“Deathly Hallows Kid Correspondents” Videos Now Online


Jun 12, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Previously we told you about the contest online retailer had asking young Harry Potter fans to submit videos about their love of the series in the buildup to the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The first of these videos is now online, including one from TLC reader and PotterCast fan Shoshana who has a truly impressive collection of Harry Potter merchandise, posters, books and much more featured in her video presentation. Update: TLC reader Katie B is also one of the lucky winners as well. To watch a series of these videos, click here.
Thanks Loony! :)

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Avatar Image says: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Shoshana!!!! Avatar Image says: We have the same name!Avatar Image says: What a ham, that boy in the back! Too funny. I couldn't pay attention to what the boy was saying because of him.Avatar Image says: YAY!!! I really can't believe that I won:) There was another Leaky reader that I noticed in the videos...if she wants to and if she reads this...please contact me!!!! And to the other Shoshana, if that wasn't just Alina being a freak pretending to be someone else, lol....don't you just love all of those uncommon names?!?! Yeah...that bou in the back was driving me mad...I was joking and saying that they should've chosen him instead of the actual person:) Avatar Image says: I like the little guy who is so earnest on house elves. LOL.Avatar Image says: WHAT A DORK!!!! These people are the reason why JKR needs bodyguards! I love Harry Potter too people BUT IT'S A BOOK!!!! Who cares if you have 15 copies of the same book, it still read the same. Also where is this girl getting the money for all that junk and why is her mother encouring her? If I was ever like that girl I think my parents would send me to a doctor, because I CLEARLY have lost touch with reality! BTW, Harry is NOT a Horcraxes!Avatar Image says: Why are you here Lynn? if you dont like what she's doing with her life dont watch it, and definately dont comment on it. There are a lot worse things she could be spending her money on. oh, and FYI; there's no such word as 'Horcraxes' anyway: Woohoo! Good For you Shoshana! :)Avatar Image says: I only saw Charlene. who is a great likeness of Emma Watson. Cute, liked what she said. Good knowledge of the books. I don't see other fans though. Where are they on video?Avatar Image says: Er, Lynn? In case you haven't noticed, you're on a site full of people like her. A site *made and run* by people like her. Have you any idea how many of us you just insulted?Avatar Image says: Debbie -- reload the page. A different interview is picked at random.Avatar Image says: lol...Lynn... No, I'm not a stalker, I earn my money babysitting, and I actually do have otehr things besides from Harry Potter:) My mother is not encouraging me...she hates it...didn't you see her face when I made her say that it is a good thing that I love HP!?!? I do not believe that harry is a horcrux (btw, is Horcraxes the same as horcri?), I just like that theory and I didn't want to just spew out random facts to show that I knew something. And father is a physocholigest...and he is doing a study on how HP acts as a drug:)Avatar Image says: Good for you Shoshana... Haven't watched the video yet but it sounds like you're a huge HP fan. I'm happy you won, you deserve it. Don't listen to Lynn, who is obviously NOT WORTH ANYONE'S TIME, and that is the best compliment I can give about her. Well, GOOD JOB SHOSHANA! Avatar Image says: my fav is kenneth the 6 years old kid. he is adorable. it was fun to watch him.Avatar Image says: These are great, very entertaining. But Leaky needs to edit the main article to explain about reloading the page. The first video I saw was of a youngster who was talking very seriously about how Snape is a complex character and meanwhile a younger kid is in the background making rude gestures. I could just see this happening in our house, but I knew it wasn't the video they mentioned in the article. I'm going to go and watch more. Does anyone know how many there are total?Avatar Image says: LOL!!! Oh, thanks you guys! I didn't know I would be popular! Have nice day!Avatar Image says: Shoshana, you are amazing. Seriously. We have to meet someday. I love, love, love Harry Potter fans like you. I only have a three book bookshelf (you win!). You are awesome. Do you have a facebook or myspace? Avatar Image says: LUV this video. I assumed Kenneth's favorite character would be one of the trio. When he said Dobby, I almost fell out of my chair. Great to hear a "younger" perspective on HP!!! Thank you Kenneth for a fun video and for reminding me to NEVER ASSUME!!!Avatar Image says: OMG, Shoshana! That is so awesome! I knew you had a lot of stuff, but holy crap! That is massive! New Orleans seems like so long ago now. I miss you guys! Avatar Image says: I loved loved loved Kenneth who is 6 years old. He talked about Dobby and his best line was when he said something like "Dobby just wnated to get paid" So cute!Avatar Image says: part three of the quiz is up but they haven't announced it yetAvatar Image says: Nope, not Alina being weird. Actually, I'm astonished we even spell our names the same--everyone always assumes there's an "h" at the end, or a double-n, don't they? Btw, I have a Harry Potter book in Hebrew too! (Gee, I wonder why that might be.)Avatar Image says: Regarding the Horcri question: On Scholastics site, the just asked "Where are the Horcruxes" - so now I am confused again!Avatar Image says: Oh I LOVE Kenneth!!! Soooo cute! I love how he confirms his age with whoever's recording! Great vocab for a 6 and 1/2 year old.Avatar Image says: Yay I found out I won this Friday night and I was sooo excited!! I'm the girl who has the music "Eye of the Tiger" in the beginning, and I'm in Slytherin robes. :-DAvatar Image says: OOH!!! Congrats Katie! At lease two Leaky people won:) I really liked your was quite impressive. Loved the part at the begining with the whole flashes of the websites and all...didn't even think of doing that:) BTW, if you want, you can email me at [email protected]..I'd love to get in touch with you:) Avatar Image says: Thanks, I liked yours too! I'm really excited to see what's going to happen next. I really hope we all get interviewed or something, that would be amazing. :D It' s funny though seeing me in the video without braces because I just got them today, bleh. Avatar Image says: Katie & Shoshana , Just saw your videos. Katie, I really liked your music and "Hermione" was hilarious. Shoshana, looks like you built an HP shrine in your room. LUV it! And I loved your Mom's introduction. GREAT Job and CONGRATULATIONS!Avatar Image says: I saw the one that has the song 'eye of the tiger' the rocky balboa song at the beginning, the one where the girl helps Hermione out with her homework... Well I just wanted to say congrats, and that the one acting like Hermy should really consider acting like Trelawney, I think she sounded more like a Trelawney with the dreamy voice and all... Idk I just got that vibe. lol!Avatar Image says: Katie - Great music, and I love the little "Accio" at the end. That was great! Shoshana - CAN I BORROW YOUR ROOM?! XPAvatar Image says: I'm just wondering...why are all the winners of the same ethnicity....? I mean, there are so many fans of so many different races, but Amazon seemed to pick the same ethnicity. Avatar Image says: Hilarious videos! Don't listen to mean people... Wasn't Laura's great? haha And seriously..."yea" for Ravenclaws! I'm not one, really, but I always think Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs rule...the forgotten houses!Avatar Image says: Katie Bell reads Leaky?Avatar Image says: Laura is Loony! She acted I think were all a bit like that, crazy and cooky with excitment.Avatar Image says: Kenneth = CUTE!!!!Avatar Image says: Wow, why are the kids all American? Maybe because serves primarily *American* customers. If it had been, they would have been German. Relax. Though it is a bit suspicious that they're all white ... though it may just be because the majority of Americans are white. It was a bad pr move in any case.Avatar Image says: The one where the kid's brother (I guess) is making faces is hilarious! LOL. Sooooo cute!!!Avatar Image says:

My name is Molly Millett and I’m a reporter with the St. Paul Pioneer Press in St. Paul, Minnesota. Four of the 10 correspondents are from the Twin Cities area (three from St Paul and one from Western Wisconsin). I wrote a story about it for Thursday’s paper and also wrote about it in my Harry Potter newspaper blog, . If you go to the blog, you can find a link to the story.

Avatar Image says:

Wow why are people so quick to believe Amazon’s racist… here’s a thought… maybe the ten kids they picked had the best videos/ best “correspondent potential”. But maybe Amazon should be “fair” and get a kid of every race, just to be diverse.

Avatar Image says:

shoshana: ur video waz great and i would love 2 talk to ya more! hp rocks!

katie: i also loved ur video and liked the music and the how many days you’ve read hp books it was awsome!

Avatar Image says:

Whoot! More of us on Leaky! Which one are you exactly?

Avatar Image says:

sabrina (ps look at ur e-mail)

Avatar Image says:


Thanks for the nice note you wrote on the BHD blog to Maddie! Made her day! She is only 10 and has limited internet access so I showed it to her. She was SO excited to be able to connect with another kid correspondent that we set up an e-mail account for her and she wrote you. She would LOVE to chat w/you more. Thanks for taking the time to send the message. Hope you are enjoying the experience of being a correspondent as much as she is. You definitely have earned it. Congrats!

Maddie C’s Mom

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