“Trick Out Your Broom” at OotP Video Game Preview Events


Jun 04, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

Thousands of EBGames and GameStop stores around the country will be hosting special Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix video game preview events, in the lead up to the game’s release on June 25. Taking place on June 16th, “Aficionados will have the opportunity to play the latest Harry Potter video game for the Nintendo Wii and test their Harry Potter knowledge in an in-store trivia challenge.” Attendees will also have the opportunity to compete for tickets to the upcoming Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie. Details:

The highlight of the video game preview event is the “Trick out your Broom†contest where Potter enthusiasts age 16 and under compete for the best decorated broom prize. Contest category winners can receive tickets to see the HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX movie. Individuals interested in participating in the contest or attending the video game preview should check with their local store for complete details.

You can find the location of the nearest event near you at the GameStop.com and EB Game websites.

9 Responses to “Trick Out Your Broom” at OotP Video Game Preview Events

Avatar Image says: 1st comment?????sounds cool!!!!Avatar Image says: Second comment!!! I have never been second...or first for that matter! But this is cool news!Avatar Image says: The shipping date for my pre-order with Amazon was changed to August 7th. EA's website states in a Press release that the game isn't supposed to be released until July. So how is EB going to be getting the game in June for this??!!Avatar Image says: sounds cool I might enter that broom contest..Avatar Image says: Gryper- on gamespot, the wii version is listed as being released on June 25. I remember amazon saying it was quite a bit later also but I think in this case amazon's date is wrong. Anyway that contest sounds like a blast. I hope we'll get to see some pictures of the winning brooms.Avatar Image says: I've already pre-ordered at GameSpot. Wonder if they'll send an invitation to their release party.Avatar Image says: Wait...how do I get tickets to the event?Avatar Image says: Wow, this is awesome! Too bad I won't be able to get the game until Christmas... Cheers, Amanda PotterAvatar Image says: Wow, gamestop is doing something nice for gamers??? It's a miracle. I might go check out the preview but seriously, that place is the biggest, most annoying rip off ever. Between the used games (which are often MORE expensive than a new copy elsewhere and at best only $1.50 cheaper than new), the fact that you have to pre-order EVERYTHING (not just new systems and hot games) from them (how they talk so many people out of their money a month or two before they have to produce anything for it, I'll never know), and the fruitcakes who work there that always want to talk to you, I can't imagine why anyone ever shops there. As someone concerned about consumer rights, I have to say that place is the biggest rip off since insurance and it's becoming a threat to anti-trust laws. The reason they do so well (in corporate terms) is because they've soaked up almost all the game specific retailers and they're so very good at ripping off kids. Sorry to take this in a negative direction but I try to discourage everyone (I like) from shopping at that financial black hole and I like you guys. So if you want a new game, the big electronics stores sometimes have discounts. If you want used games, get them from one of the few small game shops gamestop hasn't bought up (if there is one in your vicinity), amazon, ebay, or any one of those on line places. I just got San Andreas for $7 used while the same game used at the gamestop by me was $18; a new copy was $20. See what I mean? BIG ripp off.

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