Bloomsbury Closes JKR “Moonlight Signing” Contest


Jun 12, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Previously we told you that Bloomsbury was holding a competition for lucky fans in the UK to hear author J.K. Rowling read from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at the midnight release of the novel in July. The competition is now closed. However, please note similar competitions being held by Scholastic, Raincoast and Allen & Unwin in Australia for fans to attend this midnight reading in London are still ongoing, but are due to close soon. Winners of the UK portion of this contest will be notified by June 18.
As a reminder, this contest is for a total of 1,700 fans to meet JKR and get her autograph on your copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. 500 of these lucky fans will get to hear Jo read from the last Harry Potter novel at midnight in the Natural History Museum in London, England.

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Avatar Image says: Good luck to all who entered!Avatar Image says: Good luck to everybody.Avatar Image says: eep. i thought it was closing on june 18th. idiot form...confusing me...Avatar Image says: heeey! good luck! I really really hope that at least one of the winners writes around this page...because I want details!!! Since I'm from Spain, I couldn't enter the competition :_(, so I would be happy just knowing what happens around there! Good lukc again!!! (how exciting!)Avatar Image says: Good luck everybody...I´ll be in London that certain day and will stand in front of the closed doors of the Natural History museum, waving sadly at you, while you`ll have fun and chocolate frogs and Jo hugging you. *cries*..and all because I´m German and wasn´t abled to join the competition as well.:/ I have to go to the Waterstone´s party instead...with a Snape and McGonagall double..whee...*gg*Avatar Image says: God I wish I was a kid... -BAvatar Image says: Yep, good luck to everyone. Additional criteria to the winner is you MUST tell us all about the experience! Thats mandatory ;) I know I will if I win. I think this prize beats anything material including a 60" LCD TV with full surround speakers etc!! What can be better than an experience you wont forget? Oh apart from reading Deathly Hallows.....!Avatar Image says: Wait, does that mean that the competition is no longer taking people, or that Bloomsbury is canceling the competition?Avatar Image says: It means that it is now too late to enter as yesterday was the last day for entries.Avatar Image says: good luck everyone! eeek i just can't wait to read the book either way! to the poster below--- bloomsbury has stopped taking anymore enties. the dealine for UK entries was today.Avatar Image says: yesterday i mean. Avatar Image says: I have completely forgot if I applied or not, lolAvatar Image says: The Allen and Unwin site for Australia hasn't got any details up about the contest!! It says "A further announcement will be made in coming weeks". If the contest is actually currently running could you please let me know via email or edit the post? That would be much appreciated. Thanks!Avatar Image says: *fingers crossed*Avatar Image says: Woh,I thought it said they had chosen which worried me incase I wasn't! I really really hope I'm successful. :)Avatar Image says: I'm from the US and I entered. I know they are going going to pick 7 people from the US, so... *crosses fingers*Avatar Image says: OO im so excited and nervous! I hope i win,, but i have a feeling i havent x[. Just have to wait i guess! xxAvatar Image says: Squee! Good luck to all who entered! I soooo want to go! 6 days to find out! Idfl!Avatar Image says: I suspect the lucky ones will find out before then. Unless they do it in smaller batches, I would imagine Bloomsbury will be aiming to notify people by Thursday or Friday, so that they have time in reserve if there are problems.Avatar Image says: Good luck to all those who entered! Also I wish I lived in the United Kingdom to have entered. It must be super exciting to be picked. Avatar Image says: am i the only one checking me email 4 or 5 times a day?Avatar Image says: Good Luck to everyone who entered. I wish Allen and Unwin would post more info already, it's getting close enough as it is. Maybe they're waiting for the UK one to be finished. I hope more info comes out soon.Avatar Image says: A pity that Bloomsbury only allowed British and Irish HP fans to enter the contest. I'm coming from Holland for the release of the book and I couldn't enter... :( I wrote Bloomsbury a complaint about this but to no avail. I'm standing in line with all the other foreign HP fans at Waterstones in London for the DH release, no mather what happens... I hope to see my fellow Dutch Potterheads there!Avatar Image says: Oh. My. God. I'm from New Zealand, so I'll be regularly checking the Allen & Unwin site. And I have relatives in England, so I'll be able to stay with them... if I win! WOW! This is so cool!Avatar Image says:

Hi Just had to find a spot to say that I won 4 tickets to the Moonlight signing. Cant believe it. I got the email through on Tuesday and had to enter my details on the (secure) Bloomsbury site. I and my family are due in at 2.00am for between 60 & 90 minutes (no photography allowed) Cant tell you how excited I am (& I’m 42 years old). Driving down from Lancashire to arrive in good time and already counting down the days

Avatar Image says:

OMG! I’m Canadian, so I entered the Raincoast contest. Only one person from all of freaking Canada gets to go! You can enter once a day, so wich me luck, I’ve been entering every single day since the 21st. All you Canadians out there, you have til July 1 st or 2nd, so get your butts onto to find out more. Or not, then I have a bigger chance of winning! Good luck to all you Americans, Britts, and Aussies! Love,

Alexa! <3

ps- omg, it’s past 11, and if my mom catches me on the ccomputer ‘studying’ and ‘copying the classm dvds’, she’ll kill me! So maybe it’s time to go to bed. But I have an exam tommorow, and I won’t be able to fall asleep till like midnight because of all this EXCITEMENT! And if I do win, I’m letting you all now what you missed out on! lol, jk. Wow, I wrote a lot. I think I should get some rest! love one again!

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I normally never comment on websites or anything but I’m so excited I have to! I got an email on the 19th June (a day after they said they would notify the winners) saying I was invited to attend the moonlight signing! all i remember is making a very high pitched squeal and had to calm down before i could read the rest of the email. I have to be there for 1am and me my dad and my sister are going. I’m so excited! :D

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