New Development Diary from EA on Creating Hogwarts


Jun 07, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

Electronic Arts, the makers of the Harry Potter video games, continue to dazzle us with videos of the development of their latest Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix video game. In a new trailer, we hear from Art Director Kelvin Tuite, who talks about the very detailed process of making Hogwarts appear as it does in both the films and the books. Also discussed is how game-makers worked with film-makers to create the fully-explorable Hogwarts featured in the game. Included in this trailer are close-up shots of some fascinating architectural blueprints as well as many other details about the game.
The Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix video game is available for pre-order now in our Cauldron Shop and will be released on the PS2, PS3, PSP, GameBoy Advance, PC-DVD, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360 and Wii Platforms, June 26.

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Avatar Image says: Number 1? Yoohoo! I can't wait - this game looks even better than GoF - I still cannot get all the way through (I have to admit - my flying skills are not up to Harry's). Avatar Image says: Once again Why does it look (at the end of the video) like Harry's about to commit suicide. He's not Harrold the Barrel; anyone get that refrence? This looks like any one of us can dig this game, even if you aren't very good at them. Just exploring Hogwarts looks like a hell of allot of fun. My wife and I will probably breeze through the missions in a week, but I have a feeling we'll continue playing thruout the summer.

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