“Order of the Phoenix” TV Appearances Update


Jun 20, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

A few appearances and specials promoting the upcoming Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix film will be broadcast over the next few weeks. Here is a short rundown of the various programs that will feature OotP actors or behind the scenes looks:

First, Australian morning show Sunrise, will feature as part of its special Power Week, a ‘one-on-one with the stars from the latest Harry Potter installment’ on Monday, June 25th. This exclusive is set to air on Australian Channel 7 during the shows 6 to 9am broadcast. If anyone can capture footage of the appearance, please do send it in!

Canadian readers will get the chance to see a two-part Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix special this July on Bravo Canada. The Scanning the Movies series will take an extended look at the fifth Potter film on July 6th and 13th at 8pm EST. In a press release announcing the special program, John Pungente, the host of the show said of the Harry Potter series:

“Not only have I read the books from day one, but I have been fortunate enough to interview the cast for each movie ’ and to watch how Harry, Hermione and Ron have grown over the last six years,” says Pungente. “The Harry Potter books and movies are classics, alongside the Oz novels, Lord of the Rings and Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials ’ they all create a richly imagined and utterly singular world, as detailed, as improbable and as mortal as our own.”

Finally, on a related note, the HBO First Look we told you about earlier this month is set to premiere on July 3rd at 8:45pm.

As more scheduled appearances come in, we’ll be sure to update you. Thanks to all who mailed!

7 Responses to “Order of the Phoenix” TV Appearances Update

Avatar Image says:

I can’t waite to see the footage, i wish i had HBO, O well that just means i can’t spoil it for myself!! Only 20 day’s left!!!!

Avatar Image says:

WOW, i cannot believe it is only 20 days till OOTP. seems like yesterday we were getting the first pics… 2nd!

Avatar Image says:

I hope that I can see it in your galleries later ;)

Avatar Image says:

Sunrise has a special? Interesting. I don’t usually watch Sunrise (I don’t like Kochie) but I’ll try to watch it. If it had been Today it would have made life easier, at least I’d have a rough idea as to narrowing down the time frame. Perhaps I’ll tape it – don’t really want to get up that early while on holidays!

Speaking of Today, Channel 9’s Richard Wilkins had taped a special over at Leavesden just before the teaser trailer came out I think, so Channel 9 has that floating around somewhere – wonder when it will pop up!

And Emma Watson was one of the Famous Faces on Temptation last night – yet another sign the film is getting close!

Avatar Image says:

i hate Kochie too billywig_99… he is the biggest fuddy-duddy in the whole world (well, in australia anyway:)... but i’ll try and watch the interviews, cos i don’t think he’ll be the interviewer…

Avatar Image says:

Cool, can’t wait to see them online. 20 days to go until the film’s out!!

Avatar Image says:

wow! so glad i can watch the Sunrise special…though it will probably be on before I get up (before 7) or after I leave for school (after 8). I would tape it but my VCR is busted…hopefully it’ll be on at a humane time.

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