J.K.Rowling, Emma Thompson, and Julie Walters Women We Love


May 09, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

The Daily Mail on Sunday You Magazine recently celebrated 25 years in publication and featured “25 Women We Love.” Included in this list were Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, actress Emma Thompson (Professor Trelawney), and actress Julie Walters (Molly Weasley). Of JKR the magazine noted:

Our admiration for J K Rowling is not just based on her own magnificent rags-to-riches story (penniless single mum becomes the first writer to become a US-dollar billionaire, and the only British woman on the Forbes 2007 list of the super-rich) but also on the way that she has changed the world’s reading habits.

Literary snobs might question her place as Greatest Living British Writer (the title was conferred on her by The Book Magazine last year) but anyone who can make reading cool among young boys deserves our eternal gratitude.

Private – and sometimes a little prickly – Harry Potter’s 41-year-old creator is a world-wide phenomenon who has raised our national morale and our children’s reading age.

“I try to strike a balance between being very grateful for what has happened — because I am so hugely grateful for it — and I am terrified of hubris because I think it could all go wrong tomorrow,” she says.

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15 Responses to J.K.Rowling, Emma Thompson, and Julie Walters Women We Love

Avatar Image says: Woo-hoo! First commenter! Thats a first! But still, Congrats to those people,Avatar Image says: Toots! Second for the first time ever!!! ANYWAYS, when they say '...and sometimes a little prickly' what exactly are the inferring?Avatar Image says: LUV these three women... CONGRATULATIONS!!! p.s. If you've never seen the film "Billy Elliot", you should check it out. Really good film. First time I ever saw Julie Walters...she's GREAT!!!Avatar Image says: oh thank god. The first time I read it, i read Emma Watson was one to be admired, and I was thinking, outraged, what about Emma Thompson and Maggie Smith! Then I read it properly. I disagree with Kate drugs Moss being on the list- anybody whose children might be taken away from her should not be on that list.Avatar Image says: I love all three so much. They all have something so unique and charming about themselves.Avatar Image says: Go J.K. Rowling! I don't see why they would describe her as "Private - and sometimes a little prickly" but I suppose it's better that a lot of the ways they described some of the other women. J.K. Rowling is "private" because she is a writer and not an actress or a singer like most of the other women. If she were to be "public" then she would never get any writing done! Avatar Image says: Congrats to all three. Not sure I agree with all the ones listed (Moss? Westwood? Widdicombe?)- and some I've never heard of. KBPrez. First time I saw Julie Walters was on Victoria Wood. 'Mrs Overall' of 'Acorn Antiques' and THE MOST hilarious cafe and soup scene which has to be (and I think is listed as) one of the best comic moments of all time. Avatar Image says: Oh whhadtt I work in a corner shop and handled about 80 of those newspapers and never knew what was inside! =(Avatar Image says: What the heck does "prickle" mean?!? Doesnt sound nice! JK Rowling is my favourite and most admired heroine Emma Thomspson is my absolute favourite actress. Julie Walters - I loved her work ever since I saw her perfomace in Educating Rita with the great Michael Caine. She is also the perfect Molly Weasley. Glad they are all on the list.Avatar Image says: Aww, I love Jo, she's so cool. :]Avatar Image says: "Prickly"? Yup, that's how we politely describe women who say, "No, I won't answer that question...or that one about my children either," and "Well, it's time for you to go." She makes boundaries and requires people to respect them--definately NOT the celebrity lifestyle some expect her to have, I think. Good on ya, JKR! aughra--sometimes prickly, often crankyAvatar Image says: JK DESERVES IT ABOVE ALL OTHERS AND ITS BECAUSE OF HER WIT THAT SHE IS IN POSSESION OF SUCH A TITLE WHICH MAKES EVERYTHING MORE REWARDING

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