One Million Pre-Order for “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” (Updated)


May 08, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Earlier we reported that many of the book retailers such as Borders, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon were experiencing large and very brisk pre-sales of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Today that is quite evident as has announced they now have over one MILLION pre-orders already for the last Harry Potter novel. This number comes from the more than 620,000 copies pre-ordered in the US, and the 250,000 plus pre-orders from the UK. The company has also now dropped the price of the book, as this one million pre-order book mark comes just 95 days after Deathly Hallows became available, beating the record set back in 2005 for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince which took 174 days to get to the one million pre-order mark.
UPDATE: Amazon has also announced one of the most Harry-est towns in the UK, which is currently Wallingford, home of mystery author great Agatha Christie. These stats, which are on going both in the UK and the US, are keeping track of cities that have the most pre-orders of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Many of the book retailers are assuring a delivery date of July 21 and if you would like to pre-order Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, you can do via our Cauldron Shop, where proceeds benefit the entire Floo Network.

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Avatar Image says: That's Amazing!Avatar Image says: That's half the time. Wow!Avatar Image says: WOW, that's crazy.Avatar Image says: Lower prices--woohoo!! I've already gotten an email from Amazon guaranteeing same-day delivery, even though I didn't order the book with speedy service. (I can stand to stay away from Leaky until I get my copy and devour it!)Avatar Image says: Personally, I'm going to order my book from a local independent bookstore. If it costs be it. If I don't get it the first day, I'll just have to try not to get spoiled.Avatar Image says: Dang, that's a lot of books! I got mine in pre-order since the day we got the date released! :DAvatar Image says: Wow, just wow.Avatar Image says: I have mine preordered with I have since it was available to preorder. I also got an email that I will have it the day it is avaiable. I cant wait. I love Harry Potter. Although I am sad this is the end of it :(Avatar Image says: I'd rather get mine in person, so my copy is reserved at Barnes and Noble. Does anyone ever sit and add up all the pre-orders and reserved copies? That's really amazing, though. And it's quite interesting to go to the B&N site and look at the reviews for Deathly Hallows, considering that no one has read the book. There were well over 300 last night, with only a few people annoyed that everyone was posting how awesome the book was going to be when they were supposed to be reviewing the book. LOL--I think those few are fighting a losing battle, but it was great to see such excitement.

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