Live PotterCast: Call To All Chicagoans!


Jun 09, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

PotterCast is going to be LIVE today, June 9th, at the Printer’s Row Book Fair in Chicago, Illinois!
The event starts at 11 am and takes place at the Nelson Algren Stage on the corner of Dearborn and Harrison Streets, right in downtown Chicago. Be there for an hour long discussion where we’ll be taking everything Harry Potter, under a fabulous tent with all of you. For more information and maps of the Printer’s Row event, you can check out the official site where they’ll have all the details.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of our Summer 2007 Tour dates, available here on the PotterCast website.

We’ll see you there!

22 Responses to Live PotterCast: Call To All Chicagoans!

Avatar Image says: 1st postAvatar Image says: I live in the area but I sorrily can't make it. I am sooooo mad at my parents right now because they wont take me. I live about an hour away from where it is and I can't drive yet. Would love to be there!Avatar Image says: Hey..I think I'll take the LI train to come see and talk Harry potter in NY city on July 13! See you there!Avatar Image says: YES!!! I can go! I'll try not to be late, but my mom hates getting up early (so do I, but I can do it without getting a glass of water poured over my head) and she's ALWAYS late. I can't wait to see you!Avatar Image says: really wishing i could go. but my brother has a stupid soccer game and since im going to a chicago fire soccer game [not until 7:30!!!] no one is willing to take me. *sigh* HAVE FUN EVRYONE!Avatar Image says: Ya know, I love you guys. But, a heads up would have been amazing on this one. I could have taken off of work to see you guys! :(Avatar Image says: I'm leaving now to go to the book fair, all decked out in my PC shirts. Can't wait!Avatar Image says: My 7month pregnant wife are going to try to make the treck downtown...hope we make it!Avatar Image says: What about in New Jersey next??????????!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: You guys should come to DC in September! Come to the National Book Festival held on the National Mall! That would be so fantastic. Please please come!Avatar Image says: >>>>>You guys should come to DC in September! Come to the National Book Festival held on the National Mall! That would be so fantastic. Please please come! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG DO IT!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: I agree with harriet the spy and IceCold, COME TO DC!!! PLEASE!! Nothing good ever happens around here, gosh.Avatar Image says: no way! I was at this book fair when visiting Chicago a year ago. it would have been significantly more exciting with the addition of Pottercast. hope it's a great day. as another DC resident, I can only add my voice to the choir in saying it would be fantastic if you guys visited.Avatar Image says: Just got back! It was awesome! Melissa and John, Chicago hearts you. It was too short and they did not have NEARLY enough seats for everyone. I was one of the lucky ones who lined up really early and got a seat!Avatar Image says: I just got back from the Chicago PotterCast - nice job Melissa and John. I was smart and went in early and listened to the poetry readings that were before you. What a crowd! It was fun seeing everyone's enthusiasm and getting a chance to talk about the deluxe book cover. Melissa, you convinced me that the dragon on the cover is the one from New Zealand - forgot his name. Avatar Image says: Just letting you know that the address you've provided for the Phoenix stop is incorrect - the 85711 zipcode is a Tucson zip code. If you could help all of us who are trying to mapquest this location by getting the right zip code up I'd appreciate it! :]Avatar Image says: I am so psyched! I live around Milwaukee and am considering making the trekk to the release party. What a dilema! It would be so much fun! But then, I would have to drive back instead of spending precious time reading the book. What to do?!?!?!Avatar Image says: I had such a great time at the PotterCast today. Thank you so much for including Chicago on your road trip. The only down side was that the tent wasn't big enough to hold everyone. They should have realized this would be a big draw and should have held it in a larger tent with more seats. But at least it was an open end tent so people could stand in the back and listen. Hope you make these road trips an annual event and come back again (although it's great you will be coming to Naperville next month).Avatar Image says: Hmmm... Perhaps I'm asking too much but... Why don't you come to Barcelona? I'm sure that loads of people would go literally mad... Just think about it... XDXD Avatar Image says:

Bit of a random question but does anyone know of the london leaky mug that took place on the premier date?I can’t find anything on it. Thanks in advance,

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