David Heyman Talks “Phoenix,” “Deathly Hallows,”and Life Post Potter


Jun 10, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

The new issue of Newsweek Magazine contains an interview with Harry Potter film producer David Heyman, where he discusses both the upcoming Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix film as well as the upcoming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows novel.
Of the movie he briefly mentions the trio, as well as remarking again the call he made to author J.K. Rowling for information on the Black family tapestry which will be seen in the “Order of the Phoenix” movie, saying he e-mailed Jo and “About 15 minutes later we received a family tree that goes back six generations with names, birthdates, family crests, a motto. It was all in her head.”

Noting he can not wait to read “Deathly Hallows,” Mr. Heyman goes on to reflect on what the arrival of the final installment in the Harry Potter book series will mean for Harry Potter fans around the world.

“It’s a combination of sadness and excitement, I think—for Jo, and for all of us,” he says. “This world has become a huge part of millions and millions of people’s lives. We all love it so much, and I think, afterward, there will be a little hole in our lives for a while.”

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Avatar Image says: very cool... 40 days!Avatar Image says: Try a huge gaping hole... Am I pathetic or what? -BAvatar Image says: She has 6 generations in her head????!!!!!!! When is that Encyclopedia coming out?! All those characters not in the books!Avatar Image says: The good thing is we will still have a source of endless entertainment on our bookshelves. Good stories don't stop being good stories just because you know the ending. If there is anyone out there who has only read the books once - you haven't really lived yet!Avatar Image says: An E-mail within 15 minutes and 6 generations back!!!!!! That would include the grandparents of Phineas Nigellyus Black. I WANR THAT E-MAIL!!!!Avatar Image says: Six generations in her head... I really hope an encyclopedia is in the future. That's all I'm saying.Avatar Image says: Well, if David Heyman hasn't seen the book is anyone writing a screenplay yet? Mike Goldenberg's interview with Leaky couldn't confirm or deny, which of course sounds like he _might_ be working on it. The perfect choice for DH would be Cuarón, the man who everyone knows saved the series, along with Williams and Goldenberg for the music and script. Make it so, Mr. Heyman, and let's have those Oscars!Avatar Image says: He is definitely right. I will have a HUGE hole in my life for about an infinite of a time. ): This is so fricken sad!!Avatar Image says: Okay, there will not be much in the anticipation arena - except for HBP and DH movies and maybe that encyclopedia. But a hole? I don't think so. There will be the COMPLETE works of the Harry Potter series. All SEVEN books to read, re-read and listen to (I enjoy the Jim Dale audiobooks immensely). There it will be - the whole story. No? Not the whole story? Well Jo herself has said that after DH comes out there will still be room for theorys! My point is that I believe that life after DH is possible and knowing the ending will make reading the first books a new experience.Avatar Image says: Oh, how sad. I dont like all this sadness and worry were all feeling. This should be a time of great anticipation and thrill. I, for one, know how much fun these boards are going to be after we've all read DH. Jo herself said there will be plenty more to go over after DH has been read. Think about it, new Fanfictions, new polls, new discussions, new "I told you so's!" from John Melissa Sue and Steve from Lexicon. Can not wait! Avatar Image says: No, BabyMandrake , you are not pathetic. :( An enormous hole is an excellent description.Avatar Image says: LITTLE hole?! Why do we British even understate something like Harry Potter. Dear oh dear.. I have myself booked into counseling sessions from July until Christmas. And that's just the preliminary stuff. Avatar Image says: 'Twill be a sad, sad hour, no matter the outcome, eh? No more Hermione watching out for Harry, no more bravado from his mate, Ron. No more sheepish looks from Neville... who will we despise, when the Durseley's are gone? Couldn't we just execute Snape and go on to the next Chapter with a new "Iago" to fight?Avatar Image says: LITTLE hole?! Why do we British even understate something like Harry Potter. Why do America have to go over the top about every thing? We British don’t need to scream and shout to show our great love and respect for something,overly dramatic displays about HP doesn’t make you a better fan it just makes one look infantile. While I will be sad not to have new instalments of the story, I will not have a hole in my life. I have the books to read and re-read again as much as I like, I have my friends from HP fandom, I have conferences to attend and will continue to discuss points made by the books for the rest of my life. There is no ending for some of us, just as there is no ending to Shakespeare and other such great story- tellers work. Avatar Image says: "Well, if David Heyman hasn't seen the book is anyone writing a screenplay yet? Mike Goldenberg's interview with Leaky couldn't confirm or deny, which of course sounds like he _might_ be working on it." No one is working on the script for DH yet -- only Jo, her book publishers and a few others (such as Arthur Levine and Mary GrandPre) know the full story and conclusion of DH. Warner Brothers, the cast and the filmmakers aren't privy to this knowledge -- they'll have to wait till July 21st to find out too. Perhaps Jo, Scholastic and Bloomsbury are afraid if the WB and the screenwriter get ahold of it, they'd spoil a lot of info. But I think the more logical reason behind this is because the movie is going to be made AFTER the book is released. And judging by Goldenberg's interview with Leaky, it seems that Jo gave him a few tidbits that occur in DH for him to foreshadow in the OOTP screenplay that he couldn't talk about, something that goes on in HBP and has to happen in DH. She certainly wouldn't tell him the whole plot of DH... I know I wouldn't. Although I would be ecstatic if Goldenberg did come back for DH, I would imagine Steve Kloves would want to write the screenplay adaptation for DH after principal photography for HBP is complete. (I wouldn't mind having HBP and DH being shot back-to-back, but then you'd have to speed up production and bring another screenwriter to write DH.)Avatar Image says: What a great insight into what the books mean to so many of us. It's not that life won't go on--of course it will. And we will have the books to read and re-read and a few more movies to anticipate. But it won't be quite the same, knowing that we know the end of the story and there won't be more Harry Potter book release to discuss or look forward to. With Deathly Hallows we get the close of the Harry Potter story as well as the end of something amazing in the book world. I'm just glad that I've been a part of it. I hope that the OotP movie is as good as it sounds like it will be. And if Yates gets it right (more than we saw with the last two movies), then Heyman might decide to give the movies the continuity of having the same director for all the last three, if Yates would do it. He seems to me to be the only directory to actually get what the books are about, apart from Columbus, and to not be so intent on changing things to suit his own ego.Avatar Image says: It really seems like David Heyman has been the key architect of the film franchise, and rightly deserves credit for a succesful adaptation. Avatar Image says: He toke the words out of my mouth "I think, afterward, there will be a little hole in our lives for a while"Avatar Image says: David Heyman definitely "gets" what the HP experience is all about.

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