Dan Radcliffe Finishes West End Run in “Equus”


Jun 10, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

This past evening in London, Harry Potter actor Dan Radcliffe made his final performance in the revival production of the 1970s classic play, “Equus,” at the Gielgud Theater. Radcliffe, along with his Harry Potter costar Richard Griffiths, began the production on February 27th and received much praise for their performances from the plays first night on stage. Playbill.com talks of the plays final West End show and gives some information on the rumored return of Radcliffe and Griffiths in future tours of Peter Shaffer work, saying:

Thea Sharrock’s production will be heading for New York next spring with, it is thought, Radcliffe and Griffiths reprising their roles in a May or June 2008 transfer. There are also plans for a production in Australia.

Following the final performance in the West End, a 12-week U.K. national tour will begin at the Theatre Royal, Bath on Aug. 28.

We have yet to receive further word on this US return rumor, and will update you when we do!

49 Responses to Dan Radcliffe Finishes West End Run in “Equus”

Avatar Image says: Well done Dan!!!!Avatar Image says: well done ! this is a very emotional play to participate. Dan You have done it justice.Avatar Image says: M...., just the time I will be in the UK. it will not be performed.... by the way Equus without Radcliffe and Griffeths won't be the same. Avatar Image says: Bravo, Dan!!! *Claps* Does this mean he'll start doing promotional work for OOTP on the talk show circuit???Avatar Image says: When is he supposed to get a break? Isn't HBP due out next year?Avatar Image says: 2 words: time FLEW! february was not that long ago...but yet it...was....Avatar Image says: hi there i was lucky even to be be there for the last night it was great with top acting form all the drama was so powerfull too. they was both on top in this last night and well done to all.it took me from before xmas to save up to go but it was worth ever penny too.Avatar Image says: I have to say that BRAVO DAN! I saw the play in London, and my friend and I are already making plans to go to NYC for the weekend to see it then. He was amazing, and it was hard to believe that I was watching the same eleven year old kid from 2001. He should be proud.Avatar Image says: That sounds great. I personally would like to see him in a role outside Harry Potter. I hear he's an increadible actor, yet we HP fans tear him apart for his acting. Makes me want to see Eqqus even more.Avatar Image says: He was incredible in Equus. I am sad to see his time in the show end, but I imagine he is too. Well done Dan!Avatar Image says: I'm so glad I got to see him do this! He was really fantastic! Thanks Daniel! And if he does do Broadway, I'm so there!Avatar Image says: I can't travel anymore, BUT I look forward to Melissa and other Leakies to be in the 'On The Stage Seats' to give us a FULL report! Avatar Image says: Does anyone know of any online reports from fans who got to meet Dan after the show? (I saw one at danradcliffe.com, and one in one other place, but that was it.) I was lucky enough to see Equus twice, but could only see matinees. Dan didn't come out after matinees, so I was out of luck for getting him to sign my program. I love hearing about people who did get to meet him, though. The play was brilliant, Dan was brilliant, and Richard Griffiths was, too. I'm sad the play is over, but I feel lucky to have witnessed theater history.Avatar Image says: I heard the last night's performances were the BEst from the entire cast. Richard thanked the audience but I wished Dan could have given a speech too. Maybe he was whacked for the evening but I expected more drama during a last night. Any stars attended aside from Emma Watson and katie Leung?Avatar Image says: Good for them. :) Dan in NYC.. Interesting. He will certainly be travelling a lot.Avatar Image says: I'm happy for Dan that he can now take a well deserved holiday, but we've practically been able to get a running update on him just about every day because of Equus. There was always someone somewhere writing about him. Now it'll be back to less updates until HP promo times begin *sigh*. At least I think we will be able to get something about this in this next week from people who were there *on knees praying* Again to Dan and the cast and crew of Equus, thank you for a wonderful ride!Avatar Image says: You know what would be like soooooo awsome, if Dan went on SNL while he was doing Equus. I wouldn't see Equus because I'm too young, but I would love to see SNL!Avatar Image says: One thing I never heard. What did Jo think? I know she said she was going to go the first night of opening, but we never heard anything. What did you think Jo? I mean I'm sure she loved him in it, but still I would have loved to have read her comment. And I hope Dan does go to Broadway. I am so there too! :)Avatar Image says: carrie, Emma and Kattie were there last Wednesday, and aside from them and Jo who also saw the play, there were a lot of celebrities that were mentioned by the media that went to see the play, celebrities like Kim Cattrall, Orlando Bloom, Helen Mirren, Brendan Fraiser, Dustin Hoffman and Alan Rickman..and of course the actors/actresses that attended the opening night ...and I'm pretty sure there were more celebrities that attended that were not reported by the media.Avatar Image says: OT- speaking of jo.. looks like we have a new wizard of the month.Avatar Image says: It might be that they just don't think it appropriate to comment. I heard that Jo did go, not on the opening night, but she was seen there later. A number of HP stars have been too, I believe Alan Rickman was seen there and Chris Rankin said he was going, and others I can't remember now- some like Maggie Smith and Michael Gambon have been tied up with plays themselves so wouldn't have been able to. Chris Rankin said the HP cast support each other like a family. I was really impressed with the play. I expected to find it difficult to shed the image of Harry or Dan but found it very easy because he played the part of Alan so well. I thought he was one of the strongest of the cast and he and Richard were brilliant together. The horses were very dramatic too.Avatar Image says: When do they have time to make Half-Blood Prince, then? Wow. He is one talented, busy guy. :DAvatar Image says: Many celebrities attended but the world only heard about the opening night attendees. IN the suceeding nights, there were less paps so it's understandable that there were no tabloid headlines of "Hermione saw Harry's wand". Which was probably why the HP cast who watched the play chose to do so on a night when the press have about given up on squeezing something juicy out of Equus. Besides, joking about Dan's nudity in Equus will not wash anymore. The play is a serious drama and has been granted the almost unanimous approval of critics. And the closing night was understated. The tabloids can't squeeze anything controversial out of it. I expected some drama but Dan didn't even give a speech! NO special standing ovation for him. It was like any other night. Although that fan who climbed up the stage to run after Dan was very funny. Congratulations Dan! YOu set out to prove that you are more than a one role actor and got more than you expected. You have earned the respect of the fans and critics and will come back to the HP franchise with a transformed reputation as a serious actor. Avatar Image says: Congratulations and Bravo!!!!!!!!! To Daniel and the rest of the cast of Equus. I'm hoping for Broadway too, for them. HBP doesn't start filming until September. Dan films My Boy Jack next. And promotes OOTP. Avatar Image says: Grrr. I leave for the UK tomorrow. Just 2 days late =[ *sobs* at least I'll see him at the premiere there =/ I'm totally going to see it on broadway though!Avatar Image says: I really hope Dan and Richard reprise their roles when Equus comes to Broadway. I would buy those tickets in a heartbeat!Avatar Image says: Saw the play twice - Dan was great and Richard Griffiths was excellent in what is a very difficult and disturbing play. It would be great if they reprised their roles for the Broadway run for all you American fans but if not, it's still a play worth seeing.Avatar Image says: Figures I was one day late to see Emma and Katie. I saw the play this Thursday, and the only other "celeb" was the guy who played Karkaroff's aid. As far as the play goes, I was a bit disappointed with the first act, but the second one was excellent. I figure it had more to do with the story (which picks up in the second half), rather than the actors themselves.Avatar Image says: I was there on Saturday, it was a very understated end to the run, was a bit disappointed there wasn't more excitement to be honest, but the play and especially the performances for this one were OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD. Richard Griffiths has got to be one of the greatest stage actors of all time, and Dan was just incredible, forget what you've seen in Harry Potter, Dan shows that he has got potential far above what he's shown on the big screen so far. If you do get a chance to see this people, you will be amazed, not just because of Dan but the with the play itself, it's incredible and I doubt I'll have an experience like it again. I didn't find the first half disappointing at all, it was so cleverly done, was quite complex I thought, but told the story brilliantly. The second half was breath-taking, Dan & Joanna were fearless in the you-know-what scene, it was amazing. Dan has proved he's willing to take great risks and for that alone, I have nothing but respect and admiration for him. I got to congratulate his dad at the end, he seemed very relieved it was all over but Dan didn't sign, he alluded me again, rushed out the front of the theatre while I was waiting at the side, damn. I knew Katie went but are you sure Emma did??Avatar Image says: Well done Dan, you've proved your doubters wrong. This play was the best thing that has happened to Dan's career since he landed the role of Harry Potter 7 years ago. I'm so sad that I didn't get a chance to see the play. I'm still hoping that a performance of it is shpwn on TV (I doubt it though). I hope Dan wins an award for his performance in the play. He deserves it. I can't wait to see him in OOTP. Now that he is finished with the play, he can shave off that facial hair (don't get me wrong he looked very nice with it, but i think it might be getting on his nerves now. Plus, he looks even more nice without it.)Avatar Image says: Was there closing night---excellent performance. Dan's performance in particular far surpassed his acting in HP. I'd tip my hat to you, but I haven't got a hat! (Bum bum bum bum)Avatar Image says: "I knew Katie went but are you sure Emma did??" Yes Julia, Emma did go with Katie, they sat together. A fan saw them. She even said by the look of thing, she thought may be that wasn't the first time Emma saw the play. Congratulation Dan and all the cast of Equus. They make quite a history! I never did doubt Dan's career decision but I honestly never imagined it to turn out this good. Dan is taking a short vacation now. I hope you have a very relaxing time,Dan. You more than earn it.Avatar Image says: Wow,he had a good run! Are the dates up for the tour around the UK yet? I'd love to go,even if Dans not in it.Avatar Image says: I saw Equus in March. Since I already knew the plot it freed me up to just watch the performances. Dan disappeared totally into the character of Alan. He was scary angry, touchingly vulnerable, and funny when the moments were right. The love scenes with Jill were hesitant and sweet exploded by shame and rage in the last moments. I was enthralled and very glad I traveled halfway around the world to see it. We will be seeing more of Dan because he proved that his isn't just HP, but a rising adult star. This is Dan's year and I look forward to watching OOP and December Boys. I hope that we will get to see My Boy Jack in the states. Way to go Dan! Avatar Image says: Congratulations to Daniel, Richard and the rest of the cast for the great success of play! I've read Daniel did 120 performances!! he didn't even miss one, very professional actor, sometimes I forgot he is just 17 years old! I was not lucky enough to be able to se it but I've only read good comments. Julia, it's obvious that was not true, many HP actors have seen the play: Ralph Fiennes, Alan Rickman, Maggie Smith (yes, she worked to find the time to be able to see it), Helena Bohan Carter, Miranda Richarson... I'm sure there were more but those are the ones I've read reports of people who saw them. Many members of the young cast too, like you said, Katie and Emma, and Chris, Sean... We know Jo have seen it too, many fans saw her, in May I think. And for example Helen Mirren and Orlando Bloom were very impressed with Dan's performance. Orlando was even inspired and now he wants to do theatre too. 'Person', I agree, I would love to see Daniel in SNL! He was great in Extras, he has recived very good reviews for that appearence too, people loved it. The problem is I don't think he will have the time, he has just finished this and is already filming a new movie. But maybe some day, that would be great.Avatar Image says: "'Person', I agree, I would love to see Daniel in SNL! He was great in Extras, he has recived very good reviews for that appearence too, people loved it. The problem is I don't think he will have the time, he has just finished this and is already filming a new movie. But maybe some day, that would be great." I would love to see him in a show like that as well. There's this show in the UK called "The Friday Night Project" that's on at the moment on Channel 4. On the show, they have celebrities guest hosting the show along with the two main presenters, Justin Lee Collins and Alan Carr. They do these extremely funny comedy sketches based on topical events. There's also have bands performing live on the show and hidden camera stunts. It's one of my favorite shows ever and I would love Dan to be one of the guest hosts in either this current series being shown or in the next series sometime in January next year. Avatar Image says: It was wonderful to see Dan on stage - and showing the Doubting Thomas's just what he can do. I was at the last performance and I thought that the cast were amazing, with Dan, Richard and Will being at the top. It was obvious from the beginning of the play that for the last performance they were going to give it their all ... and they did. I sat completely enthralled with the whole thing and I feel sad that the play has finished, like there is something missing. I’m sorry that I won’t be able to go and see it again. Richard's words at the end of the play were very moving, and I'm glad that it was him that spoke as he is the senior in the production. I got the impression that Dan was overwhelmed, and my feeling is, is that it was better that he left the speech to Richard, it might have looked pompous as he is so young. Congratulations to everyone in the cast, but especially Dan, who was nothing short of brilliant. I hope that you will be returning to the London Stage very soon. Avatar Image says: Apparently Gary Oldman went too.Avatar Image says: Since we're toting up a list, add in Pierce Brosnan and Ian Mckellan and Patrick Stewart. Also Nicholas Hoult (from about a Boy and Skins), and David Haig (the writer and to-be costar in My Son Jack).Avatar Image says: good work =]Avatar Image says: yes I saw those pics too- very nice. his eyes looked almost green in them.Avatar Image says: The play sounded great, we didn't get a lot of info on it in Australia, only one news story on opening night, we miss a lot of stuff down here and I get very jealous about that, so I get my all my information from Leaky. Did Rupert Grint go to see the play, nothing was mentioned about that? Would love to see it if it came to Australia, but I guess we wouldn't get Dan to do it over here. Sigh.

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