy-craftsy, more like what a creative young girl would do. The stuff we had was too professional. So we used hers.”

The USA Weekend is found in many newspapers here in the States.

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Avatar Image says: Just more proof that Evanna is perfect for the part. YEAH!!! I can't wait to see her in the film.Avatar Image says: I love the earrings, and I love Evanna! She *is* Luna.Avatar Image says: Those earrings are so perfect! I remember reading about the earring in the book and thinking about how I would love to have a pair. I have a bit of Luna in me :)Avatar Image says: You gotta love Evanna. She's amazing.Avatar Image says: I love her and the earrings! I'm getting more and more excited to see her in the movie.Avatar Image says: Luna should have an arts and craft column in her Dad's paperAvatar Image says: lol i just went through my dad's newspaper for this!! its really cool! i love evanna shes so unique!!Avatar Image says: Well Jo said it the first time she met Evanna: "She's perfect" Avatar Image says: The more I learn about Evanna the more I love her. Cannot wait to see he onthe big screen.Avatar Image says: I am so happy for Evanna. What a dream come true for her, the darling.Avatar Image says: Evanna, you, you, there are no words! Never change. *smushes*Avatar Image says: Loki, why are you doing this? if you don't like how they present the character could you please say it in such a way that doesn't insult a young girl? Evanna Lynch is living every Harry Potter fan's dream, be happy for her. Don't be shocked/outraged if they remove your post.Avatar Image says: We love you Evanna!! :D We're so proud of you!Avatar Image says: Way to go! At first I didn't think she would make a very good Luna, but this proves that she is really into her character. Avatar Image says: It is nice to hear that the film people WERE going to give the character radish earrings anyway (but even better that they used the ones Lynch made).Avatar Image says: I want a pair of raddish earrings... they're really cool.Avatar Image says: I'm surprised that one of the merchandisers hasn't created a make-your-own radish earrings kit. A kit like that would also make a great JKR fundraiser for MS or something. Avatar Image says: Evanna rocks. She just -is- Luna, and I'm really glad they let her keep her own radish earrings.Avatar Image says: She _is_ perfect! :)Avatar Image says: It's nice of the costume department to use Evanna's earrings. she's got such talent-those radish earrings are so pretty!Avatar Image says: She IS luna lovegood. She just walked out of the pages of the book into real life. Love her.Avatar Image says: haha, that is so awesome. i'm so glad they found this girl -- she seems absolutely perfect for the role. and i've always enjoyed the fact that even the actors are huge fans of the series and go to lengths to perfect their portrayal :)Avatar Image says: Nice, I hope they are on sale.Avatar Image says: The only thing that could've been better would be real radishes -BAvatar Image says: i think that is incredibly awesome. shes turning out to be a great luna. im happy.

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