Teen Vogue Updates with More Harry Potter Features


Jun 07, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

In addition to the Teen Vogue interview and behind the scenes photos we showed you last month, the fashion magazine has updated their site with some new features with the Harry Potter trio. First, a special ‘Fashion Timeline‘ showcasing the Trio’s styles and their evolution throughout the years is now online. Also, fans can now test their Harry Potter IQ on a Quiz now featured on the site.
Finally, new subscribers to the magazine will receive a free poster of the Trio when you subscribe through the Teen Vogue website.

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Avatar Image says: Oh the fashion timelines intresting. Similar to mine lol. YAY a Quiz! Alatarielle: Commented under 'MTV Wizard Rock'. Hehe I like where you live!Avatar Image says: 8/8 on the quiz. I guessed on three of them.Avatar Image says: Wow! Have they grown! I like their style of fashion. Each of them has his own great style!Avatar Image says: well. at least i'm not the only one awake at this hour. :P :)Avatar Image says: Haha, they didn't include the godawful mistake known as Dan's green velvet outfit or Emma's frumpy vintage dress at the GOF premiere in London.Avatar Image says: They were so cute back then, and now they've all grown up. They may of had the odd fashion faux pas, but they are still cool. and by the way, I think IMDB are showing a trailer for Dan's new film, December Boys soon. Well that's what I've heard on one of the message boards. So cool.Avatar Image says: why can't I download this film?Avatar Image says: Nice =) Hey, guys, Katie Leung was at a new event.. here are the photos: http://katieleungfan .com/Avatar Image says: Great photos. Dan's outfits seem to get more classy as the years went by. Emma & Rupert had some interesting outfits throughout the years. On the first photo, Rupert's clothing is what I envision on Harry P.; it was the right amount of 'being too big'. :) I scored 6/8 on the quiz...I added a few extra siblings for Rupert and couldn't remember the location for Emma's school. Avatar Image says: I thought Dan's green outfit for GoF was brilliant. 7/8 for quiz, I guessed the year in which Emma was on the front cover incorrectly.Avatar Image says: Quiz was easy. They've all grown up so well. My favourite fashion style is Rupert's. He's become very cool and casual in his wear. Emma is eccentric which is cool too.Avatar Image says: red&black, that's your opinion. I liked Emma's dress and Dan's outfit was ok, at least they have their own individual style. I admire individuality, shows intelligence and confidence. Avatar Image says: It seems that for most of these photoshoots...Dan and Emma are nearly always posed together...the ultimate example being the cover of the magazine...where Rupert didn't even make it in. I know that Emma and Dan are a lot closer in real life anyway...but I have a feeling they are deliberately paired at photoshoots by the photographers. They do look cute together tho...i can see why there are so many people shipping. On the rare occasion that Rupert is paired with Emma...they seem uncomfortable around each other...more like acquaintences than friends. I'm a bit concerned whether they will be able to pull off the romantic chemistry for book 7.Avatar Image says: I got 8/8. Did it seem that if you got Rupert's questions right, you got that "old friends" score? because they sort of highlighted his questions that I got right. What did people get when you got 6 or 7 questions right? also there is a December boys review at Moviehole.com and a reveal on the guy that attended the charity do with Emma- the guy that played Roger Davies in the fourth movie lol! Daily Mail, look up Columns and i believe it was Richard Kay (could be wrong) -go down the article a bit. Avatar Image says: "On the rare occasion that Rupert is paired with Emma...they seem uncomfortable around each other...more like acquaintences than friends. I'm a bit concerned whether they will be able to pull off the romantic chemistry for book 7." I don´t think we need to worry about that DracoDaDeatheater. Have you read the critics on their performance in GoF? They got raving reviews for pulling off the sexual chemistry onscreen so convincingly. How close or not close these three are in real life are, they are professionals by now with enough experience to do whatever is required to do, IMO. :) Avatar Image says: Yeah, I've read that review. It was very positive about Dan's performance. Go Dan!! Avatar Image says: Does anyone if the poppy Rupert wore in two of the photos means anything? For instance, a puzzle piece is for autism, pink ribbon is for breast cancer, etc. I love a good cause.Avatar Image says: I think they've all got a good style. I really like the fact that Dan's a bit eccentric with his outfits. It's quite brave at his age actually. Same goes for Emma.Avatar Image says: I bought Teen Vogue today, I think Emma looks awful >_< Pretty, yes, but she's 17 years old. She looks like yet another Hollywood airhead bimbo in those pictures, in my opinion!Avatar Image says: Dan has always been formal and classy in his choice of wear for premieres. And the green suit is one of my favorites. Very elegant and daring. Rupert started out formal but has adopted a casual, scruffy style in clothing. suits his looks too. Emma was not a looker before POA but how she has grown to be a beauty now. But her fashion sense has not imporved much over the years.Avatar Image says: I scored 6 out of 8. Bummed out on the Rupert question. And that question about Dan showcasing his acting chops for Equus is funny. Looks like Dan is now known for his acting skills while Emma is known for her fashion flair...not that she has much of it. lol

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