Accio Canon Portkey!

May 09, 2007

Posted by: SueTLC


Our friends at our Floo Partner the Harry Potter Lexicon have been hard at work creating a new way to enjoy and delve deeper into the world of the Harry Potter novels. Steve Vander Ark and his team have created a Canon Portkey, which you can use to explore what they are calling ‘events’ or a discrete scene in the books. For each scene, data entry volunteers entered some factual information such as the location of an event, the date and time, and the page numbers in various editions of the novels. There are also tags and icons which pertain to these events and will allow for greater depth and exploration of each event. Still in beta form with a few things being tweaked, with the data entry still very much an ongoing process, you can learn more about this here, and Accio Canon Portkey here to enjoy this cool research tool. Enjoy!

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