Harry Potter and the Deathly Dursleys


Jun 03, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Hey everyone, would you like to read Harry Potter and the Deathly Dursleys? No, this editor has not lost her mind (well not completely, squeeing tendencies aside), but rather this is our new contest where you write a chapter due in “Deathly Hallows” where Harry has to return to Privet Drive, as he must do this last time. The challenge this month involves writing a piece in 2,000 words or less where Harry encounters his Aunt, Uncle and Big D, either meeting them at the home, or leaving from the Dursley house on Privet drive. Using original content, the submissions must be PG-13 in content, organised, focused and use proper grammar (no lkz zomggg!!!! u r hawwt n uber kewllll ! net speak). Please submit your entry using a word document (.doc or .txt) via email to [email protected] by midnight of June 30 (EST). Be sure to join in the discussion of this and all of our contests in the Contest Corner Forum section of the Leaky Lounge.

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Avatar Image says: Ooooh I really want to enter this! ^^Avatar Image says: Hmm,I would love to have a go at this but I don`t think I can find the time at the moment. Good luck to everyone who enters,I shall look forward to reading them all. Avatar Image says: Ohhh.. me thinks I shall enter.. I love to write!Avatar Image says: OMG!! This is like soooooooo kewl! I m8t enter! hehe, just kidding. But I really would like to enter this contest. I'll see.Avatar Image says: I'm writing now. I have a feeling that Hedwig is going to be somewhat disappointed with how mine goes ... lolAvatar Image says: Oh sure leaky. Give us the most easy part of the book to predict (if anything by default). Why not a real challenge like, what will the second chapter after the wedding be about? Or how about: describe JKR's Easter bonnet for next year. Avatar Image says: ZOMG LYK SO KEWL!!! HAHA Sue, you crack me up.Avatar Image says: Just for the record, Net Speak has a proper name: Leet Speak. I don't know, why, but it is. Of course, someone is more likely to write "L33T". That's all i have to say, bye! Avatar Image says: Speaking of fan fiction, have any of you read "Nightmares of Futures Past," by Viridian on Phoenixsong.net? It's a Work in Progress, but he has 33 chapters finished so far. Cool premise, which takes a 30-year old Harry's spirit back in time to merge with 11-year-old Harry in order to relive the 7 Hogwart's years and redo the devastation caused by LV. Very compeling read which will help aleviate the wait for DH. Only problem is waiting for the next chater up-date! Can't win, right!! BTW, does anyone have another fan fic to recommend? I've already read all of the ones by Melindaleo on Phoenissong. I recommend her three great stories, as well! Avatar Image says: Loving 'Nightmares of future past' Thanks for the great tip!Avatar Image says: Hey, is there going the be a prize for this? :-)

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