“Here Comes Harry” in June Issue of Film Fantasy Magazine


Jun 07, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

The June 2007 issue of Film Fantasy Magazine contains a five page spread on upcoming Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix film with interviews from the cast, a breakdown of the upcoming film as well as the Trio’s thoughts on director David Yates and the tone of the new film. While some topics mentioned in the article have been published before, actors Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) and Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) do give some insight into the tone and plot of the new film. Quoteage:

While there will be plenty of fun and magic, Radcliffe warns, “It’s very different from the fourth one, which was very spectacular. This one is much darker, more internal emotional journey.”

Radcliffe prepared for Phoenix by meeting with a bereavement counselor so he could understand survivor’s guilt, since his two main relationships in the film- with his godfather Sirius Black (Gary Oldman) and Cho- are grounded in a mutual need to bond with another person after a great, shared loss.

“Sirius is clinging on to James [Harry's father and Sirius' best friend] through me, and I’m trying to know my father through him,” Radcliffe details. “The same thing happens with me and Cho. I was the last person there when her last boy friend was killed.”

The article goes on to quote OotP director David Yates along with actors Imelda Staunton (Professor Umbridge) and Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy), who says of his experience making the film: “I get to have a wand battle with Gary Oldman, possibly my favorite actor in the universe,” Isaacs says. “We get to play around like two 10-year-olds.” You can read the entirety of this article here in our image galleries.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will be released in theaters July 11.

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Avatar Image says: Interesting to read what the actors think about acting in the OotP movie!Avatar Image says: Dan keeps calling Harry "me", which is weird. There's a huge difference between book and movie Harry. And anyway, actors are not characters...Avatar Image says: Absolutely nothing new there, I've seen all of that in other interviews from a variety of sources. It looks like this magazine has done what I have seen other entertainment magazines do over the years with TV shows and movies - they pilfer a bunch of interviews from other sources and slap them together like it is original.Avatar Image says: ania, I actually think its great that he takes the role so seriously, and tries so very hard to get the quite complicated message across in his acting.Avatar Image says: I agree with you Hestia. I imagine over almost a year of acting Harry he gets quite caught up in the character. The article is all pretty much what I've read before, they're even out of date with the rumours of Emma leaving.Avatar Image says: Quite a disappointment.... just an old re-hash of information we've already seen. The Jo Rowling quotes were VERY old. I never mind seeing the pictures, but I always hope for new info instead.Avatar Image says: Alot of us are saying this is old news, but to the fans who arent online 24/7 like us, this is propbablly new to them. I love hearing Daniel speak about how emotionally invested he becomes with Harry. He has an deep understanding about what people around him are feeling and going through. Dan and Emma are the only two who speak like that, I wish Rupert wasnt so shy.Avatar Image says: Is that an American magazine?Avatar Image says: i like how dan describes the movie as more emotional, even though we've heard taht before. coming from him, it means so much more.Avatar Image says:

Yeah, I agree, pattie. But it was still kind of weird to hear Daniel refer to Harry as ‘me.’

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