First Look at “Order of the Phoenix” on HBO July 3rd


Jun 06, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

Cable network HBO will feature an ‘inside look’ at the upcoming Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie on their “First Look” series beginning July 3rd at 8:45 pm EST. The 13 minute program will air multiple times during the month of July; a full schedule of the specific times and channels can be viewed here.
On a related note, we also received word that HBO Asia will be broadcasting a two part first look at the “Order of the Phoenix” along with the channels premiere of the forth film, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Scheduled for Sunday July 8th, the first half of the hour long “First Look” will air directly before “Goblet of Fire” beginning at 8:30pm, with the second half airing after the film.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix premieres in theaters on July 11th.

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Avatar Image says: i'm not gonna watch it.....i'm not gonna be spoiled on the movie...wait till july 11th. Avatar Image says: Damn, I don't have HBO! I'm ganna have to wait till the footage is online. Looking forward to it though! :DAvatar Image says: I'll have to wait til it's online too. Oh well, at least we'll see it. Can't wait though!Avatar Image says: Great, I don't have HBO. But if I did, even though I know I would be tempted to watch it, I probably wouldn't. The movie comes out about a week later, so I think I'd wait. I already spoiled myself a whole lot with watching all the new pics and reading all the info that Leaky posts about it lol.Avatar Image says: I love the internet. I don't have HBO, sadly, but this stuff always ends up on video somewhere. :)Avatar Image says: great. i hope someone puts it on youtube. first half of the hour long first look will air before gof, and the second one airing after gof. Did i got that one right? That seems like they are showing everthing from the moive. wow.Avatar Image says: WooHoo!! Thank goodness we have HBO now!Avatar Image says: omg i cant wait!!! wait, we dont have HBO NOOO!!! :( guess i'll have to wait till its online...Avatar Image says: That's the same day that Driving Lessons will be released on DVD in the US!!! I think I'll wait to see other people's opinion on how spoilerific it is before I watch it, though.Avatar Image says: Don't have HBO. I don't wanna watch any more anyway- I've spoiled myself a lot already. :)Avatar Image says: Awesome! I hope the videos are online. Can't wait! Just over one months to go! Avatar Image says: does anyone know what exactly they will be showing? What scene?Avatar Image says: oh gosh i USED to have HBO last year & i've had it most of my life & i found out that it was just some trial! but i don't want to spoil the movie eitherAvatar Image says: That is so cool. But i have to wait till it's online as well.

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