More Stills from Upcoming OotP Video Game


Jun 12, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Courtesy French site we now can see twelve new high res screenshots from the upcoming Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix video game, including a new one of Snape and the trio.
On a related note, recently added yet another video entry from EA (the makers of the Harry Potter video games), this episode is called ” Walla. ” You can also see this video here in our galleries.

Thanks to UHP and Joey for the heads up!

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Avatar Image says: Interesting short on making the game. Well, while the pics look good, I just hope the game is good, although I'm disappointed that there is no flying, OWLS, and the "Snapes Worst Memory" scene was cut. Well, I've got to run, bye.Avatar Image says: I think the game is going to be a blast. The first three were fun and the fourth was a let-down, but I think this one is going the be the best of all. It will also be really fun on my Wii. Yay, second post.Avatar Image says: the graffics look like they are gonna be fantsic . I cant wait !Avatar Image says: just the fact that they are releasing videos on the production of this game and publicizing it so much means they're expecting people to really like it. They never did anything like this for the previous games.Avatar Image says: Guys....I dunno if it's true Hogwarts built entirely for the PC version of the game?????Cause I don't wanna spet my money for a PS 3 .....PC version of the HP games are so uncool.Hogwarts is always small[example POA] and the levels suck. So my question is : IS Hogwarts built entirely for the PC game version or NOT???Avatar Image says: I believe the pc-verion of the game is practicly the same as the other versions. Just like goblet of fire. I wouldn't swear it on the lives of my future children though. For the first three games, the pc-version was made by intirely different people than the console-versions and it was really focused on young children. (Not that that is any excuse.

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